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They want you to eat bugs. And they want you to eat these bugs inside a massive prison system that sees humanity as a cancer upon the Earth. It is all completely bizarre but it’s just a cover story for a massive depopulation agenda.

The COVID-19 vaxxines are destroying the recipients’ reproductive and immune systems. And killing people over time with mysterious structures growing within the vascular system.

We are now seeing this all over the world and it’s just getting started.

There is a whole cultural movement now emerging from the shadows that wants humanity to collectively commit suicide.

This anti-human cult has been around for decades, and outside of academia, has had to tread quietly, because much of humanity is opposed to mass murder.

But ow that we are in the midst of this cult’s massive de-population effort, to convince us that it would be most of us to die.

The World Economic Forum has become the public domain of the anti-human cult’s depopulation agenda and all of popculture is onboard, from Hollywood to the Holy See.

Their agenda is disguised as environmentalism, so that all who oppose it now can be shamed.

And when the mass-starvation begins to overwhelm the population, the sentimental environmentalists can be blamed.

Because, of course, this has nothing to do with the environment.

Boris Johnson’s father, Stanley Johnson is a member of this cult and he wrote that the world’s population needs to be cut down to a “more manageable number” – and this is what it’s all about: a “more manageable number.”

Because these psychopaths see the rest of us as their property, to manage and cull appropriately.

But humanity still has a choice and we don’t have to die in a prison death factory eating bugs. We could choose freedom. But time is running out.

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  • Insanity at its ultimate limit. I got a better idea. Just eliminate those that want population control. We outnumbered them several thousands to one.

  • These “depopulation,” eat bug planners are too horrible for words. They should be the first to get on the doom, gloom death train, and given that they all took the poison vax, maybe they will.

  • You first, Gates, Swab, Fauci, Bird, we are God’s children, he created the planet and told the people to subdue the earth, be fruitful and multiply. Anyone who wants to eat bugs, have at it, as for me and my house, we will praise the Lord.

Kirk Elliott

dr elliott


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