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America is already suffering a food shortage, which can be felt by rising costs and emptying shelves at the grocery store.

But this is a cakewalk. It’s going to get much worse. The writing, as they say is on the wall. Any reasonable person can see that this is all being done deliberately.

Over 10,000 cattle just died and we are told that it was due to 100ºF weather. And in just the past 17 months, nearly 100 disasters have mysteriously befallen the American food industry; dozens of catastrophic fires burning down food processing plants, in multiple cases caused by small aircraft crashing into them, thousands of tons of meat destroyed.

Over 2 million turkeys have been destroyed, over 40 million chickens have been destroyed and with the rising cost of fuel, farmers are unable to harvest their crops and it’s only just beginning.

Remember, Joe Biden promised he would shut down oil and gas. And they are making god with their radical promise – except there is no alternative energy plan.

The Biden administration is doing everything they can to shut down all fossil fuel in this country and not only will that stop people from driving, all public transportation, all shipping and all industry will come to a halt. Millions will lose their jobs and hundreds of millions will starve to death.

Whether you like it or not, civilization is dependent upon oil and gas and our government is turning it all off.

We are also suffering a baby formula and what little we do have is being sent to the open southern border for the tens of thousands foreigners being brought in unchecked and flown to already-struggling cities across America.

And after several countries suspended the Moderna vaxxine for adults due to safety concerns, the United States FDA just unanimously voted to inject your children with the deadly shot.

Your government is trying to kill you and if anybody thinks this is hyperbole or fear-mongering, they are not paying attention or they are in shock.

The only solution we are being offered is to vote, even though we have a rigged election system and two parties that work for the same corporate establishment.

Starvation is coming fast and people can only survive a few weeks without food.

And so, what exactly will we do if the so-called “Red Wave” this November fails to turn the tide?

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  • Alexandra,

    Would that so-called conservatives had taken
    my advice some 40 years ago, then . , .

    Stop using leftists‘ propaganda term :

    P R O G R E S I V E, as it is CODE for :

    C O M M U N I S T.

    Again, call Hillary/Bernie/AOC what they
    serve, as they are Communists.

    You’ll go hungry because you failed at the
    naming game—because you use Leftism’s
    deceptive language ( e.g., it’s not an
    “abortion” but B A B Y C I D E of wombed
    babies—my correcting term. Use it ! ).


  • Food shortages appear inevitible. The increase in pricing across industries will show more clearly the haves vs the have nots. Who can affort to buy what, and what quality is available will be the question down the road.


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