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Over the past decade, the US Federal Government has shifted away from destroying foreign nations and killing innocents abroad, to turn inwards, cannibalizing the very people that it is supposed to serve. This week, Democrat journalists Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger appeared before the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government to talk about Twitter’s collusion with the feds to censor speech.

Matt Taibbi, who was also at the hearing testified that while the government’s actions posed a “grave threat to people of all political persuasions,” he estimated that suppression of conservative speech outnumbered suppression of liberal speech by a factor of “20 to one.” Taibbi and Schellenberger were among 4 journalists who were given access to Twitter’s internal communications late last year, resulting in a series of blockbuster reports about what is now being described as the growth industry that is the Censorship Industrial Complex.

I’ve been calling this latter-day censorship a “growth industry” since 2018 so, I was gratified that Matt Gaetz chose the same words to articulate the aggressive growth of this Censorship Industrial Complex.

Myself, as an independent online publisher for 12 years, I’ve watched this whole thing happen. I’ve watched us go from a relatively free internet to the Communist gulag that it has now become. My business was destroyed by this, so I’ve been praying for this moment for a long time.

Since 2021, NewsGuard has harassed me every Spring, threatening me to conform with the lies of the official narrative or else they would blacklist me to my advertisers. I always knew that NewsGuard wasn’t a legitimate business and that they were a cut-out but I didn’t know exactly who they were working for. But it looks like we’re about to find out.

Back in 2019, I was de-platformed by several Big Tech companies without warning or explanation, including some who had been my business partners for nearly a decade. In retrospect, I now understand that those de-platformings were to set the stage for the Globalists’ 5th Generation Unrestricted War against humanity, spearheaded by their COVID PSYOP-and-bioweapon attack.

Then in 2021, I experienced another bout of de-platformings, after Biden “won” the election and as the vaccine rollout went into high gear. I hope we get our Free Speech back, because this censorship problem is literally a matter of life and death, not just for my little website and for our Republic but for all of humanity.

Former CDC Director Robert Redfield threw Anthony Fauci under the bus this week when he said things that got lots of people de-platformed by Twitter. So he’s on our team now and this is really helping to collapse the narrative that the Censorship Industrial Complex has been trying to impose on the world.

And make no mistake, censorship is germane to the DNC/CCP platform.

This week, the Amazing Sasha Latypova laid out her position on the COVID PSYOP/bioweapon aspect of this 5th Generation Unrestricted War that has been waged against the peoples of the world since 2020, which I will read from now:

I am studying the crime scene around me, which looks like this: We have a mass murder/mass injury event ongoing and bodies are piling up. The deaths and injury are the result of the forced injections of quote “health products” that do not comply with any regulations for pharmaceuticals nor the lists of ingredients or advertised chemical composition. Thus they should be deemed de-facto poison. Even if the manufacturers managed to produce these substances with fidelity to the label and the law, the products would be still extremely dangerous to administer on a mass scale due to numerous toxicities built into their design, which is perfectly well known to the regulators and manufacturers. I am tracing this organization back, starting from the weapon of murder and assault – the needle. Here is the clarification of my position:

1. The mass injuries and deaths by the mRNA/DNA injections are intentional. They should be investigated as a crime of mass murder and attempted mass murder by poisoning.

2. The lack of any enforcement action by HHS on the injuries and deaths is also intentional. This is demonstrated by the now very obvious refusal of the officialdom to stop them or limit in any way, despite clear evidence of their harm.

3. Health and Human Services is following the orders of the National Security Council and the DOD as the Chief Operating Officer of the Operation Warp Speed, i.e. the HHS is operating under the military command structure. Debbie Lerman has identified NSC in charge of covid policy in her past writing, and I am grateful to her for pointing me in that direction.

4. The organizational structure that is responsible for the execution of this crime in the US can be described as follows: It flows from The President to the National Security Council to the Department of Defense to the Department of Health and Human Services to the state and local health authorities to the owners and administrators of the health delivery settings to the local vaccinators.

5. All men and women in positions of authority in the above organizational structure operate treasonously and under the color of law.

6. What organization is above the treasonous US officials, I can only guess. I do not believe it’s the “market forces” of investors wanting returns and new marvelous tech of the “mRNA platform”. I have familiarity with both market forces, and with central command-control structures and I am convinced that there is a centralized global control of this operation due to the perfectly implemented global lockstep procedures and control of ALL governments. The US, alone cannot do this.

7. The DOD is in charge of funding and ordering the injections from complicit pharmaceutical manufacturers, bypassing pharmaceutical regulations, and utilizing opaque defense purchasing systems typically used for weapons manufacture. DOD is in charge of the distribution of injections to the intended targets – the people of the United States. The intended targets also include military service members, government workers and even expendable employees of the pharma companies.

8. The pseudo-legal statutory framework that the treasonous men and women are utilizing to commit these crimes has been described in detail by Katherine Watt.

I urge all viewers of this show to check out the Substacks of Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt to learn more about how this 5th Generation War is being waged against us.

Tucker Carlson dealt a death blow to the Deep State’s narrative about January 6th last Monday when he released footage that proved that Attorney General Merrick Garland and many other Democrat officials have been straight-up lying to the American People and the world about the January 6th protesters being deadly insurrectionists.

What Lizard People, like Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Adam Kinzinger, Nancy Pelosi and Liz Cheney have done to engineer the January 6th protests into a sham “insurrection” is no laughing matter but this video by @stevenvoiceover – which was tweeted by Elon Mush at Chuck Schumer – is hilarious!

On his Substack, the 2nd Smartest Guy in the World writes:

Tucker Carlson assured his viewership yesterday that he will release all of the evidence even if his network continues denying him his journalistic rights, and subverting his employment contract which stipulates that he has final cut on his news stories. In the meantime, what Tucker Carlson has managed to release offers irrefutable proof that the Mainstream Media and the Uniparty are all actively working against We the People.

Our politicians are not just mendacious malefactors that are subverting the very Constitution that they swore to uphold, but they continue to lie after they have been caught fabricating J6 “evidence” in their kangaroo court. Video footage literally shows the exact opposite of what they have been peddling for over 2 years now.

Not a single police officer died on that day, despite the claims that 5 were murdered, and yet 5 innocent protestors were killed on that day. This is the very same reality inversion that was perpetrated during the COVID-19 scam, and the associated slow kill bioweapon injections that are still being touted by these very same grifter politicians as “safe and effective.”

To this very day, Innocent peaceful protestors remain jailed in the foreign nation of Washington, D.C. on wholly fraudulent charges. This is an outrage. The only violent elements of the J6 protest were the FBI and CIA agents [as many as 500, according to Alex Jones’ source] that were embedded as agent provocateurs; in other words, Federal government operatives broke all kinds of laws on January 6th in order to entrap innocent patriots peacefully and rightfully protesting an unlawful election. And this election theft was in no small part made possible by the very agencies that had deployed their taxpayer funded saboteurs to the J6 protests in order to ensure the optics of “domestic terror” violence, thus attempting to further strip away all legitimacy to the claims that the elections were stolen. Even if the election were hypothetically not stolen, Americans would still have the right to protest as per the law of the land. (Disclaimer: this substack is vehemently apolitical.) Of course, we now have even more evidence that not only was the presidential election stolen in plain sight, but that the Federal government working under an installed Biden regime is guilty of crimes against the Constitution, or crimes against We the People. The illegitimate Federal government is now in ever greater panic mode thanks to Tucker Carlson’s reporting.

In other words, the January 6th Commission was planned and scripted at the same time that the Fedsurrection was planned and scripted.

To add insult to injury to the lies of these traitors who are at war with us and our Constitution, never-before-seen footage of Jason Chansley, the so-called Q-Shaman was leaked late last night, which shows him telling his fellow protesters to “go home” as he reads out Donald Trump’s tweets in both text and video – which were later that same day censored by Twitter, until Trump’s account was recently restored by Elon Musk – telling his followers to be the “party of Law and Order”, that “respects law enforcement”.

This video blows two holes in the entire premise of the January 6th Committee, 1. That Donald Trump planned an “insurrection” at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 and 2. That Trump supporters at the protest were violent insurrectionists committing the worst act of violence against our “democracy” since 9/11, Pearl Harbor, or the Civil War.

These people are stupid.

And now, for your Moment of Zen.

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