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    Tucker Carlson shows never-before-seen footage from Jan 6, saying, “It does prove beyond doubt the Democrats in Congress assisted by Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney lied about what happened that day.”

    Videotape of Jacob Chansley aka the “QAnon Shaman”, shows him being cordially escorted through the Capitol building by the Capitol Police.

    Chansley never committed any violence and he told others to act peacefully. He even said a prayer on the House floor.

    Chansley is currently serving 41 months in prison for these “crimes”.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Haha! someone managed to keep the footage secure so others can view it later as a precious secret footage, being outraged at the other wing being liar

      The real fact is both wings are filled with liars that have no interest in serving real interest from citizens, and that’s been the fact since beginning of politics

      It’s just another shit show, folks.

    • What they did cannot be forgiven. If they lied about this whole thing to win the Election then that’s a crime and they directly interfered with the last election and Trump was right. We do not want people like this in our government or in any position that is not jail. To tell you the truth, the whole thing just didn’t sound right

    • The biggest crime that day was the murder, by Lieutenant Michael Leroy Byrd. He murdered unarmed Ashli Babbitt. The second biggest crime that day was the coverup. Both of these crimes should be prosecuted NOW. There should be a long term prison sentence for every one involved. Never, never, ever should anybody be above the law.

    • If this video contradicts the rational for imprisonment – why is he in prison? How w i l l this play out, and how quickly?

    • Thank you Tucker, you’ve exposed what we already knew. So what punishment will Cheney and Kindinger receive? My guess, absolutely nothing. I sent a Christmas card to Joe Biggs, it was returned, RTS. IMO the political prisoners need to be released immediately.

    • Alexandra,

      Politicians on the Right being
      interviewed on Sunday News
      shows needed but to say
      these two words when asked
      about the January 6th “riots” :

      Ray Epps—and to keep
      repeating that name,
      after every further
      question put to them.

      Similarly, the Charlottesville
      riots were staged by Antifa-
      Coms ( communists ) and
      aided by embedded handlers
      from a certain AGENCY, and
      the SPLC.


      • The SPLC ?????
        But surely, they are not in POVERTY ! Have you seen the winding staircase in the mansion of the head honcho ? They call him the Head Honcho because of his propensity of always giving HEAD. In a crowd, you can always pick him out, because he is the one with the dirty Knees.

    • This review could have been more helpful had it demonstrated either the naïveté or the complicity of DJ Trump who encouraged the rally to see him again at the Capital.

      He is at least culpably guilty of overseeing a rally that walked into a trap! He should have made certain they were better organized and properly led. Whether he thought they were or not begs the question. Time and experience says they were not so led.

      Knowing his track record of surrounding himself with disloyal and incompetent vicegerents, and trusting people that neither I nor anyone I know would never trust, he probably was led to think his loyal supporters were so led.

      The bottom line for Trump is at best that he has been exposed as a boastful braggart who was not up to the challenge he dared to take on.

      In my judgment he has learned little from this tragic experience because he is a needy double minded man.

      • @JD…”Vicegerants” ! Now there is a $10 word ! I hope you didn’t strain a muscle when you retrieved the Thesaurus from the top shelf and blew the dust off. It is so easy to make a determination, or a judgement, when looking in the Rear View Mirror. If I recall, Trump asked those responsible to make sure extra security was in place, but they purposely ignored him.. Pperhaps Mrs. Pelosi could answer “Why” ???

      • Another Robert E. Lee-style double-agent, changing sides (Lee,West Point;Trump, Democratic Party) to lead the opposition to GLORIOUS DEFEAT. The best double-agents are the ones who are still heroes generations later, as Trump will be to some.

        Going to that rally was the political equivalent of getting the killshot: if you trusted a guy that can’t stop kissing Israel’s butt as a “safe and effective” leader, I feel bad for you that you are THAT naive; maybe you are stuck in jail for a while, but at least you aren’t a kid, outside running around, suddenly dropping dead.

        “Trump ASKED about security”? 1/6 the guy was still CIC of the US military, he should have made sure there was security. The buck never seems to stop at Donald’s desk.

        Regarding protests of any sort,
        it should be abundantly clear
        at this point that
        anything you do
        WILL be used against you.

        Bottom line, if you know their name (and they are still breathing), they are already compromised. The ONLY solution is a
        We either “hang together
        or we will surely all hang separately”.

        P.S. Why is the Republican House majority not talking about defunding D.C. city services until the 1/6 prisoners get decent treatment or commutation?

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