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    Shellenberger describes the coordination between social media, corporate media & the Federal Government.

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    • It is relatively simple to stop vote stealing, and we are already using this technology cheaply and effectively.
      (1) Go to computer screen in polling place
      (2) Select number on screen that only you see and know
      (3) Push button to receive ballot with unique anonymous number printed onto your ballot
      (4) Insert marked voted ballot into voting machine
      (5) Receive xerox copy of your ballot
      (6) Google your precinct and your ballot record the next day to see if it was counted accurately.
      The paper record stays with the ordinary elections system as a back-up proof of record, e.g. for manual recounts. We are already getting an anonymous record every time we vote for five numbers in a lottery, so the above it easy. Only people who want to steal elections have anything to lose.

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