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I’ve been calling this latter-day censorship a “growth industry” since 2018 – and of course, the Dave Cullen video I was writing about is missing from my article, because he was de-platformed by YouTube. So, I’m gratified that the brilliant Matt Gaetz chose the same words to articulate the aggressive growth of the Censorship Industrial Complex in recent years during this Thursday’s Weaponization of Government Committee hearing.

Over the past decade, the US Federal Government has shifted away from destroying foreign nations and killing innocents abroad, to turn inwards, cannibalizing the people it was created to serve.

The Censorship Industrial Complex was launched in earnest in 2018, when Alex Jones was de-platformed by all of Big Tech, in order to set the stage for the Globalists’ 5th Generation Unrestricted War against humanity, spearheaded by their COVID PSYOP-and-bioweapon attack.

There was an opportunity to nip this burgeoning Big Tech censorship in the bud during the Trump administration in 2018 and although there were hearings about it then, they went nowhere, because too many politicians were in the pocket of Big Tech.

With the Big Tech-abetted theft of the 2020 Election and the installation of the Manchurian Biden Regime and the havoc it has wreaked thus far, there’s been a growing consensus that this censorship problem is a matter of life and death, not only our Republic but for humanity, as a whole.

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  • Wtf is Jason Goodman doing all decked in slick bizz exec suit sitting right behind the witnesses? Wonder who issued him the pass?

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