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They would never dew you any harm, Baby!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Thank you SO MUCH Alexandra, I would never have found it without you.

    PS. Did I lose your reply to my recent email regarding. “The Right to Issue”, or is my message still in your “IN” basket?

    Jack Mott

      • I sent it via the MESSAGE link on the MENU (opened by tapping the 3 lines in the upper left corner), so wherever those go is where it went.

        I tried to purchase his ebook but was not allowed (“cuz Michigan”; that’s what it said). I was curious if his plan bore any resemblance to one that I dreamed up and published in 2010 (see alanforcongress in the archives of the Library of Congress); such a simple, extremely fair and executable idea, that I am SHOCKED that no one has come up with something at least similar. But solutions don’t engender longterm ad revenue, and, as it’s going to take the creation of a political party based on consensus candidates and laws* to get it implemented, I guess somebody needs to get out of this apartment and hit the street again.

        * = SORTITION and RESCISSION would be implemented in lieu of consensus (currently defined as 7/8s of any political body)

        (FYI, since no one ever asks, it’s pronounced JACK’MOT.
        FYI2: Granduncle Joseph was a founder and leader of the Belgian Communist Party, but mainly a working class hero, by many accounts, and, for what it’s worth, has an entry in the Wikipedia. )

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