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    • Brandon stole classified documents and haphazardly stored them in his garage and at his Chinese-financed “think tank”. Rumors are that they’ll be finding even more of these documents, strewn about all over the place and that the Deep State is now pulling the plug on the Brandon Regime.

    • The World Economic Forum is getting ready for their conclave on world domination – and they don’t want you cooking with gas.

    • Are the recent air system outages in the US, Canada and the Philippines the portents of a Deep State worldwide cyberattack?

    The Epoch Times Reports that Attorney General Merrick Garland on January 12th appointed a special counsel to investigate whether any person or group broke the law in the handling of classified materials found in an office President Brandon used, as well as one of Brandon’s homes.

    The appointment comes after Brandon’s lawyers said they discovered documents with classified markings inside offices he used from 2017 to 2019 that were financed with $50 million of Chinese Communist Party money, of which Brandon took a salary of $1 million per year. Documents were also found inside two areas of his home in Wilmington, Delaware.

    This is the same residence where Brandon has spent over 200 nights during his administration – or nearly one third of his time as President – and of which the Brandon Regime has never released any visitor logs, so we have no idea who has been lobbying Brandon during one third of his presidency and to whom he’s been showing these Above Top Secret Documents.

    This is the same residence that Hunter Biden used as his address on his driver license and which he also used in 2018 to apply for a loan.

    As for Brandon, himself, he said he was “surprised to learn” of the discovery of these documents. On Thursday, he defended holding the documents at his home, telling reporters they were in a “locked garage” rather than “sitting out on the street.”

    Well, that’s good to know – these Above Top Secret documents aren’t just “sitting out on the street”, quoth the President.

    According to Attorney General Merrick Garland, the DOJ was not notified until November 4th, just before the midterm elections. But the public was not informed of any of the discoveries until January 9, 2023.

    In other words, Merrick Garland has known about these documents for two months and he never said a thing – and during this time, Garland appointed a Special Counsel to investigate Donald Trump for the classified records that were being held at Mar-a-Lago, under guard of the Secret Service and with full knowledge of the National Archives and Records Administration.

    Though we don’t know who actually uncovered these Brandon documents (aka “GarageGate”), it may have been through the investigation by the new Republican Congress.

    Attorney General Garland picked Robert Hur a former federal prosecutor, as Special Counsel to investigate the matter but Kash Patel says that Hur is a “Tier One” swamp creature.

    Meanwhile, the FAA outage this week mimics a CCP Unrestricted Warfare campaign and how it may foreshadow warnings that we have already received from Klaus Schwab about a Comprehensive Cyber Attack.

    Just in time for the World Economic Forum’s annual conclave for world domination, where 5,000 soldiers from the Swiss Army will be deployed to provide security for the Globalist oligarchs, it’s been found that the primary culprit behind the abrupt push by Democrats led by the Brandon Regime to ban gas stoves is connected to the World Economic Forum, a company called “Carbon-Free Buildings,” whose true-believer CEO who wants to rid the world of all carbon emissions (which is impossible and would lead to mass extinction).

    Meanwhile, in what may be shades of the Cyber Polygon cyber warfare tabletop exercise similar to Event 201 that predicted and scripted the COVID-19 global PSYOP, an FAA outage this week grounded all airplanes in US airspace for the first time since 9/11.

    Fossil fuels and the airline industry are two sectors that the World Economic Forum wants to terminate and the FAA outage involved the suspension of all the NOTAM communications, which are the advisories of potential hazards along a flight route. Military experts say this is exactly what a high-level cyber attack would look like on the US during the initial phases of an invasion of Taiwan. They would come at us with Unrestricted Warfare.

    This is yet another success story for Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who brushed off the outage saying, “Glitches and complications happen all the time.”

    By the way, in his department’s 2022 annual statistics report, over 13% of its 234 pages referred to “Equity “, rather than to ensuring that the system actually works.

    The FAA and the White House claim there was no evidence of a cyber attack, but they can’t say what caused the entire system to go down. The FAA, by the way, still doesn’t have a secretary, because Brandon’s candidate is buried in corruption but Brandon won’t reach out to someone else for the job.

    Phil Washington, who is Brandon’s nominee was served with a warrant last September in a criminal case involving his previous role at Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority. Meanwhile, Canada suffered the same mysterious air system outage as US on the same day and Philippine authorities halted flights in and out of Manila on New Year’s Day due to a malfunction of air traffic control, which also prevented airlines bound to other destinations from using the country’s airspace. I can’t help but be reminded of this Klaus Schwab video.

    The Gateway Pundit reports that there may be more Brandon documents forthcoming and there are rumors that the Democrat-Deep State complex is preparing to toss him into the garbage bin, in order for Kamala Harris to succeed him and to have her appoint Gavin Noisome as VP, as he is the DNC’s top candidate to administer the final death blow to America, after he has so successfully achieved this in California. All the better to deliver the United States to a World Health Organization-run New World Order.

    But in the Freedom Caucus is fighting back and to watch their minions panic is kinda fun.

    It’s illegal for the CIA to spy on Americans but they’re doing it, anyway through domestic agencies like the FBI. They claim they’re “preventing federal crimes”, which is basically pre-crime, like in the film, ‘Minority Report’.

    As Dan Bongino says, the difference between a Constitutional republic and a tyranny is that a republic uses its law enforcement to investigate a crime, in search of people who may have done it. What the FBI’s now doing through “assessments” is investigating people, in search of crime.

    The good news is that we found out about it and we can do something about it. And we are.

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    • Thank you Alexandra for the work you are doing !

      I paste a comment I posted on Giza’s website :

      Terror incidents in the US could also be a response to this :

      Special Forces Insider: The CIA Is Directing Sabotage Attacks In Russian Territory

      Also :
      Eliminer Macron pour éviter ou du moins retarder la guerre mondiale, doit-on hésiter?
      =Eliminate Macron in order to avoid or at least delay the world war, should one hesitate ?
      10 janvier 2023
      Projects to strike NATO interests are already pending. Only Vladimir Poutine’s order is needed yet.
      A first option would be so strike french interests outside of France. One can easily imagine a heavy strike on a french military base in Africa, that would be attributed to “terrorists”… By the way this is what routinely happens to american bases in Syria. Naturally, France would be well aware of what the strike is about. (…)

      The hypothesis of a direct military strike by Russia would be considered as the last resort, but an important point has been discussed :
      It appears that in France Macron has no prospective successor that would have the same insane position on this matter. So some people say that once Macron is taken out of the game, whatever successor would not follow the same path towards war against Russia, and this would severely handicap NATO.

      Easy peasie, although the swamp may not be smart enough to figure this out. First, impeach and prosecute “Brandon” for crimes against secrecy. The demoncrats won’t care–Harris will be fully compliant regarding her handlers. Then prosecute Trump for a similar “crime.” Find him guilty and he’ll be disqualified.

      • Interesting. It’s a good question for that new Ai thingy. Will they both go down or both go Scott free? I recon it’s likely already been done and we probably already have the answer out there somewhere.

    • Awesome Alex.

      “Brandon, The Senile Clown” show is staged so that behind curtain you can try to get away with all the sociopathic atrocity global enslavement shit you can and always have the clown to blame when you get caught

      It’s that simple. Right?

      Love and blessings

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