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“Ze COVID-19 crisis would be seen, in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyber attack.”

Heads-up, Everyone!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • This w.e.f address was way back, from early July last year, and then someone added the present Ukraine crisis at the end of his heavily edited w.e.f address.

  • Misdirection, misdirection..

    Russia’s silicon valley was established by emigration to a *new* nation state, since the 1950’s. Their best and their brightest, have made a cyber terrorist group worthy of the KGB, GRU, FSB, FSK…

    NOW this zionist silicon valley is where the INTEL CPU chips are made. Where the MS Windows Updates are written. Where the new silk road.- the Belt and Road “BRI” railway will eventually terminate.

    The elders of zion want to absorb Egypt, Jordan and Syria. To expand their borders. According to their ‘Bunting Cloverleaf’ master plan, world map.

    The Cyber attack is ready! Made by hardware back doors already in our cpu chips. In everything that is online. As explained by the Spectre and Meltdown exploits. By Christoper Domas at Def Con 26, 2018.

    We go analog or we buckle up ?

  • Why play whack-a-mole with this oxygen wasting cyber Nazi advertising his next attack on humanity. We can raise an army of assassins on go-fund-me and John Wick this asshole while livestreaming it for entertainment. Use social media to vote in the next player in the game we need to do a better job of taking out the garbage and this dingle berry Kraut Swab is begging for it..

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