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No sooner had the World Economic Forum kicked off their annual conclave for world domination, than the Biden Regime called for an end to gas stoves, while an FAA outage grounded all airplanes in US airspace for the first time since 9/11.

Both events concerned markets that the WEF wants to squash and they each played like scripted tabletop exercises.

Jack Posobiec tells Steve Bannon that the suspension of all the NOTAM communications, which are the advisories of potential hazards along a flight route, “Was exactly what a high-level cyber attack would look like on the US. Imagine a sustained outage of our NOTAM system, a sustained downing of all commercial flights, immediately…This is exactly what an invasion of Taiwan scenario would start out like…They would come at us with Unrestricted Warfare.

“You would see cyber attacks…one system, single point of failure – the NOTAM system goes down – guess what? Every flight is grounded. You know what happens next? You go to pick up your phone, and your GPS doesn’t work, you can’t drive anywhere. You know how many people drive with their GPS? Everyone, these days. No Uber, no GPS, all of it down, all at once.”

DoT Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, phoning in from Davos at the WEF’s annual confab (natch), tweeted that there was no evidence of a cyber attack and that the DoT would be conducting an “After-Action Report”.

However, Joe Biden told reporters that it was not known whether there had been a cyberattack, which could either mean that the Biden Regime’s messaging isn’t coordinated or that they are throwing Buttigieg under the bus.

Bannon refers to the Department of Transportation’s 2022 annual statistics report and how over 13% of its 234 pages referred to “Equity “, rather than to ensuring that the system actually works.

Posobiec then gets into the Above Top Secret Classified documents that Joe Biden illegally secreted to his Chinese-funded “think tank” at the Penn Biden Center in DC. He says many of them relate to Ukraine between 2013-2016, during the US’ Color Revolution overthrow of the duly-elected government of Viktor Yanukovych.

He says other documents relate to matters during 2016 in the UK, when Gina Haspel was the CIA’s Station Chief in London, which was the time and place where Operation Crossfire Hurricane was plotted, together with MI6.

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