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    As you know, I’ve been giving extensive coverage lately to the work of Katherine Watt and Sasha Latypova and now, we see Karen Kingston with her hackles up, referring to Sasha as a nefarious “Pfizer shill”, accusing Sasha of working as a “consultant” for Pfizer, because “Sasha said” that “Pfizer can’t be held accountable” and “under the PREP and Cures Act, these trials never happened.”

    But Sasha said neither of those things. What Sasha did do was refer to the observations of Katherine Watt, about Pfizer’s motion to dismiss the fraud case brought by Pfizer subcontractor, Brook Jackson, in January 2021, when they attached another contract called an Other Transaction Authority, which Katherine wrote about last May.

    Unlike the other two, Katherine is not a pharma person. She is a legal expert who has pieced together the 220-year history of the legal dismemberment of the United States and Sasha recently stumbled on Katherine’s work.

    Sasha is part of the Enigma team that has created the and HowBad.Info websites, to help vaccine-injured people, which Dr Jane Ruby covered on The Stewart Peters Show exactly a year ago.

    Sasha has previously stated that there’s evidence that the DoD, HHS, other government agencies and other governments all over the world, in collusion with pharmaceutical companies conspired to commit mass murder through bioterrorism and informational warfare operations, worldwide.

    Sasha also named names, including the CEOs of Pfizer and Moderna when she explained why she thought the FDA 1. did not recall the EUA, 2. did not recall the product and 3. did not enforce Current Good Manufacturing Processes, saying it was because:

    “Health and Human Services Secretary, Xavier Becerra, FDA Commissioner, Robert Califf are running the US Government’s Bioterrorism Program jointly with the US Department of Defense, Secretary Lloyd Austin, the Department of Justice, Attorney General Merrick Garland, Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla, Moderna CEO, Stéphane Bancel, World Health Organization Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and many other government and defense officials.”

    So, I really don’t see Sasha trying to let Pfizer “off the hook” and I had a back-and-forth with Karen on TRUTHSocial last night about this, telling her I thought she’d made a rush to judgment.

    Karen is focused on suing Pfizer in several jurisdictions and she doesn’t want anything to distract from that. She recently posted a Substack, outlining how Florida can bring criminal charges against Pfizer and the FDA under Florida Title 46 Chapter 790.166.

    Katherine says this is good but she also sees another tack that would evade all invocations of Big Pharma immunity: legally classifying the Death Shot out of the medical countermeasure/FDA pharmaceutical product framework and into the criminal DoD-bioweapon/WMD-attack framework, which could be pushed in most states, since they’ve all had WMD laws since 9/11.

    Whereas Karen had said state prosecutors in Florida and other states need not bother going after US Presidents, HHS, DoD or other cabinet agencies, as they will only invoke national security, Katherine argued:

    “Make them argue that they must kill us to save us from food, water, energy and other calamities that — like the chemical and biological warfare program — are threats they themselves have demonstrably planned and implemented for at least a century for the same evil purpose: to kill people.

    “Make Merrick Garland say, loudly and clearly, that Becerra, Austin and Biden are committing mass atrocities using toxic pathogens and lethal injections, ‘with lawful authority.’ Make them say it so everyone can hear them.”

    Karen might say this is all a sophisticated PSYOP to spare Pfizer. She personally told me that it would be “foolish” to try to go after the DoD.

    Karen wants to put together a winnable case and I appreciate that. But does this make Katherine or Sasha a Pfizer shill? I doubt it.


    Although Pfizer is currently in the act of committing mass genocide across the globe, it is just as guilty as the many bureaucrats in all branches of the US Government – and likewise, in many other governments around the world – who are also currently in the act of committing genocide, as part of a conspiracy that was hatched at least as far back as 51 years ago, in 1972, when the Club of Rome published The Limits to Growth.

    Ever since, we have been living through the implementation of what these aristocrats resolved to do to us. Namely, to reduce our carbon emissions by reducing us. We are the carbon they want to reduce and they’re doing it with the Climate Change narrative, Great Reset, ESG and the deliberate implosion of all of the world’s economies and governments.

    In Chapter 9 of Bill Cooper’s seminal 1991 book, ‘Behold a Pale Horse’, he describes the genesis of this conspiracy, which began with the worldwide population explosion during the second half of the 20th century.

    The elite were appalled and they needed to do something about it. Starting in the late 1950s, they commissioned studies and computer models from the Club of Rome, which showed that by or shortly after the year 2000, there would be a total collapse of civilization and that the only things that could stop it would be severe cutbacks of the human population, the cessation of technological and economic growth, the elimination of meat in the human diet, strict control of future human reproduction and a total commitment to preserving the environment. (Eat ze bugs!)

    The Club of Rome’s data was used in a US Government study, one iteration of which was the Global 2000 Report to the President, in which it was recommended that:

    “A plague be introduced that would have the same effect as the famous Black Death of history. The chief recommendation was to develop a microbe which would attack the autoimmune system and thus render the development of a vaccine impossible.”

    Cooper wrote that the initial $10 million in funding for this was obtained from the US Congress under HB 15090 (1969) for the DOD’s 1970 budget, resulting in Project MK-NAOMI and the creation of HIV, which was carried out by Special Operations scientists at Fort Detrick, Maryland under the supervision of the CIA.

    Allegedly, the COVID vaxx contains the same GP120 spike protein as HIV and we know that one of the main things the vaxx does is that it give you AIDS.

    Notice how the same figures who were present during the AIDS PSYOP were also present for the COVID set piece, like Anthony Fauci and Army Colonel Deborah Birx?

    I don’t think either Karen or Sasha or Katherine are bad actors. I think everybody’s understandably upset, in the face of the biggest crime in human history.

    I do think it would have been better had Karen taken her concerns directly to Sasha before dragging her name through the mud on The Stewart Peters Show.

    I do think it would be ideal if Karen, Sasha and Katherine all worked together as expert witnesses to help prosecute cases against all these criminals.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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      • come on man, this is not one of those clips of reptilian hybrids with their eyes actually changing.
        you can see it’s the shadow, not his eye.

    • Thank you for your analysis, Alexandra, again ! These three bright women should work together indeed. Stew Peters should tell Karen Kingston the same. (I have no access to the Rumble videos).

      The media dictatorship is so violent and the brainwashing to produce polarized minds has been so relentless that we should not wonder when some fighting people have no time to open their minds a little more.
      Divide is the name of the game. Everyone who does anything is promptly dismissed as “controlled opposition” ! First shoot, then see if the corpse was right or wrong…

      As you said before, everyone should be aware that many Human minds open to one piece of truth at a time and do not own the complete puzzle right away, so we need others to chime in and help draw the big picture.
      The urge to be either “pro” or “contra” anything that has just been spoken is not the natural state of Man. This reaction is programmed to crush the mind and to maintain slavery.

    • A Beautiful summary of these three, very important, women ! True warriors against the slobbering, slimy, slithering, oozing filth now realized as:THE WHIRLED HELLTH ORGANISM!…Just sayin’…

    • Seems like taking anything from the ‘pharma’ cartel circles is a JOKE, and that includes also Kingston and all her allies from Substack… Everywhere are just some pieces of part truths. That’s WRONG! Latypova is talking NO WORD about GENE therapies and so is Kingston.
      I’d say to Karen: If you show your cross there then WHERE IS YOUR service to all GOD’s creation, the ORIGINAL HUMAN GENOME??? I don’t see in in all your claims!
      Just my opinion.
      Please, read the substack ‘mejbcart’s newsletters’ and you might finally learn something!

      • How do you want them to describe about Gene Therapy?
        I don’t think anybody actually knows what’s really inside the injection other than what they suppose as it is under microscopy.

    • This is like when Del Bigtree says that although he knows there’s no proof of virus existence, he can’t get politicians to listen by saying such things.
      Is he a controlled opposition? Probably he didn’t meant to.
      though the fact is politicians or the law do NOT listen to us whether we speak the complete truth or controlled truth simply because they don’t give shit about our opinion.
      They will just say “yeah I know, let’s see what we can do about it” and nothing happens.
      However, just like what it says in Bible, you can’t compromise or modify the truth and
      expect something good to happen.
      Are we f***ed? It looks that way, but if large of the population finds out and speak of truth, things can be better.

    • Whatever protective cover DoD, HHS and the motherWEFfers believe they have conchocted most likely will dissolve in the court of public opinion, once the masses realize how they’ve been duped and poisoned. In fact, we could experience a guillotine shortage.

    • Doubtless Kingston is right under normal government circumstances, but we are not under normality, we have been under a NATIONAL EMERGENCY declared by President Warp Speed in 2020 which its claimed TRUMPS the US Constitution.

      And the great TRUMPER is a stickin by his guns!

      Here’s our problem:

      Like weather warfare, bio warfare continues in waves because the USA is the battle wagon under the leadership of Gen. Mark Miley on behalf of the Phoenix Feudal Lords at war with humanity. These lords are meeting again in Davos under the leadership of Der Fuhrer Klaus Schwab, doubtless to reaffirm existing contracts and to create new ones.

      The next ground attack has already been launched from China as before, so heel to and mask up ye pathetic peasantry!

    • I’m so confused. If the elites have their narrative, then the alternative press has multiple narratives. One narrative is that the dollar/fiat currency fiasco is coming to an end and the financial elites needed a way to consolidate power so they introduced the Wuhan strain and then the clot shot, but it wasn’t suppose to be so bad. Even as a long time anti-vaxxer, I’m amazed at how bad it is. So, their agenda is let’s just keep going forward with the plan even though the clot shot by all rational means should be stopped–don’t change horses in the middle of the stream idea. Solution: Stop them with lawsuits that have teeth. Big Problems in the courts, though.
      Then there is the depopulation narrative. The clot shot really was suppose to kill all those people, young professionals all the way down to toddlers. This goes along with the idea that these people (the perps) are freaky occultists and satanists. Nothing you can do there except pray, and try to limit their influence.
      Then there is the narrative that we need to find the people at the top: it’s China, it’s Blackrock, it’s the DOD. In any case it’s all about money is power and getting to the money people, then cut off the funding to cut off their power We all kind of know who is at the top and they are untouchable, but also unnamable. Resist them, resist them, resist them. And never give up. Guess I really don’t know who is right. Robert Barnes thinks Pfizer can be sued. Maybe Katherine is right, but we still have to go for Pfizer. They ( Scott Gotlieb) are scared to death of us and the others not so much (Joe, Jill, etc.)

    • Glad you are on top of this Alexandra. Am donating monthly now to you, every bit helps.
      One area that has long confused me is the claim for HIV, which Jon Rappoport has seemingly torn to shreds. Once again, no one can produce the “virus” he says. As is becoming clear, industrial pollution can devastate small groups, and then “researchers” come up with a “virus” to explain it, and deflect from the actual cause.
      The Powers-that-Be are perfectly capable of sending out agents, and now drones, to poison sectors of population quietly, to create panic, fake plandemics.

    • -I didn’t judge them, they’re tired of demonstrating that they lie! I threw them all to Vesuvius and let earthly justice take part in the punishment!!!

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