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Christine Dolan from CD Media was joined by Katherine Watt and Sasha Latypova and she asks Sasha point blank if there is any doubt in her mind that these shots are bioweapons and Sasha replies, “Absolutely not. I know for a fact these are bioweapons and actually, we should think broader. These are biochemical, radiological, nuclear weapons, potentially…because they’re designed and developed by the Medical Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear consortium and ordered from those companies…

“We should have a more open mind and broader investigation into what is being delivered under these contracts. What is actually in the vials? Because that’s still an open question. We still don’t know what it is and how it functions, how it injures people, because we have such a gigantic variety of injury, we’ve never seen before. We need this information, we need to investigate it, because we don’t known how to treat these people. We don’t know what they were injured by.”

Katherine identifies Biden appointee, Dawn Johnsen, who served briefly as the Acting Attorney General for the Office of the Legal Counsel at the DOJ as the lawyer who provided legal cover for the Biden administration to mandate EUA products, by being asked the question, “Is there anything in the law that would prohibit this?” Instead of asking if there was anything that would give them the right to do it. Also, Johnsen classified the shots as medical products, when they are, in fact bioweapons and therefore, they need to be regarded in a different way.

Top government lawyers like Johnsen and others at the HHS Office of General Counsel knew what was going on but they wrote legal opinions that created a lot of blind alleys for those on the outside of this conspiracy. As Sasha says, “We allowed criminals to write laws and law enforcement guidelines for themselves, so what did you expect? That’s exactly the product that we have right now.”

Katherine doesn’t think that most people in Congress are aware of this or of how they funded this over the years and legislated their oversight roles away, “So I think the project has been for a while – and still is – getting them to understand what it is they have done without knowing that they’ve done it, so that they can take a stand and say, ‘We’re not gonna do it anymore and we’re gonna roll back the things we put in place to make this possible.'”

Sasha says, “The Department of Defense has taken over practically all of the pharmaceutical industry, through so much money that they’re throwing at it, through these OTA, BARDA-driven countermeasure exercises. They’re now delivering about 50% of the R&D spent on the pharma industry through this method and if you’re one buyer buying 50%, of course you control the whole industry. So now, the pharma industry is completely captured by this and they’ve done the same to practically all the scientific fields that relate to this. Academia was captured long before Pharma was captured…

“They just call it ‘dual use’ and start classifying the research that people are working on. And that’s how they capture it. And by throwing huge amounts of money at it. The [legit] pharma industry cannot compete with this.”

Katherine doesn’t think that the runaway train of the vaxx can be stopped until it is taken out of the regulatory framework and put into the criminal, WMD bioterrorism framework and this is what she’s been working on for the past several months. There is no halt point in the regulatory arena because it is not a medical product. It’s a weapon. So, the only stopping point is for people to understand that it’s a war, that these are weapons, that we are under attack and to treat it that way, in war crimes/treason-type settings, like Nuremberg.

Katherine and Sasha explain that the bioterrorism attack known as the COVID vaccine rollout has been coordinated by PHEMCE, the Public Health Emergency Medical Countermeasures Enterprise, which is the biomedical/pharma equivalent of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which is to say that it’s a public/private enterprise that was set up in 2013, consisting of 10 federal agencies, including the Department of Defense, HHS, FDA, NIH, Department of Agriculture, Energy, Veterans Affairs. PHEMCE is where all of them get together and very secretly discuss these ‘countermeasures’ aka bioweapons aka “vaccines”. PHEMCE is where the funding gets funneled through and Katherine thinks it may even be exempt from FOIA, because it’s a semiprivate organization.

Sasha describes the Death Shot as the biggest crime in human history but she says that she and Katherine are not afraid of the potential repercussions from coming forward. However, as mothers, they are in grief and in anger that this is the world that’s being left for their children.

Sasha says, “I’m extremely angered and devastated but this can be resolved through criminal prosecutions and there’s mechanisms and…all these illegal laws can be undone, easily by Congress, as long as they start exercising their power that they have – or state-level governments can start exercising the power that they have,” and she cites the example of the Province of Alberta, which has now stopped complying with Canada’s federal mandates in Trudeau’s dictatorship.

It’s up to the state governments to say, “We’re not going to comply with this BS from the federal government, they’re criminals,” and they should start prosecuting them.

Florida has laws against bioterrorism and they can be invoked to confiscate shipments of the vaxx from the DoD across the border and they can immediately declare them as bioweapons, declare their distribution to be criminal and destroy them or keep them for evidence – and maybe then, once they’re seized for evidence, we can find out exactly what’s in the vials.

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  • A nation speaks through its laws… just, fair, or otherwise.
    The lamblike beast ( a beast being a nation) of Rev 13:11 once having the principles of religious & civil liberty ( the two horns), will repudiate all the constitutional rights of the people’s of the USA. Under the influence of the first beast ( papal rome was that beast being a union between chuch and state) whose deadly wound was healed, the lamblike beast will cause all the world to worship ( or obey) that first beast’s image or likeness…
    Rev 17 already the kings and merchants are of the same mind and give their power to the beast they are building an army
    Rev 18 :23 the merchants were the great men of the earth and by their sorceries ( pharmacia) were all nations deceived.
    Rev 14:12 Here is the patience of Gods people: here are they that keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus ( the spirit of prophecy Rev 19:10)
    Rev18:1-4 Come out of her My people
    Rev14:6 Fear God, give glory to Him ; for the hour of His judgement is come : and worship Him who made heaven, earth, the seas and fountains of water… on His Holy day – not the venerated day of the sun.
    Gen 2:1-3

  • More false hope in my opinion. Lets face the truths of our lives.
    1. We are not free
    2. We are all considered slaves by the political class and elite, and treated as such.
    3. We are treated like animals.
    4. 40+% of your income goes towards taxes, fees and other means of extortion
    5. There is no accountability of big corporation to its consumer and the environment
    6. There is no accountability by all governments to its constituents and the environment
    7. We are continually lied to by our leaders and the media. Continually without pause!
    8. No one is willing to put their livelihood on the line; thus its every man for himself
    9. The government can use any degree of violence against the people
    10. The government creates a court system which is unaffordable to most (like healthcare), thus pleading guilty is the only relief.

    I could go on for another hour and I;m sure you could also. The point is we are merely slaves here in the USA, and all evidence points to this fact. Until you wake up and demand accountability and responsibility from our “leaders” then nothing will change for the better.

    IMO…its much too late to make a difference. More than half of the people believe in our government as good and reliable. They’re ignorant. And now you know why voting was a privilege in early US history and set aside for those who are productive and intelligent. We have idiots running the show now. Just look at these fools in position of power. Its a Fckn JOKE

    • You have the freedom to choose.
      You either comply or you don’t. Whatever the subject. it’s always been that fact.

    • Very good points, especially #4, 6, 7 and 8. I agree they are idiots and it is sad. How on earth we got to this point…

    • A note of data enlightened observation, Noetics has shown that a small percent of a group, 5-7%, can change the course of the group.
      It’s quite obvious, today, that society is undergoing a change world wide, particularly here, along with the tsunami of revelations involving infamy, criminality, in-our-faces flaunts of overt law breaking and theft of monies ‘printed’…
      “…it is our right, it is our duty”…

  • still not right. where is CDC? Where is the connection to the ENTIRE WORLD ‘measures’??? Also what is worse, bioweapon or genetic modifications of the entire world population??? The latter is the ESSENTIAL addition to the bioweapon, without that we could have had simple anthrax attack, which would wipe out immediately most of the population. Genetic modifications of entire humanity is EQUALLY BAD, with wiping it out and allowing the few ‘chosen’ ones to survive…

  • There was a time in this country when bars against murder were respected and the only acceptable reasons for taking human life were self defense when mortal life was threatened and defense of others who were likewise threatened, which on a broader scale justifies “just” war against other nations.

    The other exception was upon conviction of murder as punishment thereof.

    Not only was this the way the highest offices in the land thought, but there was a general agreement right across the board all the way down to the thoughts of the most ignorant of citizens.

    I am old enough to have lived through the destruction of this protection as a result of cunning word parsing lawyers, and lawyer politicians which has led this nation on a world wide rampage of murder and mayhem – falsely in the names of national defense, justice, in my name and the names of other citizens who never authorized any of it.

    Public support for murder was ginned up by lies propagated by morally bankrupt news outlets.

    What caused this mass moral failure?

    The failure of the nations pulpits to teach their flocks that which bars murder as defined by Moses and reinforced by Jesus. They falsely teach that the Law has been nailed to the cross, abolished by Christ, passed away, replaced by grace, etc, etc, all lies! Only by cherry picking Bible verses have they been able to “pull the wool” over their flocks eyes. Words out of context is a pretext! Previous generations to the 20th century never taught this nonsense! What is “the Law”, but that which is summarized and contained in the Decalogue which bars the unlawful taking of human life, aka murder. This ancient historic summary, the pulpiteers have denigrated and replaced with religious entertainment, stage performances and variety shows.

    You will only hear of this from the remnant that understands the foundations that have been nibbled away at by word parsing lawyers and pulpiteers. But there is hope – those laws are tattooed in the hearts at birth of every human being whether or not they know it, and these precious ladies among others will awaken the realization of it to millions who recognize the truth of their testimonies.

    Thou shalt not murder.

    • Well, JD, I agree that it is bad, but nothing new; apparently you aren’t old enough to know very much about u.s. history, littered as it is with “extra-judicial” executions and other forms of legalized murder. For example, after the U.S. stole half of Mexico, all those pesky Mexicans (who thought their land was actually theirs) had to be “re-located”:

      “Carrigan and Clive Webb estimate that more than 5,000 Mexican Americans were murdered between 1910 to 1920. That wave of terror included numerous extra-judicial lynchings and murders of Mexican Americans by vigilantes, local law-enforcement officers, and Texas Rangers.”(Google search result)

      The popular ditty titled “SHOTGUN” memorializes the good old days of hunting down runaway slaves: “South Carolina’s 1740 slave code made it legal to kill a slave who was found away from the house or plantation, even if that person did not resist. Georgia’s 1755 statutes, patterned after South Carolina’s, actually encouraged the killing of adult male runaways — the reward for returning a dead male slave was twice the amount offered for returning a live woman or child.”(pbs)

      And who can forget the U.S. War Against Philippine Independence (other than you and everyone else)? “An estimated 20,000 Filipino combatants were killed, and more than 200,000 civilians perished as a result of combat, hunger, or disease.”(Britannica)

      From Exodus 34:6-7 we get that old saying:

      “Yet he does not leave the guilty unpunished; he punishes the children and their children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation.” (NIV)

      As all of what passes on Earth for civilization has been built on a foundation of murdering the previous occupants of whatever piece of property seems desirable to those with the weaponry necessary to accomplish the task, whatever becomes of THIS generation, it’s not like we don’t have it coming.

      • Exodus 20;5 KJV
        Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;

      • Be careful what you believe to be history. Those parts of Texas were not in the hands of Mexico long enough to even be incorporated. The Mexicans were disorganized & infighting for 2 years & that’s how they lost Texas.

        • They were in Spanish hands for over 100 years. Where do you think all the missions like the Alamo came from. Spain was paying people to settle the area before the French could expand into it. The Spanish settlers “turned into” Mexican settlers post-Mexican Revolution. From what I’ve been reading, if you were non-white and occupying land, you were not welcome, even if you had fought on the Texas side in the War for Texas Independence. You either left or you hung.

          • Spanish conquers in Mexico were Arab, hence Arab/Muslim invasion of Spain as early as 711 AD.
            The capital city, Guadalajara, in the Mexican state of Jalisco, name Guadalajara originated by the Spanish/Arabic, spoken in Spain, back when it was under Arab/Muslim rule.

      • Would 88 be old enough fer ya?

        I am not your enemy, and you are not mine.

        America has never been perfect, sometimes it’s been awful, but it’s all we got. We better work together to return it to just law and just behavior as founded. As founded, which has hardly ever been fully realized.

        That means we’ve got to stop accepting by compliance to law by royal decree (Presidential Orders), and frivolous National Emergencies that set aside Constitutional protections, all of which is what constitutes authoritarian rule!

        • My point was, the any comment that begins “there once was a time in this country” when things were different or better, is referring to myths and doesn’t know very much actual history. The Declaration of Independence was written by a slave owner and the U.S. Constitution is a completely political document the endorsed slavery and purposely neglected to define words in order to be adaptable to future realities. That said, here we are as a result of 2 things that have outlived their utility: representative government and “simple majority” rule; by the first we elect “leaders” who, by and large, turn out to be either compromised, incompetent, evil, or short-lived, and by the second we are kept at each other’s throats and actually wind up electing people who represent minority viewpoints as (most times) almost half of the voters in both the general election AND the primary have voted for one of their opponents. Thus we end up with minority viewpoint laws written by minority viewpoint “leaders” and that minority viewpoint usually has much to do with paying back people who have deep pockets.

          The way out of this is to create a political party run on the basis of CONSENSUS (defined as “greater than 7/8s of whatever constituency is being polled”), using sortition as the default “stick” used when consensus is unable to be reached, creating incentive to thus come to agreement.

          The advantage of candidates (and thus “leaders”) chosen by SORTITION (defined as “selected randomly from available MINIMUMLY qualified candidates”) is that they are LESS LIKELY to be compromised or evil than your average sociopath ACTIVELY seeking power, and are no more likely to be incompetent than the yoyos we already got (including the one who stocked his Cabinet with people he lately badmouths on a regular basis). Seriously, 9 out of 10 people that you personally know could NOT do a worse or (we find lately) more malevolent job than 9 out of 10 of the bastards who have been getting elected at every level.

          Regarding laws (as well as regulations, orders and so-called “mandates”), better NO law than a BAD law, and we have a LOT of BAD LAWS. A LOT! Consequently, CONSENSUS PARTY representatives (as long as there is such a thing) should be voting against any and all legislation which fails to secure 7/8s (87.5%) support, and should actively work to RESCIND any and all laws, regulations, orders and mandates which fail to maintain 7/8s backing, the net result being the government would cease sticking it’s nose where it doesn’t need to stick it anymore.

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