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The War on Beauty and the War on Humanity rages on.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • This is the pay off for decades of propagandizing the American mind with glamorizing, sexualizing, glorifying women and vilifying men with violence especially on visual media which is entertaining and sooo mesmerizing.

    Weakened minds are vulnerable to suggestion. It’s diabolical psycho-warfare against humanity as creatures in the image and likeness of their loving Creator who has provided the Way out of this world’s death and destruction where sexual exploitation is a thing of the past. It was never intended for the kind addictive abuse we see today, but for loving procreation.

    The corollary violent manifestation is seen in the Ukraine today under the current leadership of a cross dressing entertainer-president, a comedic joker, a trickster playing the role of political leader first as a movie, now in real life delivering death and destruction to his countrymen and women, while blaming someone else. Learn from it.

    What the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve at least in the imagination. These poor souls have been deluded. It’s confusion.

  • Lol, another Thai “lady boys”
    Is Thailand really a land of smile or a land of joke?
    Have ya folks been to this country lately?
    This country is truly screwed up that almost everybody being sheep crow there is wearing face mask, and they’ll name you “dirty farang (meaning “dirty foreigner” which was said by Anutin – A clown Thai Health Minister), except if you go to small islands away from the main city.
    A for this country, I have never seen anyone, except what’s his name… the half Thai / German doctor (?), speaking against face mask or vaccination.
    But even then, the doctor didn’t speak correctly about virus.
    So if anyone of you is ever planning to make a trip this country, you should think twice.

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