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    Juan O Savin joins Josh Reid on AMP’s Unrestricted Truths for one of the best information sessions that I’ve seen from Juan in a long time and it’s definitely worth a listen.

    Juan goes into the details of how the Chinese control the narco-and-human trafficking gangs and how the cellphones provided to the migrants are being monitored by the Chinese. Josh adds that the Chinese are engaged in a proxy war with the United States through this mass invasion that is costing American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars per year and with the fentanyl, which is now killing 100,000 Americans annually.

    Juan says the migrants are being brought in by the Brandon Regime because the Globalists want there to be a civil war in the US. He says this also connects to the events of February 2019, when 7 military choppers, including two Black Hawk helicopters landed in the middle of Downtown LA. A dramatic cellphone video captured at the scene shows dozens of soldiers dressed in hazmat suits running out of the building carrying heavy objects and loading them onto the choppers.  Juan says these were biological and radiological weapons.

    The building located at 1138 Wilshire Blvd was leased to Eduardo Sanchez from the Guatemalan House of Culture and the building’s owner was listed as Thomas Girardi, the lawyer who was at that time representing the infamous NXIVM sex cult, whose members included sisters, Sarah and Clare Bronfman of the Canadian billionaire family. NXIVM was known to have operations in Guatemala and the Guatemalan House of Culture also had a branch in Albany, NY which was the headquarters of NXIVM.

    Juan describes the mindset of the Globalists who are trying to weaken the US and how they eventually want to depopulate us and to have the planet all to themselves and their children, with just a few slaves remaining to maintain their automated systems.

    Josh adds that he has a friend who works at the Fed on the blockchain side, developing the CBDC and how it will be programmable and that you’ll only be able to buy your permitted allocations of specific items, which will become increasingly reduced until you are allowed nothing.

    Juan says that Denver is planned to be the Globalists’ new capital of the US and he says that had Hillary won in 2016, Denver would already be the capital today.

    Juan says that the Brunson case is far from over and it’s now on appeal and that the case is important because of what it means for Constitutional Law and confirming that we have a government that is run by, for and of The People.

    “Holding politicians to their oaths to protect the contract between the citizens and the government is so critical and if you can’t win there, you can’t win anywhere else,” Juan says.

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