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Greg Reese has really knocked it out of the park with this video, based on the research of German author/journalist, Ernst Wolff.



Like millions of us must be feeling worldwide, economist, Ernst Wolff believes that a hidden alliance of political and corporate leaders is exploiting the pandemic with the aim of crashing national economies and introducing a global digital currency.

Wolff has been researching the history of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum and has found a very fundamental piece of their criminal puzzle: The Young Global Leaders School, established and managed by Klaus Schwab.

The World Economic Forum, originally called the European Management Forum, brought together 31 nations at its very first meeting in 1971 and is currently funded by 1,000 multi-national corporations.

Klaus Schwab hadn’t really accomplished much in economics, his father made weapons for the Nazis and he trained under Henry Kissinger at the Harvard Business School, which is where he was likely tapped to be the face of the World Economic Forum.

In 1992, Schwab established the Global Leaders for Tomorrow School, which was re-established as the Young Global Leaders in 2004.

Attendees must officially apply for admission and be selected.

Alumni of the school’s very first class include Angela Merkel, Nicholas Sarkozy and Tony Blair.

Other attendees include Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, US Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg.

Other attendees of the Young Global Leaders include Virgin’s Richard Branson, the Clinton Foundation’s Chelsea Clinton and BlackRock’s Larry Fink.

Approximately 1,300 global leaders have attended this school, from North America, Asia, Africa and South America, most of whom are all pushing the same criminal hoax, the lockdowns and the deadly experimental jabs.

These are the foot soldiers, bringing out the “angry world” that Klaus Schwab talked about, so that his masters can bring about their One World Government system.

And in 2012, Klaus Schwab began the Global Shapers Community, which has groomed an army of 10,000 young people to be the next group of saboteurs around the world, currently holding meetings in 400 cities, worldwide.


English blogger, Jaime Jessop paraphrases Wolff thus:

“This nightmare is the greatest opportunity humanity has ever had to wake up en masse and change things for the better, to finally rid ourselves of the elite psychopaths who have governed our lives for far too long now.

“What we must not do is allow them to provoke civil war and widescale violent rioting. That’s what they want: chaos and disorder, so they can impose their own order upon us. We need to resist them peacefully and in huge numbers, using non-compliance as our weapon, even though they will attempt the violent repression of dissenters I’m certain.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Aha, so someone else has discovered the Young Global Leaders Program! Good pick up. Next, you may wish to look into the UN’s “Strong Cities Network”, which I found after witnessing horrific police violence in Melbourne, Australia. My intuition picked up that something “other” was at foot, and so I went searching. Turned out that Melbourne was one of the first cities “approved” for the “Strong Cities Network.” I would strongly suggest the authors look into this aspect additionally. However, I’m glad to see more of what I’ve already found coming out in articles – the more we know, the better we can prepare. Mass peaceful non-compliance is the best move, but sadly we are lacking in the “mass” part of that particular equation due to the mind-control programming of the masses, largely by the media, causing humans to get sucked into fear (which enables you to be more controllable) and to abandon their common sense, logic, and REAL scientific knowledge.

  • God called us sheep and for a good reason. Almost 2yrs after the plandemic, people are still scared walking around wearing masks? Sheep will follow each other right off the cliff… WAKE UP PEOPLE! Can’t you see what they are doing to us? We all know we’re heading to the cliff but very few are saying wait a minute something is very off about this whole thing. My wife and I have decided a while ago WE ARE DONE WITH THE FEAR! We will live our lives fearing only God who can destroy both body and soul! We as Americans have lost our way and Satan has taken over. If there is good and evil, and you take away good… it’s a no brainer! We must turn our lives around and beg God to save us, not only for this life but more importantly for the one to come. It looks bad right now because it is but it begins with you and me. We must stand up and fight the evil together by calling it what it is….WRONG! Together with prayer and God’s mercy we can stop this satanic takeover. No go stand up and push back!

  • The pieces–hmm persons, I mean–come together as the horrifying picture emerges. I think you have to be good-looking (with exceptions obviously), but maybe the good looks are for the political leaders. There was always something super creepy about the way Gavin Newsom would say, it’s time now for the vaccination mandate 2020, or whatever. Why, I would wonder. It’s like someone would say, it’s your turn to have your neighborhood burned to the ground, or it’s your turn to watch your children poisoned. Why? Now I guess we know. So they can have it all, that is, everything we have will be theres and we will have nothing and be either dead or happy we aren’t. That’s the happy part–at least I’m not dead, just a walking dead.

  • These sociopaths are evil with demonically evil intentions. They are TRUELY Criminals Against Humanity; and as such, they need to be taken down one way or another if humanity and CIVILization are to continue to flourish. We need not have to fight their police forces or their armies. We just need to take THEM -each one- down. Take them out one way or another. Like the song says, “Gonna getcha, one way or another, gonna getcha, getcha, getcha!” should be our motto to take them out -for good..

  • Alexandra,

    No mention of ROOT Source :

    House of Rothschild.

    Forwarded Message :

    The Global Covid-Hoax has an
    orchestrating CONDUCTOR :

    Was Mel Gibson Entirely Wrong,
    regarding ( bad ) Semites owning/
    running Hollywood—regarding his
    drunken remark about Semites :

    “They start all the wars!” ?

    Note : Word-search, “History of
    Rothschild bank and wars”; e.g., :

    “ A Rothschild family biography mentions a London meeting where an ‘International Banking Syndicate’ decided to pit the American North against the South as part of a ‘divide and conquer’ strategy. German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck once stated, ‘The division of the United States into federations of equal force was decided long before the Civil War. These bankers were afraid that the United States…would upset their financial domination over the world. The voice of the Rothschilds prevailed.’”
    —paragraph is from here,
    in DuckDuckGo dot com
    ( word-search ),
    “History of the Rothschild Bank, World’s Biggest Bank.”

    And :

    And :

    Consider Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s
    probing/honest expose’ about
    Hollywood and Libertarian
    Semites RULING there :

    Jeff Rense (( at Rense Dot Com )), re Rabbi
    Daniel Lapin’s Unprecedented Truth-Telling
    —about his Libertine Jewish Brethren’s
    Immoral Destruction of America, via
    Hollywood :


  • Schwab looks like a Nazi, sounds like a Nazi, acts like a Nazi. Ergo: he’s a disgusting subhuman Nazi. He must be arrested, tried and executed.

    • Elizabeth sounds like a Marxist. She sounds uneducated on Real Historical Facts. Which drags her into Subhuman Marxist behavior that serves only Marxist Agenda.

      • When the TRUTH is that BOTH Nazism AND Communism were created by the same group, in order to set two opposing sides against each other – so, DIVIDE and CONQUER is still working for them thousands of years later. Just saying………………………

  • Always Trying to tie everything back to the “NAZI’s” oh the Drama. LOL! As Forest Gump said “Stupid is What Stupid Does” & I’ll add “Stupid is What Stupid Believes”

  • Hate this kind of so called “school” that teaches nonsense such as “sustainable future” or some sort of bullshit sounding like agenda 2030
    I don’t understand their satanic language.

  • Clown World School attended by the worlds biggest losers . This is humanity’s last chance to flush all these maggots into a wormhole so they can never reincarnate here again. Never before have so many assembled here to serve their master Loserifer . So lets wipe them out and finally clear Gaia of this shitstain on humanity.

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