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    Australian YouTuber, Spiro interviews David Icke back in 2020. It was meant to alert the world about the crimes against humanity occurring in Australia and the dystopic future that would result if they continued to allow it to unfold.

    This video got Spiro de-platformed and demonetized and resulted in two Australian police officers at his door the day after he published it.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • When we extricate ourselves out of this web of traitorous deceit, we must free Australians starting with NSW, the 51st state.

    • The only way to get your Country back to normal, is to make Government Leaders and Officials to FEAR for their lives and their Families Lives, the Police Officers and Ministers as well. You are Billions more than those few hundred Government Officials. Go underground and plan your attacks. Remember, this is a WAR on Dictatorship and Communism/SATANISM.!!

    • Aussieland is sheep country, those complaining about being treated like sheep to me this is just useless bleating standing out in the roadway protesting was a show of sheepishness not a show of courage it’s just something that sheep do. Aussies do have the best sheep herding dogs of all places that need them , I wonder do they keep them at home to train their kids how to be good sheep too. Big Dan the big dog needs to be put down just do it for the kids. Baaaa!

    • David Icke is amazing from very begin of the covid crime and scam. It is so important to wake people around, every single second of our life left on this planet. Otherwise the human life as we speak is over.

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