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It’s one thing for alternative news outlets to say these things but it’s a whole other thing when a highly-respected cardiologist says it on the Joe Rogan Show.

As ‘I’m Right’ radio host, Jesse Kelly tweeted, “Here’s your reminder that the people who lead this country let your grandma drown in her own lung fluid so they could sell you a vaccine.”

JOE ROGAN: So you believe this is a premeditated thing that they were doing. They realized that in order to get people enthusiastic about taking the vaxxine, the best way to do that was to not have a protocol for treatment.

DR PETER MCCULLOUGH: It’s not just my idea, no, that’s completely laid-out by the book by Dr Pam Popper, the book recently published by Peter Breggin, ‘COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey’. I wrote one of the Introductions, Dr Lee Vliet and Dr Vladimir Zelenko wrote the other introductions.

“These books are basically non-fiction, they have a thousand citations in the Breggin book, showing how it was coordinated and planned.

“Now, Bobby Kennedy has his book out, ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’, I’m the most-mentioned physician in that book, I can tell you: that if you want to find the evidence that Moderna was working on the vaxxine before the virus ever emanated from the lab, if you wanted to fin the collusions between the Gates Foundation and GAVI and CEPI and Pfizer and Moderna and vaccine manufacturers and the Wuhan Lab and the National Institutes of Health and Ralph Baric and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and how all this was organized.

“If you want to see Johns Hopkins planning seminar, called the SPARS Pandemic in 2017, where they had a symposium, people showed up, they wrote up their symposium findings, they wrote it up.

“It says, ‘It’s going to be a coronavirus, it’s going to be related to MERS and SARS, it’s going to come over here to United States, it’s going to shut down cities and frighten people, there’s going to be confusion regarding a drug – hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin – and we’re going to utilize all that, in order to railroad the population into mass-vaccination.’

“It’s laid-out in the SPARS Pandemic training seminar. The only thing they got wrong was the year. They said it was going to be 2025, instead, it landed a few years early.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Many of your videos are muted and cannot be unmuted. I don’t know if they are trying to shut you up. I can still read the transcript. Just wanted to let you know.

  • “ . . . this as a virus
    32:25 the virus is merely the delivery system
    32:27 for the real bio weapon
    32:29 a prion and a prion is an abnormally
    32:33 folded protein
    32:34 that causes damage throughout the body
    32:37 including mad cow disease alzheimer’s
    32:41 inflammation and blood clotting
    32:45 seroscop2 the abbreviation for
    32:49 severe acute respiratory syndrome
    32:51 coronavirus . . . “
    “ . . . look at either relative risk reductions
    65:34 or more important the absolute risk
    65:36 reduction which goes anywhere between
    65:38 0.84
    65:39 and 1.3 percent which is not
    65:43 i think what most people
    65:47 are thinking is really happening
    65:50 it’s really the elephant in the room
    65:52 that shows that the vaccines
    65:54 don’t really have the efficacy or
    65:57 effectiveness that people
    65:58 believe they do compared with people who
    66:01 aren’t vaccinated . . . “

  • Joe Rogan said his doctor, Pierre Kory, is part of a group that has used Ivermectin to quietly treat 200 Members of U.S. Congress for COVID19. Dr Simone Gold, from America’s Frontline Doctors, told that she has prescribed treatments for Congress. She still believes in her oath, but she is vocal saying she has been contacted by many in DC. Can you believe these demons? Healing for them are OK but not for us. Get your Ivermectin while you still can!

  • Fauci murdered and destroyed Drs during Fauci AIDS AZT crisis. 300K.

    If Fauci / Gates etc aren’t arrested now, how many will be murdered by him again!?

  • Thanks go out to so many for exposing this plandemic .By bringing it to the public ,Joe Rogan is to be commended as many which are considered main stream watch and listen to his show are now exposed to what has been going on .This is how we win this fight by disclosing the truth of the malfeasance ,dare I say criminality ,of the perpetrators.

  • Even if the koala wombat virus was real and the poison vax actually worked without a problem ,on the paperwork and factual evidence there seems far more than enough evidence to bring in the RICO racketeering rules at least,as well as charges of genocide .
    Get em in the jailhouse now . They know they Ve been rumbled and all they have is the last grasp on the MSM. Time for enacting the Nuremberg Laws.

  • The US government is responsible for all the deaths of the world from COVID. Not just from the vaxxines but also for designing ,fabricating and delivering the lab grown bioweapon in the first place. Ending the pandemic means stopping the rouge international government agencies leaders from continuing with the vaxxine policies. Destroying the drug manufacturers factories capacity to produce vaxxine. We will have to try, convict and execute several million people who knowingly authorized ,managed and administered a deadly fake vaccine to billions of now genetically damaged people. Ending the war demands reciprocity for the losses inflicted on many innocent people. The real cull we need should start ASAP.

    • The disinformation and deception is so widespread at this point. I submitted a comment on my local Nextdoor about the people I know that have had severe reactions to the vaccine (or the booster). They survived but can never have another Covid vaccine – EVER. So, having posted the truth about my friends, I was booted off Nextdoor for submitting false and misleading info on their site. Can’t post the truth, I guess. I’m in Nextdoor jail for another couple of days (I think 5 total), and I’m sure my post has been removed for posting misleading information about Covid vax reactions. If their doctors felt their reactions were false, why did they give them a lifetime pass from all future Covid vax?

      • yep, nextdoor nazi shuts down any thread that dares to run counter to the narrative promoting the poison jabs , badmouthing local .gov services, complaining about PG&E or the water company. I look at it as a way to monitor the neighborhood crime wave and how the police are absent to respond unless you need a helicopter to buzz your house all hours of the night. Calizuela is not what it used to be.

        • daniel, The “Nazi’s” were not the Communist. That would be The USSR that Franklin Roosevelt & Winston Churchill decided to side with to Genocide the White Europeans.

    • Most people don’t know that the “bioweapon” covid19 was not created in a lab . It is the result of “radiation poisoning” from 5G towers and lamp poles . The symptoms mimick the virus . When the vaxxine is combined it leads to injurys and/or death . Fauci knows he and his team sent the NIH a study on how it works . When you add a mask your toast , done .

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