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Aaron and Melissa Dykes of TruthstreamMedia were driving outside of Dallas near the small farming town of Milford, Texas, when a strange tower in the middle of a field caught their eye. It almost seemed like a joke because the shape was unmistakable. It looked just like Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower, the legendary experimental wireless transmission station he built in 1901 in Shoreham, New York to transmit phone calls, fax images and electrical power but which was demolished 16 years later due to bankruptcy.

A little bit of research revealed that the tower’s owners are Viziv Technologies and that the structure is, in fact a Tesla wireless transmission tower! Viziv is currently reviving the technologies of Nikola Tesla, having “developed a system of patent-pending processes and equipment to efficiently launch the Zenneck surface wave…[which is ] an electromagnetic wave that uses the surface of the earth as a waveguide enabling it to carry communications signals or electrical power efficiently over long distances…”

This discovery leads the Dykes on an investigative journey through FOIA documents into the story of Nikola Tesla, Wardenclyffe Tower, the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project – and to the military and Big Oil people (and their lawyers) behind Viziv Technologies.

Viziv’s website acknowledges that their technology “has the potential to impact numerous sectors of the economy.” Indeed, the current planetary financial and energy infrastructure and its millions of jobs and the petrodollar is what has kept the dinosaur fossil fuel model in place for the better part of a century – and all of the horrible things associated with it, from petrochemical toxins in the environment to the psychopathic wars in the Middle East.

A high-level investor friend tells me of rumors that Elon Musk’s Tesla also has its hands on similar technology, which they’re getting ready to release. Is a new technological era is about to explode publicly? Are we looking at some good investments that might give us a comfortable retirement?

This technology also looks like how the Internet of Things may eventually be transmitted and Aaron raises the appropriate concerns about the psychoactive, brainwave entrainment and mind control dimensions of this technology, as part of how it can be weaponized.

Aaron says, “In the next 10 or 20 years, it may change the way that we live. What do you think about that?” The details in this video are better than this write-up! Aaron and Melissa do such consistently vital and compelling work and this piece is a great example.

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  • Wardenclyffe, according to James McCanney, is a receiver that (once activated) would have been plugged into the grid for distribution. To activate the tower Tesla perhaps was pulsing a harmonic of radio freq from the tower that incrementally reduced the resistance of the dielectric of the lower atmospheric layers to achieve a “circuit” between the highly charged magnetosphere and ground. Once the current starts flowing, like a welders arc, it keeps flowing down that path. As far as I know Tesla had no working designs for wireless transmission. Again, the Wardenclyffe design was only a receiver that would require wires for distribution. What this new design does may be significantly more advanced AND will distribute current (and data, etc) wirelessly..

  • Nikola Tesla, the man who brought us alternating current, remote control, he held over 700 patents. Try doing that now, with our patent office located in the UK. and run by big profit makers, like oil, and pharmaceuticals. Never heard of a gag order? You see it would ruin the economy of the world according to Saudi Arabia and a few BIG corporations. And a few top ass hats. So, it ain’t for free energy, it’s most likely a new weapon. Other wise it would have had accidents. Here I am thinking positive again, sorry, I have been programed to think that no good will come to this world as it is now. Too many checks, and double checks and no balances, forgive me.

  • Much better for my Body Area Network than being cast up the cell tower riding shotgun over the shoulder of a local cop, while he blasts me with a high energy laser shot to my foot just to re-engage my network.1

    You see, utilizing the earth’s curvature will be much simpler as deep state continues to rattle my bones while never leaving me alone. It will give a separate network which will be much easier for me.

    As it is now, the occasional ricochet of directed microwave energy mixed with the occasional ear-piercing ELF waves is just too much to take. Not to mention the rough bumpy ride over the cell tower lines, which burn my toast to the core.

    So by all ways and means, develop this network with your borrowed bug “R” phony money just as long as one of those money trees gets named after me.

    Low Rider

  • What Tesla was REALLY trying to promote was FREE ENERGY, ..Something Corps owned Governments are scared chit-less about. They don’t like ANYTHING being FREE, including their so-called “Citizens” (SLAVES)
    The Question IS: WHAT does This company’s PLAN for creating this tower mean for Humanity.
    The latter part of this presentation gives a BIG Clue…Weaponizing it???
    The very direction government’s are going (NWO Crap!) is all about “Full Spectrum Dominance”…ABSOLUTE CONTROL.
    Arriving MELANIN energies will shut this Madness down.

  • Wish i could know the real story of you and Alex Jones parting ways, or are you
    guys back together.. Also wonder about jones’s switch from both parties evils to
    republicans are great and trump is the savior meme. Expansion of the military
    industrial complex in any way is no bueno,

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