In the mid-1990s, I remember reading New Age descriptions of what the alleged 2012 planetary ascension event would look like. The phenomenological world was described as branching off into two separate realities, where you might be talking to someone and they would no longer be able to hear you before they slowly disappeared before your eyes. It seems like something like this is happening now.

People are so politically polarized that they literally do not see the same thing in front of them. People care less about the truth than they do about their political argument.

For almost anything that happens, there are two interpretations that are 180º apart: The Democrats are trying to steal the Florida elections vs. The Republicans are trying to steal the Florida elections; Jim Acosta didn’t lay his hand on the White House intern vs. Jim Acosta karate-chopped the White House intern. The video of Jim Acosta karate-chopping the intern was “doctored” vs the video wasn’t doctored. Your opinion on these will be 100% driven by your political leanings. The post-truth world is fast devolving into a post-reality world.

Independent journalist, Tim Pool believes that this and the normalization of the terrorism and vandalism of Tucker Carlson’s house by Left Wing pundits on Twitter are indicators that such violence will only escalate, though he hopes he’s wrong.

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  • I have longer articles on video and its validity, but see if yall can figure it out: there is no truth in pictures, period.

    And just for fun, have you seen people watching a live event through their phones? It’s like they can’t face reality no way no how.

  • No need for different versions of the video, Trump was right there looking directly from the podium onto what Acosta was doing millisecond by millisecond. He’ll speak to it when he needs to.

  • ‘Shadow’ terrorism is the norm now – the whole spectrum of what truth you want to believe.
    Put yourself in the place of Mr. & Mrs. Carlson, hiding from people incited by what they believed was their ‘truth’ & their right to destroy her home & threaten their family. What would have taken place had they come outside to tried to reason with the mob? And people question the right to bear arms. There is no turning back now. These tactics and lies from the MSM will continue until either all hell breaks loose or Martial Law is imposed. Wow….what a future to look forward to! This whole perception of ‘what’s fake & what isn’t’….has been slowly consuming the masses ability to reason. It’s a your either for or against….no in between. Hold on folks, it’s going to be more than a bumpy ride….!!! Is there still time to throw the brakes on? I’m not sure.

  • I hate to be negative, so I should not say anything, or post anything or….. Free Speech is dead, it will get you targeted by George Soros friends, like the paid ones coming from south of the border. Maybe that’s what those FEMA camps are for, or the closed Walmart stores. Anyway this has all been planned out for some time. (my opinion) As well as the 5G roll out being pushed on us, by THEM PEOPLE to change how we think, if some still can…. I just feel so negative, if you say something you are attacked by snowflakes, what the hell today is 11/11/11, have a good veterans day. And remember our fallen ones, but don’t forget why we went to war, BANKERS, not to free anyone, that would be a good idea, instead of freeing people from their government, their property, and their lives. Thank you very much, and remember, this was almost a free country once upon a time, now it’s corporations and their lobbyists making the rules we live by today. I miss the 50’s 60’s and the 70’s. Is it sped up, frames added, or melting snowflakes.

    • hate to be so nagative, but positivity is all around us. look we have 5g coming
      on line soon. the fires in cali are all natural, as is the school-nightclub shootem
      ups every week. re-treated sewer water as drinking and bathing water is a hell
      of an idea, if you are a gay frog.

  • Funny, you think this site might have had something at all to do with that? Or is it 100% the fault of the Democrats? Oh, we know the answer to that one already, don’t we? Of course you are 100% for the truth! I mean, even after the Saudis admitted that Khassoggi was killed inside of the Saudi consulate, you were looking for alternative truths, weren’t you? Because you are for the pure truth and nothing but the truth.

    • Regardless of Left or Right politics, if you can’t see that attacking someone’s home is wrong, crossing the line from civil discourse, there is something wrong with you

  • No surprise with that possible scenario…This Government would do ANYTHING to Hide their failure as so-called “Leaders of the Free world”…WAR is their favorite tool.
    Only THIS time around it will NOT be Allowed to develop even though they desparately trying to get one started.
    They are down NOW to creating as much Havoc such as these rash of Fake shoot-outs and wildfires where ever they can…Like what’s happening in California right now.
    All kinds of “Diversions” to HIDE their failures from the Slaves (Citizens)…WON’T WORK THOUGH THIS TIME AROUND.
    Hu-Mans are starting to AWAKEN to their Tactics.


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