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    This is the most impressive live talk I’ve seen in years, having long since become revulsed by the Corporatism of TEDTalks, especially after they banned Graham Hancock and Dr. Rupert Sheldrake.

    This is a Wired Live talk published earlier this year featuring Sue Black, the Director of the Center for Anatomy at the University of Dundee in Scotland and a forensic anthropologist who knows more about dismemberment and identifying victims and perpetrators of hideous crimes and disasters than one would ever care to contemplate. She was knighted in 2016 and she fully deserved it.

    Black is impressive for her formidable Stoicism and as a force for good. Lately, she’s applied her expertise to the positive identification of pedophiles, through the films many are wont to make of themselves while perpetrating their crimes as a way to earn Brownie points for depravity among their peers and for the high prices these films command on the black market.

    Though the subject matters discussed are horrifying, she is able to communicate the facts with such dignity and wit, combined with her abiding commitment to justice, it’s really quite extraordinary.

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    • This is the NEW finger print method to identify people. The finger prints were not excepted for was NEW. The proof that the vein pattern is special to each arm and to each person will soon be excepted as a PROVEN process which can ID a person. CHEER

    • It’s sad that this woman even has a job. If punishment for capital crimes were capital then one could bet that capital crimes would be less. However, when criminals are locked up for capital crimes it gives them time to pass on their ways to others, are an economic burden on law abiding society, and it is cruel and unusual punishment. Murder is murder; wether it is of the body, mind, or spirit. More, capital crimes are not only murder but also theft and robbery; for if one lives time has been robbed from them, not to mention the days and maybe years of mental torture they endure. If a society does not have the stamia to kill monsters, they must endure them, and from what I read in various UK media the people of the UK just love their monsters.

    • Sue Black!….Kudos for her excellent skills & knowledge shining a light on these horrendous acts of depravity. I greatly admire her and her force for good…..we desperately need this help to give the children of the world all the tools needed to protect them.
      How many centuries….how many young lives destroyed. Her methods should be ‘shouted from the rooftops’ and every country in the world should be implementing her discovery.

      • I guess the catholic church is passionately investigating their activities concerning this diabolical presence within their ranks just like they have for the last 100 years.

    • anyone who rapes or commits these acts upon children has zero redeeming value to society and they should be drawn and quartered is a public place for all to see.

      If we remove all pedos, we cleanse the world of pure evil.

    • The youtube channel called “Jamie Dlux”, provides the most conclusive & documented information site that informs the public about this crucial topic.
      I have not watched TV in 10 years so I was stunned about how much on this topic has been actually reported in mainstream media. Yet mainstream media presents the crimes in bits & pieces & never connects the dots for the public. The social engineers just want the topic in our brains now, so they can gradually normalize it. Child rapists are now referred to as “minor attracted”. This is what the deep state/secret societies have been involved with for a long time, and now they want this sickness to spread into our culture. It is unbelievably evil and sick. They are our little kids, children.

    • It’s crucial that the public learn the nature of this horrible transgression, that it’s principle weapon in my experience has been denial.

      Everyone is in denial because it is such an abomination to normal minds. Second to it is fear of exposure. Everyone is fearful of exposure for very undersatandable different reasons. But we must learn to overcome these character weaknesses, because the perps will never stop preying upon children. It is a serious mental illness for which there seems to be no cure once it’s taken control of the victim’s mind.

      That fear is absolutely palpable when you confront people with real crimes. Disbelief is written on their faces before they deny the fact.

      Of those instances that I am familiar with, pornography and molestation has played a role very early in life of a child. The human species is both hypnotic and addictive, and if introduced to children at a very early age it does bad things to their minds, some worse than others. There exists much case history on this.

      This ought to alarm us enough to question the wisdom of sex ed, televised soft porn and legal hard core porn.

      It’s very difficult to get a conviction because of public ignorance being as it is such an abhorrent subject. Who wants to discuss it? My experiences has been people don’t want to know anything about it, they’d rather pretend it doesn’t exist. It’s a crime of denial, but because of denial, the deniers become culpable co-conspirators in the crimes past present and future because pedophiles are possessed and obsessed by their perversion!

      It then carries over into the world of politics and government, make no mistake about it. There it becomes a powerful weapon.

    • There are so, so many pedophiles in this world now. From the top on down, more crimes against humanities. How to stop them is the question.

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