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Here’s the latest from the Universe Inside You YouTube channel and it may be their highest-quality video yet. There is so much amazing information here, information junkies will have a field day!

Citing many well-respected scientific papers, the video seeks to solve the tension between Creationism and Evolution with the theory of Alien Intervention, leaving all theories intact – as long as you can stomach the synthesis (Alien Intervention), of which abundant evidence is offered. It is certainly worth taking a dive through this argument, which is accompanied by top-notch computer graphics.

Overall, the piece is persuasive and Bible-believers need not shun the video, as it’s surely not saying that Creation never happened SOMEWHERE – just not as popularly-interpreted, on our particular planet.

The recent developments in DNA sequencing are covered, along with hard evidence of directed panspermia and other fascinating factoids.

The video is well-researched and executed – except for when it refers to the Basque language as “An indigenous Indo-European language,” when the very opposite is true, which makes the Basque language so bizarre. It might have been a flubbing of lines, which can happen to the best of us but a gaffe this big may throw the linguists off for a few minutes, as the piece proceeds – otherwise, nailing every other point correctly, as far as I can tell.

It’s ultimately a great piece, worth every minute of your time.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Found this to be the dumbest , most ridiculous bunch of baloney ive ever seen. NOT one shred of evidence beyond pure conjecture is offered . On the level of the infamous Q hoarse pucky

    • Exactly. The “facts” are so contrived it’s laughable. The only thing this proves is how credulous –and stupid– most people are. Yet Alexandra actually believes it is “nailing every other point correctly” revealing her deluded mentality.

      Example, it refers to Crick as “proof” of open-mindedness of one of its “facts” when he was highly dogmatic as in his defense of the central dogma of genetics. The way how they refer to Seaborg as a noble scientists making an absolute statement as if the history of science isn’t FULL of authoritative statements of experts that turned out to be wrong. Lol. But that’s the sort of low level of “evidence” gathering to “prove” their ideology/narrative.

      This is merely propaganda. As with all propaganda probably used for a purpose that serves the establishment, such as putting the public’s focus on “aliens” instead of the psychopathic rulers….

  • If aliens did manipulate native DNA, then it was quite immoral to do so.
    It would have been best to leave the native humanoid animals alone. In my observations, wisdom is not always associated with higher intelligence, let alone basic ethics.
    At this point in the history of humans, we are very close to destroying the Earth’s life support systems. We now have 449 operating nuclear reactor plants, 58 under construction, and 154 reactors planned. All this, whilst there are still no safe, long-term, storage methods for nuclear waste.
    It appears that wheneve energy entities get together, their chief, albeit unwritten goal is to create radiation. If this presented theory is correct, then our “fathers” have most likely already destroyed themselves and we are not far behind. Like father, like son.
    But take heart, the energy realm is not the only game in the Cosmos. Read “Love & Pain”, by Thaddeus Golas, to learn how the Cosmos might sustain itself via space, energy, and mass.

  • There are no aliens and the earth is a flat plain with a solid firmament covering it like a snow dome. Space and other intelligent civilisations do not exist. The Prince of the power of the air has been lying to us using all media for the purpose of removing God and his laws far far away and out of mind. We are being set up for a false flag alien invasion to bring about the New World order. Do your own research and prove all things for yourself

  • Interesting and well put together piece, thanks Alexandra
    Nothing new though for those who have researched this subject and pretty much ties in with the Law of One (RA material) from the early eighties.

  • Makes perfect sense in consideration of all archeological evidence including elongated skulls, huge skeletons, graphic stone representations, and stone structures — such as pyramids around the world with precise orientations to the stars and multi-ton blocks cut and assembled with incredible fineness. We are not alone in the universe and there is documented evidence of alien presence and habitation on and within our planet.

  • Try watching, Everything You Know is Wrong, by the late, great Lloyd Pye. He says one hell of a lot on this subject. Like our second and third chromosome being fused so we have 23, instead of 24 chromosomes, like most other animals.

  • I agree DNA proves evolution is a belief system and not a fact. Everything in Ancient Alien theory can also be ancient deities. You choose; God created us or aliens. I choose God. AA theory is Satan’s plan to pull us away from God and he is winning.

    • You are partially correct about US being CREATED by what we now is called GOD.
      The “Confusion” being CAUSED by certain so-called elites among US is about WHO or WHAT constitutes a GOD.
      Its NOT a gray haired old man floating around in space…A VERY Big clue is found in a book (Not of GOD) called the bible at Genesis 1: 26,27, There its in “Plain Site”, that GOD created Woman/Man IN HIS IMAGE and LIKENESS….GET THAT???
      And it isn’t a mistake I placed the WOMAN before Man (That’s MUCH to detailed to explain here)
      Another clue was WHAT God told Moses when he asked for God’s NAME and was just told: I AM Get-IT???
      WE ARE GOD….Born from the FEMALE Energies of GOD
      BUT…There WAS a “Creation of GOD” that Rebelled against “Divine Source Creator” who has Created ALL this confusion about WHO God is…THERE IS NO “WHO” GOD IS.
      That is WHY among the “Upper-Dimensional BE-Ings who reside in the Universe HAVE NO NAMES…BECAUSE THEY “REMEMBER” WHAT GOD IS…ALL “CREATION”…You cannot put a NAME on IT…BECAUSE “EVERYTHING” IS OF GOD…INCLUDING “US”!
      This will ALL be cleared up VERY SOON, Once the “Deviant Luciferian/Satanist” are EXPOSED as the ones who created this CONFUSION we now live in.
      This video DID tell the TRUTH about WHO the FIRST “Contacts” ARE…AFRICANS!
      The Internet is LOADED with Much more truth about this subject…ONLY IT MAY BE REAL HARD TO FIND FROM PLACES LIKE “HERE”…I tried posting a link HERE and it was “Truncated”….GEEEEE I WONDER WHY???
      Energies of GOD

  • Have always believed that we are a ‘created’ race. Just pro-creating another human being, speaks volumes to an intelligence way beyond our human scope.
    What puzzles me is why was creation accomplished and left to slowly, gain comprehension of the world around us.
    We would also have to accept that Earth was also a creation given to us…
    Are we in the ‘Elementary version’ of our growth here on Earth? Do we go into yet another step on the path to ???? Then we will graduate to meet and perhaps join those that ‘made’ us? There are just so many questions and hopefully we will be given the answers….despite the fact that it has to be fought for tooth & nail. Our knowledge of our true future & past has been hijacked. Great information!

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