The life of Cynthia McKinney has been a fascinating journey, serving six terms in the US House of Representatives between 1993 and 2007. A former Democrat, she was the first black woman to represent the State of Georgia in the House. She later segued into the Green Party and has now come out on Jeff Berwick’s Anarchast as an Anarchist! This is to say that McKinney believes in personal sovereignty and she finds that Direct Democracy is a great first step in that direction.

The planetary political morass in which we find ourselves can leave us feeling hopeless but listening to this gentle firebrand gives me hope. She informs us that the country of Switzerland has long had Direct Democracy and some may be surprised to learn that Gaddafi’s Libya also had its version of this system, called the Jamahiriya before Obama and Clinton bombed the richest country on the African Continent back into the Stone Age.

McKinney first came to my attention in the early 2000s, during her very vocal and persistent questions for Donald Rumsfeld about the 9/11 attacks and their very suspicious connections to the Bush family’s holdings and partnerships through the Carlyle Group. Her journey toward embracing Anarchy is very interesting, coming from someone who was for years literally in the Belly of the Beast!

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  • Cynthia McKinney is an awesome American and the only person in Congress that would NOT sign the AIPAC agreement which in essence is a signed agreement to support Israel’s interests, even over the interests of the United States citizenry.

    Not only would Cynthia have been this nation’s first woman President, if unimpeded by the cabal – the proverbial enemy from within, then I truly believe that she could’ve been this nation’s greatest.

  • I am not American and don’t think I have any right of opinion concerning your internal affairs. You might have been an exceptional people due to your “constitution” but all history to that special moment seems to be gone.

    I think all peoples all over the world would benefit greatly if they would be connected to the history of the world en in special to the history of their country. Like already stated the weel does not be reinvented.

    Being stupid ignoramuses is the problem of today coupled with an arrogance that inevitably accompanies it.

  • Cynthia McKinney is on the right track but she does not have to reinvent anything! go to :- “” where it is all exposed- who are involved and how to– fix this problem, and — it is WORLDWIDE.
    just beware the religious details -dates -info are “Lutheran still tied to mystery Babylon” – not as in Holy Bible.

  • I have loved McKinney ever since she was in Congress, I really still do, but have to question the depth of her understanding.

    Our American problems stem from the loss of the founder’s vision and understanding of righteous self government. America has degenerated into a Corporatocracy, because it’s leaders, in nearly ALL of our institutions replaced integrity with expediency.

    One of the egregious errors was the unnecessary war between the states. Then there were constitutional amendment errors such that further weakened states rights. Much later early in the twentieth century more egregious errors that permitted oil interests and central banking interests to have their way with the nation. The rest is history and we all see who rules the world today.

    There is very little similarity between the Americans and the Swiss, so let us not indulge in fanciful thinking about direct democracy there or here. Switzerland is closest of all nations to a direct demo, but it is NOT a purely direct demo! Even if we were to adopt their form of gov it would be doomed to failure here because we are a totally different and diverse people.

    I would prefer McKinney propose to reform the existing federal structure by returning it to the founders intent that much smaller numbers of the general population be represented by greater numbers in congress. It would be entirely reasonable to double the size of the lower house by 2022, double it again by 2030 and return the upper house control to the states by appointment as originally designed. These two acts would systematically and PEACEFULLY return power to the states and to the people where it belongs under the US Constitution as it was created.

    Before you dismiss this out of hand due to the size of the capital building, consider that we are now in the age of instant electronics and congressional district extension offices and galleries are perfectly doable, plus you get the extra benefits of having congress critters at home 3/4 of the year where they belong with the people they are supposed to represent and away from temptations in the swamp. Of course congress critters would as a result have to go on record when they vote, so there’s another benefit, no more chicken voice votes!

    Radical change is more likely to result in something far worse than what we have now because there are so many factions eager to impose their will on the rest of us. Remember the term “democracy” means as many things as one can imagine from the communist collective to the fascist collective and everything in between.

    Let us also be ever mindful that them as holds the gold makes the rules, neither of which they will happily relinquish.

      • Alexandra.
        please check out my comment, and after reading, you may consider your site to be exactly the help anna and co needs for exposure !

    • hi Jon
      One mistake would be to enlarge any parliament, why not decrease to one rep for each state and start with each state member representing the electorate with democracy passing at 75% vote within.
      Then introduce CIR if needed to reverse a bad decision OR EJECT a non-performer at 75%, and of course ban lobbyists.
      Then return the member to the peoples pension!!!

  • I appreciate Cynthia McKinney’s integrity and courage to bring forth the truth about Congressmen being required to sign a pledge to support Israel in violation of their Oath of Office. However, McKinney fails to pursue this matter which in my opinion is the most important matter in the survival of America.

    We do NOT need to reinvent the wheel and come up with a New Form of Government. We need not reinvent the wheel. We only need to return to the self-rule structure our Founders gave us.

    This is why I came up with my strategic intervention restoring the Original 13th Amendment and nullifying dual citizenship with Israel stripping all Israeli Dual Citizens of any & all citizenship in these United States of America. Deporting them all and banning them for life from ever entering our nation again!

    That is just the start. There is a lot of work to do.

    Dr. Kent

    • She won’t have to because “Divine Source Creator” KNOWS Who She IS, and she more than likely By Now understands HOW real changes will come about.
      I’m SURE she has “Connected” the “OUR-Story” version, instead of the White Man’s version called “His-Story”
      Watch the video entitled: “The Calculated Destruction of The Black Man & Woman”
      Its close to 4 hours long buy WORTH EVERY MINUTE TO WATCH

      • IF for some reason YOU cannot SEE this video…UNDERSTAND…WHY ? You cannot view it…The “Cover-Up” is STILL Ongoing….Try a “Search” using You tube using the title.

  • This country should be celebrating the birth of a honest AMERICAN HERO named Cynthia McKinney instead of WORSHIPPING THE BIGGEST TRAITOR OF THE HISTORY OF AMERICA and WE DO NOT SAY ITS NAME, but it supposedly died yesterday after stopping cancer treatments! IT WAS THE CANCER, AND I HOPE IT IS IN GUITMO BEING PREPARED FOR A HANGING!!!!!!


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