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Steve Pieczenik was born in Havana, Cuba of Eastern European Jewish parents fleeing the Holocaust, he was raised in France and in the United States, where he received degrees in Psychiatry and International Relations from Harvard, Cornell and MIT. He served as a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance and James Baker and has collaborated on two bestselling book series with spy novelist, Tom Clancy.

Pieczenik says here that the Jeffrey Epstein case touches on both 9/11 and on the future of Israel and the takedown of Epstein is a warning to Israel to make peace with Palestine or else.

He goes on to say that Israel was involved in 9/11 and in the stand-down of the United States. This was confirmed to him by former Secretary of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz, as well a his deputy and by two Israeli Mossad operatives who Pieczenik interrogated and had “put away.”

He says Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophilia ring was a Mossad operation. “Jeff Epstein was picked out by the Mossad as the proper agent of influence, because number one, he was grandiose, two, he had some intelligence but came from a poor Jewish background, had no real education, did not speak a foreign language and was so narcissistic that they could manipulate him up and down…”

Pieczenik also claims that Epstein’s girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell was his Mossad control operative and the “daughter of Robert Maxwell, one of the greatest crooks in the world, who was an Israeli Mossad operative…one of the biggest contributors to Israeli national security of anybody.”

Pieczenik explains that the use of honey traps in intelligence operations is widespread and the use of children in sexual entrapment operations is an extremely effective way to gain control over over a targeted subject. He says this technique was developed to great effect by two Mossad Chiefs, Efraim Halevy and Danny Yatom.

“The Mossad incurred so many operatives that were involved with pedophilia under the Epstein ring and under the NXIVM ring, with the two Bronfman daughters, that you’re talking about thousands of people. Now, it also goes all the way up into the presidency. It goes into the Bush family; Bush Jr., Jeb. It goes into the Clintons. As we know, Hillary, Bill Clinton, who’s a pathological liar to the nth degree, to Obama who had a history of homosexuality and pedophilia, all the way down to the Bushes and beyond that.

“Jeff Epstein was a willing operative. He willingly was involved in pedophilia. The Israelis knew that. They created his storyline, that made believe he was a “billionaire”, Wexner was the theoretical backup man to him…

“So, we have a lot of corruption here, which goes all the way back to 9/11 when we had Jews, like Silverstein, who had the lease to the World Trade Center. We had Lowry, we had Lauder and we had Eisenberg, all of whom were involved in the stand down in the false flag of 9/11.

“So, from 9/11 on, Trump understood that the Israelis had been involved in our intelligence service and in compromising America. He never forgot that. And what he did, blatantly was to turn around and on a certain day, he decided he was going to indict every one of the Mossad operatives, as well as the Israelis on charges of pedophilia – not on charges of spying, because that wouldn’t work.

“Acosta, the Secretary of Labor was correct when he said that Epstein got off from the prosecutors’ indictment in Florida because he worked in the intelligence service…

“Israel has been placed on notice because our ambassador…as well as Kushner have made a very clear statement, ‘Israel you’re on notice. If you do not make a peace treaty with the Palestinians, there will be more serious repercussions than you imagine. The beginning of the takedown of your Mossad operatives, who are all present and we will put them in prison, is just the beginning of what we can do to the future of Israel.'”

Alexandra Bruce

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Alexandra Bruce

Alexandra Bruce

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  • Dear Alexandra,

    I apologise for having to break up certain sensitive words, but without doing so the algorithms on your server would not accept my comment!

    Kit aka Christopher James

  • Dear Alexandra,

    You have to follow the righteous way and avoid ‘E-vil’!

    It occurs to my simple mind that the real problem at the moment is that the owners of the so-called free press both in the USA and here in the UK are themselves steeped in ‘E-vil’.

    If only exposés such as this video were published via the mainstream media, the game would be over for ‘E-vil’.

    I am totally astonished by the prevalence of h-o-mosexuality/p-a-edophilia amongst the ‘E-vil’ fraternity, which appears to run at almost 100% of membership. Including, I would add, the Vatican and the heinous ‘E-vil’ Pope!

    It is no wonder the so-called tran-s-gender movement is being pushed down our throats by every so-called PC organisation.

    I was utterly appalled when our hapless so-called Christian PM David Cameron, made same-sex marriage legal. What planet was he on at the time! Every opportunity to destroy the sanctity of marriage and family life is being thrown at society.

    Do keep up the narrative of attack against the ‘E-vil’ that dominates our world, Alexandra, although I am ashamed that so many of my fellow subscribers do not contribute monthly to your costs. They need to look inward and see whether their complacency is not part of the reason ‘E-vil’ dominates! Do not try to tell me that they each could not afford to contribute at least $5 pm.

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of e-vil is for good men to stand aside and do nothing.”


  • Maybe so, but the mad libs may just be controlling this aspect by getting their southern NY district to prosecute the case they THEY want to pursue, ie. 2020 election fodder against Trump via his association with Epstein.

    The old axiom, where there’s smoke there is fire will be their mind control mantra spoken over and over again as their satanic candidate choice stumbles upon the fact that reality again will not be their friend. This is the next chapter in the coup book against Donald Trump. They will fail and flail.

    They are so stupid, when all they really have to do is prove to the masses that Trump is a globalist insider with only a few conservative leanings. Trump is all for Agenda 21 as long as the USA military machine is leading the way. He’s a rocky feller.

    • I am assured that Trump will be re-elected, and whilst some of his tweets are not construed by QAnon, nor his vociferous responses, he himself is definitely being controlled for the good of humanity as a whole.

      Like many I suspect, I am agitated that the indictments against the ‘Evil’ ones are taking so long, but once again I am reliably assured that they will happen, and the ‘Evil’ ones will fall, and very hard!


  • As per usual Pieczenik’s analysis is correct. The reason why the deep state was able to get away with it, is traceable to the Talmud which provides loop holes in Torah that do not exist in Torah with which, since the destruction of the Temple in 70AD, it is not possible to comply.

    Wicked Jews have conspired with wicked Gentiles, some of whom claim to be Christian and are not, for political and personal gain.

    There is another element in this not mentioned by Pieczenik, which is Satanic, but I will not discuss it here.

    God bless godly Jews like Pieczenik.

  • The occult “Overlords” behind the “curtain” are in control.
    Do you actually think any blackmailable information would be “secretly”kept in a safe of a “minion” ? Information was either “allowed” to be found, or there is nothing there. The psychopaths have been patiently solidifying their power for hundreds of years. This was probably a planned scenario. We are in the “end game”. “They” must be pretty confident that we cannot unify to limit their control to be so blatant with their actions. At the top of the pyramid there is no panic. The minions may fear exposure and react but they are useful tools ….and disposable.
    The rest of the “deplorables” are batshit crazy, psychologically controlled /distracted through propaganda, too involved in their own problems, or think they are helpless to do anything.
    But knowledge can still be a useful tool. Maybe we can get our act together in time and put a few “cogs” in the wheels of the “power-hungry” train of control.


  • If President Trump and the White House really have put the bad actors in Israel on notice then God bless them. The suffering of the Palestinians is terrible, so many of them are children and they are brutalized every bit as badly as their elders. The children in these compromise ops have been used in the most horrific way. The people behind all this are evil and I pray that this case is ripped wide open no matter how far the ripples from it may spread worldwide.
    I hope this case uncovers that stinking underbelly of corruption and evil. May justice be done.

  • Ever wonder what Israel does with the millions of our tax dollars that we send them?
    It’s not to feed the poor…
    It’s more like to fund the wars of aggression that they start, the next one will be with Iran..
    As well as to keep things like Epstein funded.

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