Huawei is a massive Chinese telecommunications company currently dominating the development of 5G wireless infrastructure. To the same degree to which the Internet is surveilled by the NSA, the 5G network will be surveilled by the Chinese Communist Party and will be a vector for cyberattacks. The existing software is laden with backdoor access, zero day vulnerabilities, as if intentionally engineered to enable such attacks.

The arrest of Huawei Chief Financial Officer, Meng Wanzhou in Canada last December is apparently unrelated to these concerns, having to do with Huawei’s sale of equipment to US-sanctioned countries, including Iran and North Korea. She is awaiting extradition to the US.

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  • As far as I remember back in the day SYSCO systems were required to install the same back doors to all of their equipment that were sold outside of the us and some in US. I quess what is good for gender not for guse. It sucks that shoe is on the other foot.

  • Did you know that H R C’s e-mails were hacked by China? Or, so I have heard, or were they sold to China? For a donation to the Clinton “foundation”. Kinda like how Uranium One was sold, for a donation to the “foundation”. I don’t have the paperwork to back me up, so, it’s just a conspiracy, isn’t it… Bill made that nice little speech in Russia for half a million bucks too…. hmm. I apologize, I’m off topic.


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