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    Clif High joins Jean-Claude@BeyondMystic and Jsnip4 to discuss some near-term predictions from his web bots.

    Clif says that we are entering an astrological period where there will be alignments that haven’t been seen in over 2,000 years – accompanied by the release of two millennia of building tensions over the next 19 to 20 months.

    For the April 8th eclipse, his predictive linguistics are projecting something akin to the 1987 Black Monday stock market crash, which may lead into the shooting war, which is why you see all the state DHS offices preparing for a National Emergency.

    We can expect to see dramatic events with the shock level ramping up to a crescendo in late April (around Hitler’s Birthday, April 20th), which he thinks may be a “weather warfare” (aka DEW) attack in an urban area, around the 2nd or 3rd week of April. This, in turn will lead to a mass-awakening of the general population by June or July.

    Clif says, “So, we know the ‘Space Lasers’ aren’t really from space, they’re from airplanes…The aviation fuels that used to go down the I-95 corridor will not, because of the bridge being taken down. So they won’t be able to fuel chemtrail planes, there will be major impacts on airlines all up and down the East Coast, because they won’t be able to get fuel shipments…

    “So now, they’ll have to ship as much air traffic as they can over to the West. And so that’s going to impact the Weather Wars.” This is when Clif’s predictive linguistics see a possible attack in Florida.

    The Baltimore bridge attack will have lasting effects that ripple out throughout the North American Continent. “All of Canada’s going to be affected 2 weeks from now,” he says.

    Clif says that we’re very close to the reveal of the Self-Organizing Collective (SOC). This will not be desired on the part of the SOC but they will have been partially exposed, so they will roll with a limited release of their existence. He suspects that this will occur right after April 20th. He describes it as a collision of our old civilization with the new civilization that is being born.

    “That collision is going to be a great shock. That shock’s going to reverberate all through May and it’ll be the awakening shock for the Normies, that will really jolt them awake, cumulative in June or so.”

    Clif tweeted on Tuesday that he considers the Baltimore bridge collision and collapse to be Pearl Harbor 2.0.

    He says the Biden Regime will have to acknowledge that this was not an accident and he suspects they will try to trot out another “Russia! Russia! Russia”. They’ll claim it was in retaliation for the Moscow terror attack, which the Russian government is now (rightly) blaming jointly on the US, the UK and Ukraine.

    The question then becomes. “How will the Biden Regime make this an excuse to promote WW3?” The entire purpose of the Pearl Harbor attack was to get the United States into WWII.

    Clif agrees with Lara Logan‘s assertion that the Baltimore attack will have the effect of dividing the North and the South, as far as shipping goes and it will essentially reassert the old Mason-Dixon Line that separated the “Free” states from the Slave states during the US Civil War – which Clif says was actually between the Northern states and their American banks versus the Southern states, which were controlled by the London banks.

    Lara Logan tweeted:

    Multiple intel sources: Baltimore bridge collapse was an “absolutely brilliant strategic attack” on US critical infrastructure – most likely cyber – & our intel agencies know it. In information warfare terms, they just divided the US along the Mason Dixon line exactly like the Civil War. Second busiest strategic roadway in the nation for hazardous material now down for 4-5 years – which is how long they say it will take to recover. Bridge was built specifically to move hazardous material – fuel, diesel, propane gas, nitrogen, highly flammable materials, chemicals and oversized cargo that cannot fit in the tunnels – that supply chain now crippled. Make no mistake: this was an extraordinary attack in terms of planning, timing & execution.

    Not only is the port, itself out of commission for many years to come but the main highway through which goods are distributed has also been destroyed, which will impact the East Coast for years to come. Clif says the effects of the Baltimore bridge attack will last for 25 years, not 5, as suggested by Lara.

    Clif says that his bots have been predicting a “Black Tuesday” event for many years and that it’s interesting how the astrology for that is lining up with Black Monday in 1987. He suspects we’ll see that happen on April 9th.

    Clif says the Biden Regime is running the “Bolshevik playlist”, saying, “They were supposed to do things this spring in anticipation of an October Surprise – an October Revolution and Communism comes sweeping in here, in the United States.

    “And then, they would take over the 14 major cities in the United States by population – many of which they already control – and they would, over the course of the next 3 or 4 years, they would turn these cities into armies that they would use to go out and basically take over the countriside, because of the famines that would be hitting by that point.

    “This is just as the Bolsheviks did it. They took over the cities…but they didn’t control the countriside. It took them until 1929 to actually conquer all of Russia and what we now think of as the former Soviet Union. So, it took ’em over 10 years. They spent 5 years in the cities and then they came out and took over the farms…That’s the same playbook that they CCP used in China and they did it after a big gun grab.

    “Now, they’ve come out with this Red Alert Office – or whatever the Hell that they’re trying to say, that now has authority to come take your gun if they think you’re crazy or if you’re going to hurt yourself or something.”

    Like Jim Willie, Clif sees silver spiking to new highs this summer. This may relate to the mounting transport problems. Also, cryptos could take a temporary hit due to an internet shutdown.

    End of July is when Clif sees us “Smacking right into the Elohim.” Per Jean-Claude’s request, Clif gives a brief refresher on the identity of the Elohim, from his point of view. It must be noted that Clif’s point of view is very offensive to many people. If you think you’re going to get pissed, skip the section below. But here it is, if you want to know what Clif is on about:

    “So, the Elohim are space aliens and they are the people that the Bible describes as the ‘Sky Council’. And 200 of these individuals landed on Mount Hermon and they invaded Earth – this is the same in the Vedas; these are the people that are the gods in the Roman pantheon, the Greek pantheon, etc.

    “These individuals invaded Earth and did things to humans, such that they could then come down – just technically-advanced space aliens, looking very much like us – that they could come down and claim to be gods.

    “There were people on this planet that fell for that. These people lived, primarily in the region of Babylon; that fell for this scam, so to speak by these space aliens and they became this space alien worship cult.

    “And these space aliens are of a species that call themselves ‘El’ or ‘Eloah‘. The people who fell for this scam spoke proto-Hebrew. In Hebrew, when you saw many of these space aliens, it was a plural, so you would say ‘Elohim’, meaning ‘many Eloah’…

    “The cult, itself is Babylonian. The cult, itself is what the Bible calls and what Jesus called the ‘Pharisees’. The ‘Synagogue of Satan‘. In my opinion, Jews are wrapped around this cult like a protective cloak and you can’t get to this cult, because you have to fight your way through all these Normies who think they are participating in an active, real religion, as opposed to this inculcated Stockholm Syndrome ‘religion’ that is Judaism.

    “If you read the tenets of the Babylonian Talmud or the Mishnah Talmud and you read that, and you’re not Jewish, in my opinion, you will find a lot of times when you are in a state of revulsion, thinking, ‘A), how can they be so stupid as to write it down; and B), how could anybody think this way?’

    “In any event, this group is what we call the Satanists. They actually believe that their god is Lucifer – and Lucifer is the ‘Good Guy’. And they’ve taken this idea and they took it out of Babylon and they brought it into Judaism. So, it’s at the core of Judaism, if you’re a Talmudian Jew; not if you’re a Torah believer…

    “But if you believe in ‘The Law’, that is written down now, finally in the Talmud, then you are under the sway of the Pharisees, who have constituted themselves now as these rabbinical councils. In this sense, the organizational structure is the structure of the rabbis, the schools for them, etc, etc. And so that’s the Elohim Worship Cult.

    “So, in the same manner that the United States has been infiltrated by the Communists and in the same manner that the Communists have control over large parts of the United States and our organizational infrastructure, in that same manner, the Pharisees have infiltrated Judaism and in that same manner that they have power and control over the Judaics, Judaism, itself and the people that call themselves and think of themselevs as Jews. In their structure, they identify these individuals by the term, ‘Zionists’ – because of their actions – not because of their lineage or their ideology or their philosophy.”

    Clif says the problem are the Elohim – and there are a lot of them currently on the Moon (!)

    Then, Jean-Claude has Clif launch into a discussion about the Yuga cycle, an ancient dating system that is the part of Hindu cosmology dealing with the cyclic ages of time. Clif subscribes to interpretations presented by Sri Yukteswar in his 1894 book, ‘Holy Science’, that greatly shorten these periods and brings them more into alignment with modern-day accepted history but that are contrary to orthodox readings of the Vedas and Puranas.

    Prompted by Jean-Claude, Clif extols on the virtues of shungite and how it helps shield us from the constant bombardment of electromagnetic frequencies in our modern world. He advocates putting shungite stickers on our phones, painting our walls with shungite, wearing shungite pendants or just placing a shungite rock nearby.

    Clif’s final words are that if we manage to survive the next couple of years, things will start getting good again, as we get into his long-predicted ‘Sci-Fi World‘, when Zero Point Energy will start manifesting. He says, “So, it’s a real good goal, to survive – as I’ve said, ‘The goal is to stay alive through ’25!’…

    “This is going to be the really hard part we’re coming into now, where there’s still a bit of normalcy being maintained by the regimes…Normies are going to be the Wild Card, because you just don’t know how they will react…

    “You must have situational awareness – and that situational awareness must take into account your own mind-state. You really have to start concentrating on…’keeping it together’; being aware of those things that are impacting you.”

    He advises to focus on maintaining an even keel to get through the planetary chaos over these next few months – which will get even more chaotic after the eclipse and beyond, after April 20th.

    But once we get through this, we’ll no longer have suppressed sciences and we will see increased longevity and life will be grand.

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    • Clairvoyance, predictions, fatalism, revelations, explanations of god’s will … those are all techniques used by tricksters to control the people. It is predictive programming, preemptively formatting people into state of learned helplessness, all part of psychological warfare.
      Alan Watt explains it well here:

      “The priesthoods in all ages have used all kinds of tricks, through charlatans, and dominated this [spiritual] need that humanity has, to control the people rather then free the people. Anything which tells you that there is a fate or it’s written in the stars or it’s revelations or it’s god’s will … that’s the trick of predictive programming … it makes you feel helpless, nothing you can do about it, it is the way it’s going to be … and psychological warfare experts in all ages understand this technique, they even rehashed Nostradamus’ prophecies of World War Two for the Nazis and they’ve dropped leaflets all over Poland with slants on it predicting that … well see, Nostradamus said it, so it’s gonna be, you’ve had it … they’ve tried make people to give up psychologically. A few people in all ages can go past all of that and see through it and have their own natural experience, … but the problem today is … we live in scientific age where science has been able for a long time to mimic spiritual experiences, not only that, the New Age movement was funded from its inception in the West by mainly MI6, the big foundations that work in conjunction with MI6 and the CIA, and they promoted the whole New Age movement and the whole blending of what seem to be Indian mysticism with Christianity … even in the 18oo-s Blavatsky and others were sent out to start the ball rolling in that direction and she said herself that the object was to eventually blend science with spirit. It’s crossing of science with spirit. […] Fear tends to push [bulk of the] people into looking for an escape rout, so once again in come the religionists or the New Agers movement to say ‘hey, nothing’s real anyway, just sit back and enjoy the ride’, … an old trick that was learned in India, because that was used in India for thousands of years to control the people.[…] That again is psychological warfare, those people have already been mentally disarmed, because they are not participating in this life. […] It is interesting that science today has tried to emulate all of those things which we called beforehand supernatural and a lot of it has been accomplished already, … if an experience happens in your mind and you see a vision or you hear a voice that is intelligible and makes sense to you, you can never be sure any more if it’s been induced through science, […] now we are in trouble!”.

    • I enjoy some of Clif’s theories but his predictions suck. He missed one just last Valentine’s day. Something big was supposed to happen. I forget what exactly, I think it was a market crash. Anyway, nothing of note happened.

      Specifically, here’s one from distant past that never happened:

      2017 – silver was supposed to go $600 + a major market crash.

      Additionally, in 2018 Clif said that a million people [!] are being abducted by aliens around the world every year, mostly outside the US, and that beneath the political theatrics, the US, Russians and Chinese are working together to manage what they perceive to be a threat. He believes that something akin to what happened when Neanderthals were replaced by Homo sapiens is under way right now, where we are being replaced. Sure! So that’s 6 million people so far. Right!

      Clif also said, “I’m also quite convinced that some odd things are involved in our war against the aliens. One of these odd things is the 5G network. So, 5G is gonna roll out all around the planet. It’s gonna roll out and there isn’t anything any human can do because we need that 5g as a very large – at least in the minds of the military – strategic weapon against the space aliens.” [!]

    • Clif is absolute garbage. A petty crook. Creator of click-bait per kilogram. A mouse. Sleazy fantasist for donations. Clif’s level of knowledge about what is REALLY happening and being planned in Russia is negligible. It’s not even a teenager level. It’s not even childish. It’s total rubbish, you know? How will you know if you don’t know what’s going on and it’s planned there and compare it to what Clif said? There’s no other way. But if you knew, you’d know right away that the petty idiot Clif is simply repeating the narrative of the controlled (by the same ones who control the west, including the Western mainstream) alternative media hoax network.

      So, Clif simply gives one of his personalized idiotic versions of what is happening and planned in Russia, which completely repeats the main lines the idiotic versions of the controlled pseudo-alt-media mafia. What would that tell us, in what light would it put the rest of Clif’s claims?

      Cliff is a mouse (and even physically looks like a mouse).

    • Sylvia Browne in End of Days said 2020 lung infection and 2024 Florida and Japan flooding. New land emerges around these areas. Atlantis?

    • So, I say the space aliens are good candidates for the megalithic culture that created the impossible to imagine how they did it underground cities in Turkey and throughout Europe. They also found those long skulls. Everywhere around the planet 100,000 year old cities in jungles covered up or underground or beneath the sea: there was an advanced civilization. These were not cave dwellers but sophisticated builders—Atlantis? I’m sure the remnants of that civilization fed into bible stories, misplaced in time bible stories but you know….

    • High priest of clairvoyance nudging people towards a Clif.
      Endless stream of nonsense. Necklace which chokes the sane.
      From all sides. Verbal diarrhea and mental vomit.

      Such relentless bull-crapping doesn’t help people ’keeping it together’.
      Quite the opposite, this endless string of bamboozling maintains the chaos and even intensifies it.

      This smells of CIA’s Operation Chaos, potentiated to the ‘silliest level on steroids’. It does disservice to all those who are trying to wake up from (yet are still stuck at various levels of) the hypnotizing MSM narrative that is designed to hold them in dream-state “reality”. Reading through such a string of crappy explanations of current events reverts dreamy people back to MSMedia string of crappy manufactured news. It pulls the inquisitive ones, who are only partly out of the main current, back into the stream.

      In comparison, it makes official MSM narrative sound sane and logical. Making MSM’s insane narrative seem sane points to the conclusion that intention behind Cliff’s mentations (explanations, warnings and prophesies) is to spread more chaos and confusion.

      As far as the year 2025 being the end year of chaos on Earth is concerned, Clif is selling hopium prematurely and fails to support his conclusion with enough (if any real) evidence. Current extremely high solar activity (Solar cycle 25) doesn’t end in 2025. It goes all the way to 2028-29 with the year 2027 being the second pinnacle of activity after 2023-2024.
      And our Masters (Family Banking Intelligence) and their henchmen (Cartel of International Assets) know this fact all too well, since they’ve been planning all their warring actions against the people of Earth in accordance with solar activity. They’ve planned to exploit Solar minimum of 2017-2019 (time when all life on Earth got seriously charge-depleted and consequentially prone to sickness) to stage their Greatest pan-deception, and after 2021 they’ve planned to resume people-domesticating wars in the Middle East (that have stalled somewhat after lead actor Obama was replaced with prima-donna Trump) and even upgraded their theater of staged wars with people-clearing operations in Ukraine and Israel. And the global masters caste will go on warring beyond 2025, all the way to 2029/2030.

      Jupiter-Uranus Alignment paper:
      And Successful solar cycle prediction paper:

      Keeping it together will take much more time and effort then Clif suggests.
      Hope should stem from logic and clarity as calmness follows suit, provided that the public space is void of chaos intensifying confusers & bamboozling prophets.

      ‘Normies are going to be the Wild Card’ is another falsity by Clif. ‘Normies’ will continue to be ‘normies’. They are the most predictable part of the population equation. Fast asleep and dreaming, without any inclination to doubt the official MSM narrative (stream of hoaxes and string of falsities). The wild card, the unpredictable part of population, is represented by those who are in the process of waking up, the inquisitive ones caught in a limbo state between reality and fiction, those asking questions, wanting to know more and see further, those beginning to learn to doubt the Master Class Authority. Standing on a rock of doubt in the middle of a river not knowing what to do is at the moment the best place to be, while ‘normies’ are flowing by towards the waterfall of propagandized manifest “destiny” (our masters’ planned illusion sold as future “reality”). MSM is shouting from one bank of the river inviting the stranded to jump back into the flow and bamboozling prophets are shouting from the other bank of the river that true salvation is to swim towards them, opposite the MSM. Both sides doing their part in pulling doubters back into the flow of history of their making.
      Best advice for the doubters stranded on the rock in the middle of the river, and I am one of the stranded, is to ignore Siren calls from both banks (MSM bank and bamboozlers bank) and remain standing firmly on the rock of doubt until the Siren songs and the river flow subside.

      And I have no illusion that, once the Siren songs coming from banks are efficiently filtered out as a mere background noise, the doubting part of the population will, as if waved into existence by Clif’s prophetic hand, “no longer have suppressed sciences and we will see increased longevity and life will be grand.”.
      Such a paradise island will have to be built from scratch based on rocks of emerging doubt claimed from the river of ‘normies’, and it will have to be built to resist the relentless onslaught by the river of dreams and prophecies (falsehoods and illusions).

      • I agree about Clif. And then we have this Miles who’s next with a bag of shit. And the next one, who can say absolutely nothing substantial and thorough, supported by the relevant (Russian) sources, which will unequivocally show what is happening and is planned in Russia, and thus make it clear what is the REAL role and connection of Russia with the global transformation. (What is the global transformation according to Miles, who knows everything?) So he does not know about Russia, but gives FIRM opinions. Absurdity. I know, and I compare it to what Miles said: almost nothing of him.

        I do not see how anyone can confidently be aware of exactly what the firmly planned global transformation is without having crystal clarity about what is planned in Russia; If there is, it will become clear to him and be confident what is planned (and not just wonder between a few possibilities). I have not seen a single one who says, tells and shows what EXACTLY it is about the topic of Russia, which has been literally around every corner for about 2 years.

        But absolutely everyone (from the most alt-mainstream to the supposedly most thorough and informed alt-media characters) gives definite opinions – All wrong. NWO is a fait accompli

    • I was following along through the bridge collapse—very impressed with all this information and the supply chain and so on. But then Cliff gets to his theory about the Elohim and I’m baffled. First of all, the religions of the Middle East that came out of the Bronze Age/Iron Age have been thoroughly studied. Every square inch of the Levant and Egypt has been dug up and analyzed, categorized in terms of pottery. They can pick through the bones of a 3,000 year old campfire and tell you what the people ate. There were scholars that could read ancient Persian, ancient Hebrew, ancient Greek. They decoded ancient Western Semitic. Archeology has mapped out the bible story. The Hebrew bible came out of the covenant law of the Assyrians. It was the Assyrians and the Canaanites who were the literate people of the region, the poets of the psalms. Yahweh was a tribal god that assumed the attributes of the ancient high god of the West Semitic people (Canaanites, Phoenicians) whose name was El. El has many sons because every time a new tribal god would enter the El group, that was a son of El. So, Yawheh was a son of El and so was Baal. There was also a goddess, Asherah, who was kicked out of the religion in Josiah’s reforms, but the Asherah worshippers dispersed to the countryside, Arabia, and Egypt to create the wisdom tradition—some of those books are in the bible. El survived for a long, long time. El appears in text up to the first century as does Asherah, Queen of Heaven. In fact, El (the Father) and the Queen of Heaven (the Virgin Mary) entered into the liturgy of the Catholic and Orthodox church who carry on with the religion that survived the purges of King Josiah. The attributes of El also were assumed by Allah—a form of El. So space aliens must have been way before the Bronze Age. But it’s hard to imagine because even ancient Sumer is more or less known. The space aliens must have been as far back as the Ice Age or before—now that is going back into the murky mists of time.

      • When the poles shift, the oceans wash over the continents and erase MOST traces of existing civilization; anything after that happened (12,800 years ago) is MODERN history.

        In various parts of the world you can find “mysterious anomalies” that survived the inundation. For example:

        “One of the greatest mysteries of all time is the stones vases of Egypt. Thousands of stones vases have been found in and around the pyramid of pharaoh Djoser in Saqqara, about 30 km south of Cairo. These stone vases originate from before 2800 BC.

        They are made of hard rock materials such as diorite, gneiss and granite so it would be reasonable to think that they would require tooling such as diamond drills, diamond saws, cylinder bores, grinders etc., to have made them. Yet all of these did not exist, or are not know to have existed in those days. The wheel had not yet been invented and iron was still unknown. Yet many of these vases are perfectly shaped and are often fully symmetric. These mysterious vases are now housed in prominent museums such as the Louvre, the British museum and the Petrie museum.”

        But wait, you’re in luck: the next inundation is due any day now, and those of us without an invitation to get our butts saved (in one of the D.U.M.B.s) are going to have ringside seats!

    • Bridges connect because of their very nature of existing teritorial division, so sometimes they need to go away… Like all the soldiers in the wars killing others, while doing it for the really evil ones. This FRANCIS the Key bridge in Bal-t-I-more, reminds me of the most recent PLAN ONLY for blowing up the Kiev bridge, by German officer and the good old Dr. Amy Gutmann, previously with Rockefellers, then with Vanguard, then with Obama et al., at Penn (with its great Biden Center..) and now leading the tunnels, the “Victory of No Land” left (my name for Victoria Nuland…, the same who once told ‘f..k EU’.., how clever of Putin not to enter EU..). David Baal-t-I-More is the name of THE NO 1 Nobel Prize winner in GENETICS, just with one ‘a’. And Francis (Collins) has some of his NIH offices right around the first left over bridge on that river… Sometimes the evil bastards put signs of warning for those involved…
      Everyone sees different aspects of one and the same thing. How strange. Everyone is UNIQUE, and yet, NOW, billions have one and the same gene, the Spike embedded into their flesh!!!

    • Well this April 8 2024 eclipse ties in biblical prophecy ,
      On Skywatch TV website they explained it.
      The April 8 2024 ties together to an ellipse from 2017 ,
      The 2017 or was it 2015 eclipse that year was from northwest going to southeast ,
      On April 8 2024 it going from southwest to northeast and Biblically it’s supposed to mean united states is getting father away from repenting for the sins it has done.
      Band the X across the country symbolizes destruction and more Stage setting in the united states future…..
      8 should if saved the article , was on Skywatch TV website, and also the website prophecy news website , But I definitely find Skywatch TV website more reliable and believable than prophecy news website…
      I subscribe to both.
      Dr Horn’s son has taken over the reins of the website Skywatch TV website since Dr Horn recently passed away,
      Dr Horn did many books and stuff.

      • The 2017 and this year’s total eclipses have been scheduled to go TO GO EXACTLY AS THEY WENT& WILL GO since the planet Earth has had a moon (pretty sure that happened before 1776), REGARDLESS of whether “the united states” (sic) gets further or closer to repenting for “its” sins. (Actually, “the united states”(sic) is a CONCEPT, and thus incapable of repenting; only INDIVIDUAL HUMANS can repent (whatever that means). Bottom line, quit wasting time on prophecy channels and stay here on FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE TV helping Alexandra PAY HER BILLS!

    • Why are there lingering suggestions relative to explosive charges on the Keys bridge?

      The ship took out one of two main supports for the bridge. What would then logically follow? The connecting steel would likely pull the rest down. No explosives needed! Even if the entire bridge didn’t come down, no explosives were necessary to destroy the bridge. This is just a distraction.

      On April 11, 2014 a Russian fighter repeatedly made fake attacks on the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea and the USN reported their defense system was mysteriously shut down during those mock attacks. Exactly two years later Russia revealed it does indeed possess electronic warfare disabling capabilities. I am not claiming that is what happened, but it is a far better explanation than speculating the bridge was blown up.

      I question who is behind this distraction and why? Is it to distract our attention away from the fact that the USG was sleeping at the switch and should have reinforced strong protection of the Keys bridge agains such as took place or that they should have required harbor tugs to escort all such vessels past the bridge instead of only nearly up to the bridge. They instead abandoned the ship a comparative short distance before the bridge.

      Obviously the regulators or some powers learned nothing from the Tampa Bay bridge disaster – nearly the very same thing when another freighter rammed a main bridge support and took out the Tampa Bay Skyway.

      • It honestly to me looks like there was controlled thermite ignition sparks/burns at structural points as well. Not an electrical arc as some are describing it’s melted metal, arcs of electricity don’t flow downward like liquid metal. Also, the lights at the top of the bridge don’t go out until after the supports are broken entirely. Logically if it was electrical the rest of the lights along the chain would have gone out. I don’t think we should rule out thermite being used here. But you’re right the explosives is a distraction crumb for us conspiracists. Also there should have been a large underwater support system for that bridge pillar made of large rocks and concrete in front of it and around. Engineers have been designing bridges to take impacts like this but maybe not in the 70’s when there weren’t these super tankers. However, in Canada we’ve created them after the fact on some shipping lanes to prevent this and this harbor should have done the same for safety. You’re right about it being an electronic attack as well. Cliff High discusses it a little clearer here like you did. I honestly think this is an attack by the larger powers of the world that shouldn’t be and not whomever it’s going to be blamed on probably Russia. I enjoyed Cliff describing the gravity of the situation for the eastern seaboard and the time line, first time I’ve heard reality of a repair timeline logistically for this type of controlled collapse. This I believe is part of an infrastructure attack on North America, Canada will be receiving large anal probes by this event as well. Watch everyone in the next 2 weeks will increase their prices exponentially to compensate even though some will not even be effected by it. Welcome to Naomi Klien’s (NWO) manual of disaster capitalism on everyone, much more profitable than regular old capitalism and it’s not something the peons like us are allowed to play.

        • Anomalous, the thermite with which I am familiar burns steel, what I witnessed in the original video were more like barely visible, comparably small electrical “flashes”, not burning steel. One girder was already in process of being severed by leverage when the flash occurred. The remaining column acted as a fulcrum. Those were tremendous forces! Obviously I disagree, but my speculation is as good as another. We will have to be patient until more evidence is made public. Attempts to explain everything at this juncture is, well not very responsible in my opinion, and some internet speculators live by lies. – JD

        • First thing I asked (posted on an earlier video) was “who would leave an important support of an important bridge in vital materials supply line so frickin vulnerable”?

          The answer (becoming more obvious by the day) is:


          In other words, the bridge was designed (and maintained in a vulnerable state) to be demolished at some later date.

          And here we are.

          • I agree with you Alan+Jacquemotte.
            Disaster-causing planning, together with economic ruin, health deterioration, raising the level of fear and anger…

            Everything is done to make the lives of the Peoples of the world harder and harder -at the time especially of the western world (the rest of the world has been already very seriously destroyed).

            It seems we Humans are led to make a choice : either follow predictive programming and Stockholm syndrome while hoping for an external “savior”, or choose definitely bipedalism.

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