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Mass Casualty event in Baltimore.

Francis Scott Key Bridge collapses after giant ship slams into pillar.

10+ vehicles on bridge fall hundreds of feet into water below.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • My first impression upon viewing very early this morning was this is an omen, a warning, key to what lay ahead for “old glory”.

    Later, I remembered the day the Russian aircraft shut down the US destroyer that was testing the Black Sea, literally paralyzed that destroyers operating system. We now know that this container ship upon its approach to the Francis Scott Key bridge – “lost power”. When power returned, the captain dropped anchor and reversed the prop. He would have been better advised to just let it continue on course in the channel, because his action turned the vessel off course, headed straight for a main bridge pillar support. There the little Mickey Mouse concrete stop didn’t stop anything.

    Either Russia or G-d provided clear warning to American war mongers concerning the Russian bridge to Crimea that they have been salivating, licking their war chops over destroying for many months. Nearly everything they have cooked up in their war kettle over many decades has backfired!

    Peace, peace they say, but there is no peace when all they do is stir up mischief and make war in my name, in our names when we never wanted either. This is not the land of my birth.

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