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Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt is back with a UFO news update.

On August 11th, the large Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico sustained serious damage – it’s shredded, as you’ll see from the photos.

Allegedly, a cable weighing several tons broke loose from a support tower and crashed down on the telescope’s reflector dish, creating a 100-foot gash and damaging panels in its receiver and a platform used for staff access. It is expected to be out of commission for at least 5 months.

On August 19th, the newly-discovered asteroid ZTF0DxQ passed less than 1/4th Earth diameter yesterday, making it the closest-known flyby that didn’t hit our planet. Liszt says this was a really big miss for the Palomar Observatory telescope.

Meanwhile, another asteroid, 2018VP1, is predicted to pass near Earth one day before the US presidential election on November 2nd, because we don’t have enough election drama. It has a projected 0.41% chance of hitting the planet, according to NASA.

Then Liszt shows us UFO pictures were released on August 20th, taken from the International Space Station by Russian cosmonaut, Ivan Vagner over Antarctica.

Don’t miss this refreshing jaunt away from politics!

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