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Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt is back with a UFO news update.

On August 11th, the large Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico sustained serious damage – it’s shredded, as you’ll see from the photos.

Allegedly, a cable weighing several tons broke loose from a support tower and crashed down on the telescope’s reflector dish, creating a 100-foot gash and damaging panels in its receiver and a platform used for staff access. It is expected to be out of commission for at least 5 months.

On August 19th, the newly-discovered asteroid ZTF0DxQ passed less than 1/4th Earth diameter yesterday, making it the closest-known flyby that didn’t hit our planet. Liszt says this was a really big miss for the Palomar Observatory telescope.

Meanwhile, another asteroid, 2018VP1, is predicted to pass near Earth one day before the US presidential election on November 2nd, because we don’t have enough election drama. It has a projected 0.41% chance of hitting the planet, according to NASA.

Then Liszt shows us UFO pictures were released on August 20th, taken from the International Space Station by Russian cosmonaut, Ivan Vagner over Antarctica.

Don’t miss this refreshing jaunt away from politics!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Daniel gives a thorough, cogent analysis as usual. We need guys like him running things, not the corrupt perverts who’ve infected our country with hate & lies.

    The TRUTH must prevail. It MUST be our highest ideal.

  • Aliens. There are NO aliens but our governments want the thought somewhere in the back of our minds so they can use it again with “Operation Blue Beam” coming to a large city near you in the near future. They or them have been around before human’s were placed into the Garden up to now, and they are called “Fallen Angels”. The Catholic Church tried to burn all the Enoch bibles they could get their hands on way before the 1611 King James Bible was put together and that bible was a joke for the new testament because they deliberately left out half of the Disciples that actually walked with Jesus/Yeshua Christ when He walked the earth. Matthew and John are real in the start of the New Testament but there is a BIG JUMP from John to James (Yeshua Christ’ half brother) after James are all true Disciples; but all the others
    books are Catholic Church implant called Paul. Paul was a liar and James tried to warn Yeshua’s people that Paul was someone that could not tell the truth so one book of James disappeared not to be found. Enoch was plentiful before 1611 and most followers of Yeshua Christ used Enoch because it tells you everything up to today 2020 and beyond. The powers that be do not want this information to see the light of day to warn GODS CREATION what is about to happen and it is not about the false flag Coronavirus. People had better start looking up because what is getting ready to happen is going to kill millions…maybe 1.5 Billion and most of that number is in the United States, but the so called elite have bunkers two miles down which will be those stupid people grave, the US government should be on top of this because they have people that keeps them informed of bible prophecy but they are not reading John’s Revelation very close. I know if I step one foot inside the USA I will die and that is my country and they have tried before and I believe Yeshua was there with me that is why I am still breathing, my dear mother 81 years young wants me to come home and she is trying everything for that to happen except for one avenue which is a younger brother that works at the Pentagon but nobody is supposed to know that and I will never confirm that either.
    People just need to read Enoch because he tells it like it is and more, which I know most people would not understand the real truth if it swung down and hit them between the eyes, so life goes on towards it’s destruction. Roger Moore is a well known and respected man in the US and he can tell you exactly what I am warning you about. I like your site and hiding leaves me with little money to give out and I would love to give you money to help your cause, I am sorry I cannot A. Bruce.

    • “There are no Aliens “???

      My dad worked for NASA on Gemini, Apollo, and knew Neil, Buzz, and the other astronauts. On his deathbed, he told me what Buzz told him; “The Dark Side of the Moon looks like flying over Manhattan at night. Somebody is already on the moon, and they are way beyond our capability,”

      The statistics show that there are billions of sentient beings throughout the universe, because life is everywhere. The evidence proves we have been, and are currently being visited by more technologically capable civilizations, who are smart enough to avoid the violent washed monkeys.

      I’ve seen an ETV (Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle. Daylight sighting. 800 feet above me. White, metallic sphere. Silent. Able to hover for 30 minutes, then whisk away into orbit in 1 second). They are simply their ‘Artificial Gravity Field Propulsion Transports’ – ET Cars, or ROVs.

      To think that there are no aliens is tantamount to idiocy, or human hubris. You’ve let your belief in Christianity subvert your ability to discern truth, or cloud your judgment. Repent.

  • I’m not a D.J. fan, but thought I’d give it a watch because I’m a big FK fan. I got to about the 11 minute mark waiting for him to actually say something before I gave up,

    • Thank you, Joseph. I thought I was the only one. When I do listen to DJ, I always think of Sam Kinison’s famous words, “Say It, Say It!”

  • Our (humans/the planets/our Solar System) History isn’t what we’ve been brain-washed to accept/believe. It’s way, WAY more wilder and complex than ones wildest dreams!! People need to stop acting like children and grow a THINKING brain!

  • there is no up there. your pics of earth are cgi. NASA is actually a hebrew word. Look it up and the emblem of NASA has a red snakes tongue through the center. come to your own conclusion.

    • You poor thing! I just can’t imagine being a retarded 3 year old for ones whole life. Maybe in your next life you’ll grow up??

      • Breath. If you were someone IN intelligence you would then know that our US Secret Military is 100 years advance of what you know, I would even go as far to tell you that I bet you didn’t know we have invisibility/cloaking and crafts that travel the speed of light, but then you would start calling me a 3 year old or too grow up because you know everything already and you love to use your intelligence to squash little people because that is what makes your heart beat, please forgive us little people for not knowing what you know.

      • Ah! Comedians.

        Because I find it very difficult to believe that someone who watches Alexandra’s work could be so intellectually challenged as to believe the Flat Earth Idiocy. I can’t call you retarded, because that would be an insult to retarded people.

        ET deniers are like children. Retarded children. Flat Earthers are even stoopidier.

        Having worked on a secret DoD aerospace program, I can confirm that yes, our military has tech decades in advance of what we see in the general public. Yes, they have “anti-gravity”.

        Our ruling criminals have been lying to us for centuries, and they’ve been corrupt the entire time. The failing of human nature – greed and megalomania.
        They pull false flags like 9/11, and PsyOps like Sandy Hook and Covid to keep the masses repressed. Our government commits crimes against humanity for lunch. We should all stop paying taxes, and start killing the ultra-wealthy, if we want to change the world.

        But we must make TRUTH our highest ideal, and the raising of our consciousness to be the goal of our society. Education should be free to all, and everyone should be a sovereign being, so no person can hold power over another. No single person should ever have wealth to rival a country’s. We could have a hybrid economic system where everyone has basic income, and those who create great art, invent new tech, do something to help others – THEY should be rewarded with more riches, NOT the thieving, cheating liars who currently rape and pillage the general public.

        The solutions exist, but without the vision, the strength of character, the consciousness (conscience..) to see the purpose of ALL life, we will destroy ourselves, focusing on selfish vanity. Good riddance.

        Wake up, mothers*ckers.

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