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“George Soros has been involved in several Color Revolutions after the fall of the Soviet Union and has for decades used his considerable fortune to influence the political and social cultures of countries around the world. Many accuse him of helping foment chaos and division from Israel to Hungary, from the Ukraine to the United States via his Open Society Foundation. Mr. Soros has bankrolled the machinery of division for decades. He’s given billions to divisive groups, like La Raza, also to the People for the American Way, the SPLC and the Huffington Post, all of which are centers of disinformation and division.

“For all of its talk of being a “street uprising”, Black Lives Matter is increasingly awash in cash. Back in 2016, Mr. Soros ponied up some $33 million of the $100 million that was raised that year by Black Lives Matter. Soros has also been in the past linked with the hardcore agitation and Maoist Street paramilitary group, Antifa and their political violence as a sponsor.

“Now, one thing you have to understand about advocacy groups and their advocates is that survival is their first priority – not fixing problems. This is why you’ll see groups like BLM, in their own material expressing their desire to destroy “the patriarchy”, the “heteronormative” view of society, as well as the Western-derived nuclear family.

“Clearly, none of these things help any people, black included but what you have to understand is that none of these groups want to. They are created to disrupt and to continue the sowing of division. And in connected news earlier this year, Mr. Soros has launched his open societies University Network with a $1 billion gift and he will thus continue to help mold the thoughts of young people in the increasingly stifled halls of academia worldwide long after his death. While there is much back and forth, as to whether Mr. Soros has paid out of pocket for the mysterious flats of bricks conveniently left for looters and rioters to use in the recent round of violence, arson, looting and murder, it doesn’t really matter.

“He has for decades helped build the infrastructure the organization and the command-and-control that can immediately be fielded, once a single case of police brutality is caught on video and within a few days, have cities put to the torch with elected government officials bending the knee to violent mobs while the corporate mainstream media cheers it all on from the sidelines.

“These recent waves of violence were the result of the use of calculated resentment and then with organized finesse, focusing this outrage to bring about radical social change via the faux dialectic of the Motte-and-Bailey, in that you have an isolated case of police brutality somewhere in the Midwest of the United States and this has resulted in statues of Thomas Jefferson being ripped down and calls for police departments countrywide to be abolished, reparations for slavery and across the pond, the Mayor of London has now called on a council to photoshop that city’s 2,000 year history so it pleases the sensibilities of the most frenzied ideologues of these manufactured mobs and makes their political desires paramount to all other groups in a democracy.

“So, then the question is, ‘How on earth do you go from a singular event in Minneapolis to what we are seeing globally as a result?’ Well, it’s simple it’s the Motte-and-Bailey. The premature death of anyone, including Mr. Floyd in Minneapolis is a tragedy but without all of the facts, I will reserve judgment on that particular case.

“For now, I do also believe that many believe that they are oppressed by the state and the wider society. However, it is important to note that the level or amount a person feels oppressed has been shown to be an inverse ratio of age and education. Meaning, the younger you are, the more you will feel that you are oppressed and the more educated you are, the more still. This is clearly the result of being told that some people are oppressed over and over and over again, with the rise of the grievance industry over the last several decades.

“But how then do we go from an isolated instance of police brutality in the middle of America to allowing a collection of Antifa, BLM and assorted anarchists to be ceded a police precinct in Seattle – and then allowed to LARP on as being ‘comrades’ that have won some kind of ‘revolution for the oppressed’?

“How, on the other side of the Earth, is a statue of Captain Cook in need of being protected from a mob in Australia? And the street Penny Lane, made famous by the Beatles being put on a list to be canceled in Liverpool?

“Well, firstly, is the fact that the infrastructure the organization and the command-and-control has already been put into place with the help of Mr. Soros and his billions that is waiting to pounce on any hot-button issue with the intent on piggybacking off it to push for radical social change and the moving of the Overton Window wildly to the Far Left.

“Secondly, and just as importantly is the use of the Motte-and-Bailey fallacy, which is named after Medieval Motte-and-Bailey style castles, as it applies to politics. This is where an advocate conflates to positions with similar properties. For example, one modest and easy to defend, the Motte. For example: Police reform to eliminate unnecessary brutality. Okay but then there is the second one which is much more controversial, the Bailey. For example: Abolish police departments in cities, altogether.

“While most people can agree that police brutality is something society should seek to eliminate, the more outlandish demand, to end police departments altogether or that statues of Mahatma Gandhi now need to come down because he was a pervert and a racist doesn’t correlate for most – but this is how the Motte-and-Bailey are used – and as we’ve seen, used very effectively in 2020.

“But as Lenin said, ‘Without revolutionary theory, there can be no revolutionary movement.’ And this theory has been put into spectacular action recently, via the revolutionary infrastructure and organization put into place over the years with the help of ideologues like Soros, who himself has said of himself, and I quote, ‘I fancied myself as some kind of God. If truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise they might get me in trouble.’

“This revolutionary theory is also being used by the street paramilitary groups and their use of wanton violence. And strife and the organizers of BLM, that focus the resentment of the black community for their use in Marxist ends. Well, this is classic revolutionary tactics and what the late KGB defector, Yuri Bezmenov called the ‘deployment of the useful idiots’.

“And what is clearly going on here is the tactical use of a manufactured let’s say ‘Black Color Revolution’ and it being hijacked to bring about a Red social revolution by stealth.

“Moreover, the centers of demoralization that used to be called ‘schools’ have manufactured over the years countless comrades for the ranks of the social revolution that is to be led by focusing manufactured outrage on whatever social event can kick off the destabilization of the country and this is why Antifa, as well as BLM wish to destroy the family. It’s the bedrock of society.

“This is also why they are using the Motte-and-Bailey it’s used to fling absurdly dangerous social division to the forefront and why they seek to socially photoshop history into oblivion, as a society that has historical amnesia can be much more easily molded by the rhetoric of the Revolution.

“Anything that unites a people; family, church, history, national heroes and inevitably, the flag all of these are set to be destroyed and all of these have already become the targets of this movement. It’s important to remember that societies are incredibly interconnected and interdependent and also, that they are extremely fragile.

“In our own time, we have seen the breathtaking speed in which collapse can happen in the USSR, Yugoslavia and the ongoing collapse in South Africa. Your country is the only home you have and they are coming for all of it. People need to be made aware of this. Whether it’s an historic figure, your flag or the Beatles – whatever motivates you – but at least be aware of what this is all about. And remember that none of this is organic and all of it is going according to plan, Penny Lane be damned.”

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