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One of the main fronts of our asymmetrical war is the Chinese Communist Party’s “Grand External Propaganda” war against the free world. Not only does the CCP actively spread its propaganda to the West, it has even succeeded in imposing its censorship abroad. This growing influence has gone largely unnoticed, to the point where it has now penetrated all levels of American society.

We learn, in this NTDTV documentary that as a result of the current US-China trade war, the CCP has been reaching out to state governments, because state governments don’t have dedicated personnel for foreign diplomacy and people at the state level are far less vigilant towards the CCP and their understanding of the CCP’s nature is not as good as is those in the Federal Government.

Wisconsin State Senator, Roger Roth recounts, “The Communist Party of China reached out to me on two occasions to pass a resolution praising them for their handling of the coronavirus. And what was probably most unusual about the request was that they provided me with the resolution. I’ve never had something like this happen.”

Roth received the two emails directly from the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago. One, in late February the other, in early March at a time when the epidemic was spreading across the United States and the economy was hit hard, as well.

Roth was angry but worried, too. He realized how the CCP had extended its influence to elected officials in the United States and that it may be a common practice. He says, “I’ve never spoken to their consulate before so that’s why it makes this request very unusual and very scary, that they felt that this was normal behavior, for a foreign government to come to a sovereign state, like Wisconsin and ask them to pass this resolution. Here’s probably the part that should scare most of us they actually felt it was okay for them to do this. So, it makes you wonder, ‘Am I the first one that they’ve reached out to, to ask for a resolution to be passed?’ I find it hard to believe that I would be.”

J Michael Waller, Senior Strategy Analyst from the Center for Security Policy says, “The CCP has mapped out every politician in the country, down to the governors and senior elected state legislators…they’ve mapped out who’s soft on the CCP or even likes them who’s moderate or ambivalent and who’s hostile to them.”

New York State, which was hit hard by the pandemic has more economic and cultural exchanges with the CCP than any other state. According to the China General Chamber of Commerce, $50.9 billion of investment from China was injected into New York from 2011 to 2017, much more than any other state. The New York State government announced in 2017 that developing relations with China is one of its “top priorities”.

Seemingly innocent vectors, such as Sister Cities relationships are being exploited by the CCP. When the new mayor of Prague rejected the CCP’s “One China” (aka “no Taiwan”) policy and wanted to remove that language from their agreement, the CCP immediately threatened Prague with breaking off diplomatic relations, stopping flights and cutting financial aid. New York City, like Prague has signed a Sister City agreement with Beijing.

Casey Fleming, CEO of BlackOps Partners Corp says, “This is all infiltration, subversion to control the narrative and to control actions throughout the United States and to weaken the United States.”

Speaking of the 80+ Confucius Institutes at US universities, 12 of them in New York State, NTDTV’s Senior China analyst, Heng He says, “The Chinese Communist Party has wiped out the traditional Chinese culture in mainland China. Instead, it has replaced the traditional culture with the Communist Party’s culture, so the cultural exchange is actually exporting the Communist Party’s culture to the world. The CCP culture is contrary not only to American values but also to the universal values of the world. If this cultural exchange is accepted unwittingly, it is actually helping the CCP undermine American values…The American people have never experienced such harm in United States history, not even during the Cold War.”

The CCP is focused on the younger generations, who have no recollection of the Soviet Union, the Iron Curtain and of countries crumbling under Communist and socialist regimes, so they’re more likely to fall for these propaganda efforts. One may even ponder the role of China in the insurrection of the past month.

The documentary doesn’t cover Big Tech censorship but online, we can see our First Amendment rights being savagely eroded. It’s high time we stir from our torpor about the Invisible Enemy, lest it’s too late.

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