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    Take Back Your Power
    September 27, 2012

    One of the many revelations in this interview:

    “Based upon a study of 10 autistic cases and 10 normal cases, the pregnant mothers who gave birth to autistic children slept in a location in which microwave radiation was 20.7x HIGHER, on average, than pregnant mothers who gave birth to non-autistic children.”

    If you find value in our work, we’d be grateful for support towards completion of our documentary feature film Take Back Your Power, currently in post production. Funding is needed for this film to be a game-changer. Thank you! -Josh del Sol, Director

    Videos, resources, forums (coming soon), and contribution page:

    Take Back Your Power | The award-winning ‘smart’ meter documentary

    * * *

    Content of this DVD:
    0:21 Intro & Background
    1:36 Modern illness: causes & types
    6:05 Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) fields
    8:03 Scientific research findings
    11:25 Solutions for reducing EMF exposure (1)
    14:19 Solutions for autistic patients
    15:43 Findings linking autism and EMF exposure
    19:24 Solutions for reducing EMF exposure (2)
    24:11 Smart meters: overview
    26:48 Smart meters: observed health symptoms (1)
    30:03 Smart meters: lab results (post-install)
    32:36 Smart meters: solutions
    34:19 Smart meters: observed health symptoms (2)
    34:50 EMF: Largest cause of health problems today
    38:22 Preventing a smart meter install
    39:19 Strategy to overcome electro-sensitivity

    Based upon our research, you are not legally required to have a smart meter in any region, contrary to what certain agencies may be telling you.

    Be the change you wish to see.
    – Mahatma Gandhi

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