Alexandra Bruce
February 15, 2013

Ex-LAPD Officer, Chris Dorner was undeniably nuts and he had been on a notorious killing spree the week he was finally cornered by the San Bernadino Police and met his end in a mountain cabin, which was set ablaze by that department, according to the tapes which were made of the scene.

In a public announcement, the San Bernadino sheriff straight-up lied about how this fire was set – and he was totally caught in this lie by the journalists who’d recorded the police scanner radio that day. The story of the Sherriff’s bald-faced lie did not make the mainstream news.

It’s not that Dorner didn’t “deserve” to be burned alive, in the minds of the police unit, which had just lost one of their own, due to Dorner’s sharpshooting skills – but this didn’t exactly constitute due process…not that Dorner gave “due process” to the innocent victims he killed the week before.


February 15, 2013

Abby Martin talks to journalist, Max Blumenthal about the media frenzy and cover-up surrounding the Chris Dorner case.

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