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    by Greg Reese

    Emotionally, it is easy to dismiss the work of Doctor Ana Maria Mihalcea for it is very disturbing. But her work is shown through scientific testing and backed up by government and NGO documentation. And the evidence shows that humanity has already been infected with cutting edge surveillance nanotechnology. This is a follow up to my last report on Doctor Mihalcea’s Hydrogel research.

    New research shows that those who received the COVID shots emit a fluorescent orange glow in their faces that is visible under a UV light of 365 nano-meters. And those who have been exposed to shedding emit this glow around their nose.

    After his wife was coerced into getting the COVID shot, PhD Justin Coy began his own research. He found that the more shots a person received, the more they glowed under UV light. The glow can be seen initially around the nose, and over time spreads throughout the entire face and into the neck.

    After a hot shower, filaments are expelled through the skin of the vaxxed. And these filaments also emit a glow under UV light. These filaments not only glow, but they have been shown to move on their own in spastic movements. And they are also attracted to people. In videos they can be seen trying to latch on to a finger. And when a person who has received the shot has dry skin, these expelled filaments will become airborne. This could explain how shedding occurs from the vaxxed to the unvaxxed. The Pfizer trial documents stated that an unvaxxed individual in close proximity to someone who’s been vaxxed can be infected by inhalation and skin contact.

    In 2008 a biological nanotechnology pesticide designed to kill the Brown Moth in the state of California was deployed and appears to have included the same sort of fluorescent invisible micro dye that we see in the scientific research. Doctor Hildegarde Staninger tested individuals exposed to this nano-tech pesticide and found that a glow could be detected in their eyes under UV light. Doctor Staninger called this the Eye of Horus effect due to it’s similar appearance. And claimed it was due to the use of fluorescent thiocyanate in the pesticide. Which according to the literature, would have been used to track the effectiveness of the dispersal.

    This idea has been around for decades. The Institute for National Security Studies, Nonlethal Weapons: Terms and References, published in 1997, discusses an invisible infrared dye which is visible under UV light so that rioters can be later identified.

    Justin Coy points out how the genetic code for Luciferase, a bio-luminescent enzyme found in nature, is included in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines along with SV40, which could theoretically allow the Luceiferase to be written into the genetics of the recipient. Coy proposes that this could be what is causing the vaxxed to glow under UV light.

    The TRACE act, H.R.6666 – COVID19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone Act, was introduced in May of 2020. The bill authorizes the Centers for Disease Control to contact trace and monitor the population.

    In late 2020 and early 2021, people all over the world started noticing purple streetlights. Which is the color of UV light.

    The quantum dot tattoo research funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provided a way of detecting whether or not a person was vaccinated by including fluorescent medical information in the vaccines. Invisible near infrared tattoos that would imprint beneath the skin to later be read by customized smartphones. In the scientific literature on quantum dot research, these fluorescent medical information tattoos have a similar appearance to the faces of those infected by the vaxx under UV light.

    You may or may not believe in biblical prophecy, but it seems clear that the ones running this diabolical program are using it as their playbook. From Revelation 13:

    “And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark”

    But never forget we still have free will.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Thanks again, Alexandra. I’m hoping that I’m still Pureblood, but the creepy-crawly “shedding” is pretty unsettling. I’ve seen Dr. Mihalcea’s work, and her claim that many “Purebloods” are already infected/affected. I’m sure that they will also use “Geoengineering” to spread this into many urban areas. Haven’t spotted any UVs in my small Texas town yet, but I’m sure that they are lurking in Progressive “Sanctuary City” San Antonio.

    • I haven’t seen these lights changed in my state and district but I’ll know to avoid driving there at night should this ever from to fruition…

    • Just checked with my UV light too without even reading the detail of this report first, and of all the places on my officially unjabbed face without having first been prompted by what was written or having really studied the photo image itself beforehand, I specifically noticed that there is a definite predominance of UV orange light around the crease of each nostril up around the sides, as one would expect.

      Also of note is that just after having had a strong cup of ground coffee, although I have no ‘brown moustache’ around my lips, I do notice a very bright solid area of orange glow on my lips exactly where the coffee has touched as I have sipped it and nowhere else on my lips.

      A whole lot of things naturally fluoresce under UV light, even some sea shells under UV light produce the exact same pale orangy light in places and especially some specimens of calcite rock and other rocks also do which glow in a variety of colours ranging from green as uranium glass does, to blue to yellow, pink and red, with tenebrescence also being exhibited in some, an effect where a deep black area is exhibted even on white rock, so I am not sure what is causing the coffee to do this, I drank it with organic full cream milk, which also looks a bit orangy under UV light, but the combination really is very unmistakable and very bright indeed. SW, MW and LW UV light all produce varying intensities of colour and even some variation in colour.

      I tested my Berkey-filtered water and even unfiltered tap water, no discernible orange glow, I tested the dry ground coffee itself, no orange light, then I tested my pee, which clearly exhibited a bright UV fluorescence of pale orangy light, so either something in the combined elements in the coffee is fluorescing, or the coffee is making my body excrete fluorescing stuff, though even the milk which was snow white in normal light became pale orange under UV light, so it might at least partly be the calcium or other element in the milk doing it though I could not get my skin to glow orange again in the same areas around my lips when I gave myself a milk moustache after first washing my face.

      Very interestingly though, even after I have thoroughly washed around my mouth, some strongly fluorescing areas still remain around the edges of my mouth particularly, though other areas of strong fluorescence s that I had noticed just after drinking the coffee had then been removed, so the strongly fluorescing areas now still remaining around my washed mouth area must be somewhat like a tattoo from repeatedly eating and drinking something over months or years that fluoresces in my food and drink, whatever that might be, natural or otherwise.

      They do say they are making a whole variety of GM vegetables to carry the COVID ‘vaxx’ these days too, and even a few years ago they officially claimed to have already produced a GM COVID ‘vaxx’ tomato in Mexico, with plans by the end of that year to put this in as many other veggies as possible, which would itself no doubt cause biological havoc, as how would they propose to take redundant vaxxes in the cross-pollinating tomato plants out of service, and replace them with up-to-date vaccine plants, or even ensure that canned tomatoes and tomato purees have the right vaxxes in when visiting restaurants or takeaways, or ensure safe regular doses, as some have died or been badly injured after accidentally receiving more than one COVID vaxx in syringe form very soon after another, when the first did not appear to immediately harm them.

      The Bolsheviks are very strongly staking their claim to the entire planet for themselves alone, this is not at all about any ridiculously purported ‘population reduction to save the planet’, it is a simple military offensive to mass purge all others, cheaper than nukes and less messy.

      Front organization WEF members infiltrated into governments worldwide dutifully suicide all targeted populations.

      ‘Side-effects’ of the COVID jab are admitted now by the previously convicted fraudulent Pfizer to include a (virtually unpublicised) side-effect called ‘COVID pneumonia’ after Pfizer were forced to disclose this by a court decision after they had first wanted to keep such information secret by law for 75 years.

      The infiltrated and usurped governments involved had already known all this information before authorizing these jabs to be issued, and of course the fake US government had even even ordered these jabs to be produced purposely to actually have such effects, which are not ‘side-effects’ at all, but the real intended effects, as massive rates of hospitalization and deaths from ‘COVID’ were only seen as demonstrated most clearly on graphs just after the jabs themselves were rolled out in variuous nations and never beforehand.

      Complicit infiltrated and controlled governments themseleves had already fully been made aware of what these weaponised jabs would do before issuing them, the jab is the COVID, and is thoroughly planned and intended to be, and of course the controlled American DOD which is heavily dominated by certain foreign power influences requested people like Pfizer to produce this bioweapon in the very first place, in such a manner so as to leave a purposely-confusing paper trail that intendedly points at the Chinese rather than towards the political element really behind it.

      Differing levels of susceptibility to ‘side-effects’ can be seen in different ethnic groups.

      Lenin stated around a century ago that 9 in every 10 people being killed all over the entire planet is quite acceptable to carry out the aims of the communist revolution. Bon apetit, haha. Klaus Schwab keeps a bust of Lenin in his office that you can see in a photograph of him sitting with online.

    • Supposedly these Globalist/elites are the fallen angles who have returned through inbreeding, genetics ect…We are possibly the last of humanity and headed into a robotic world and future. man/woman will no longer exist as organic beings but more machine like and controllable to make life easy for the fallen ones…and apparently this isn’t the first time according to some of the ancient texts…

    • Shedding? Ah, I C.
      I find that strange to have a “cure” for an unproven claim.
      I think she’s mixed up somewhere on bio/chemical/belief.
      For the rest of the stuff, Baileys did explain in their recent video on Odysee.
      Remember that if we believe on something, we can actually manifest some stuff for real.
      Therefore (while not to become ignorant) be careful on stuff we believe.

    • Our politicians to allow HR 6666 are stupid or naive with other HR bills allowing geoengineering!
      Way too many corrupt people who can’t see the far reaching damage being done to humanity over time. The progressive liberals seem to be destroying what mankind has created thinking they are the intellects that know better. Just a group of shallow limited thinkers that have been programed with a twisted form anti democracy/free market society psychology. Some of these leaders came from Ivy League and higher institutions of learning.
      Do we have any true leaders in the pipeline that will be able to handle the legal warfare they will have to navigate. I am sure we will have a very confused next couple of generations since no one knows what to call each other and producing a fruit salad of weak leaders?

    • the rescue squad day care watchers are hoping for a pole shift happy ending to solve earths problems to forgo the necessity of disclosure exposure and coming into contact with the disgusting demonic soup of bio-nano alien crap ware implants and edits we have mostly all been infected with . the only cure is to restore us to the original DNA blueprint pre the annu-enki molestation which includes all the animals and plants . all of creation is contaminated and it will be reseeded / recreated again we are not abandoning our home but sum will go home to their families amongst the stars when their contracts are up free will or not . the buried arks are here like most of the hidden shit we know almost nothing about . we will gain from this many new upgrades and new neighbors the extincted ones who will return once the light is firmly restored after the shift to 5D and the dark ones are spit out into the nearest recycling center sun , back to source , now that the trapdoor in the sun has been uninstalled . yeah , that light .

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