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    • I think you can write off this gentleman as a source of any reliable information unless somebody can point us to at least one piece of valuable information he has provided, that could be verified in the past.


    • WHY do we believe Simon Parkes, …and Charlie Ward… both UK citizens… are somehow more plugged in than others?
      Election machine fraud leads back to Privy Council member Malloch-Brown. Invasion of our patent office from UK, and run by SERCO, who rip off our intellectual property., another Brit Co. who has hundreds of key contracts for US government. As if we couldn’t find competent firms at home. SES level of management in US government is tied to UK.
      It’s been the Brit Empire viper gang of Venetian banksters who took over England in Tudor times. Pilgrim’s Society behind Round Table, CFR, etc. These are the “Lords” who run things while sowing dissension and misdirection.
      For entertainment’s sake I’ll listen to see what obfuscation of hopium Simon Sez is peddling.

      • Dear James Crothers,

        I have to confess as a British gentleman through and through; that I could not agree more with your appraisal.

        Without attempting to go into detail, as it is 03:20 in the morning here, but suffice to say that wherever you find ‘Evil’ in the world, you usually find an ‘English’ connection.

        At one stage, I had hoped that I might be a party to cleaning up all that is ‘Evil’ in our world, not least the wretched murdering English Royal Family. An organisation that I have, for my sins, until recently endeavoured to support, knowing that they were as David Icke would claim ‘Lizards’!

        In truth, it was only the Queen that I supported. I had no time for the others, some of whom are guilty of murder, including that of Diana, Princess of Wales.

        Whilst on the subject, I am certain that Harry was born a ‘bastard’ and is not a Royal but has been raised as one. Goodness knows how Meghan would cope with the news?

        Thankfully, like the wretched Luciferian Antichrist Pope, they are in effect, no more.

        All I can tell you is that all of my efforts as an Englishman are currently devoted to your President, the one and only Donald Trump and his wife, Melania.

        May the true God, Bless the President and his wife.

        May the true God Bless the true Patriots and the United States of America.

        Christopher J James

        PS I do not, for one minute, believe that either Simon or Charlie are lying. I know only too well from my personal experience dealing with ACIO, a secret organisation, hardly anyone has heard of; even though technically, it is the most powerful Secret Service organisation across the whole world. Trying to get facts and figures from such organisations, as Simon is, is an art-form in itself. All I ever got was patronising innuendos. Simon is seemingly used by the US Military to provide a relatively accurate narrative to quell our thirst for information, without telling the Cabal anything really relevant.

        PPS Simon is also correct when he says that when all of our expectations of mass arrest etc fell flat on its face, we sought someone to blame. So many have sought to blame Simon, Charlie and even Alexandra, when in truth, they are not in any way guilty.

        If you look at my earlier comment you will see that I fear the Cabal still has some pretty nasty tricks up its sleeve. I hope I am wrong.

        It also troubles me that Biden’s despicable gathering is being referred to as a ‘government’ by Simon, when it clearly is not. They are, in effect, a bunch of criminals whom walked into an open door and took up occupation of the house. That does not make him lord of the manor in any shape or form. He is just a despicable, ‘Evil’ criminal guilty of trespass!

        • Dear Christopher
          The Great Famine and Genocide in Persia 1917-1919 by Mohammad Gholi Majd,
          A book on Britain’s role in famine that killed 8-10 million Iranians in WWI,

          Please sir read this book if you’re not already familiar with what the Brits did in Iran as you correctly put wherever you find evil it’s connected to Britain
          Trump is a gift of God for humanity just the way Cyrus the great was 500BC who freed the Jews from slavery and wrote the first universal declaration of human right known as Cyrus Cylinder in British museum in London,
          Did you also know that TRUMPET was mentioned in AVESTA ( Book of zorastrians in ancient persia)1700BC who would come to shine light on darkness and shout for Justice ?
          Trumpet had two meaning in ancient Iran:
          One as a music instrument which today is still called the same and the other meant shouting for Justice ,
          What has Trump been shouting for at least past four years?
          Arya from UK

    • Dear Mr. Parkes
      Some month ago I visited a mental institution with a group of students. A shadowy figure pushed up to me pressing a folded paper in to my hand and whispered “deliver the message”. The message was from Napoleon to the Russian Zar; “surrender or be sorry”. We all had a good lough later. Having logged in to your podcast a few times I am now sure that the “messenger” was no other but you, Mr. Parkes. When where you released and why does the nurse looking after you allow you close to any electronic communication equipment.
      Without wanting to insult Bats, but you are obviously as crazy as one.
      Love and Kisses, Rudy

      • Rudy eckel your a dumb ass and don’t get whats happening and why. Why don’t people like you get on your computers start a channel and let us all know whats going on, since you seem to know more then any one else. See no one would believe you because you make up stories that aren’t true like the one above. Shame on you knuckle head, like the russians say handsome as OX smart like TRACTOR and GAY like FAIRY love and kisses twinky boy ….. you can tell an arse by the shit that falls out of their mouth.

    • Dear Alexandra,

      What I failed to make clear in my earlier comment is that this is a case of sleight of hand.

      The reason AliceinW was so patronising is that the military loyal to The President, aka Donald Trump may indeed know of the device that stopped them in their tracks on the night of the 20th.

      But what they are not aware of, is that one of the hidden missile bunkers remains intact, unidentified and secure. Whilst they will subsequently prepare to move again believing that they have the Cabal cornered, the ‘Evil’ has an even greater threat waiting in the wings.

      I find it astonishing that the ‘the good guys’ have not used Remote Viewers to forecast the disaster. My Ancient Brother and I could have done it with our eyes closed. But silly me, they have quantum computers! No need for a human intervention!

      I am not surprised that humanity is dying through lack of real hope when the Cabal runs rings around those that are meant to be saving our world from extinction.

      Biden’s faux inauguration was just a sideshow, by comparison, I assure you!

      The Cabal has even bigger things in store.

      If the AlicinW’s within ACIO will not reach out to me, I urge them to persuade my Ancient Brother to awaken his Remote viewing skills once more. I know he will not want to, but the fate of our world is at stake.

      General McInerney has every right to feel downhearted, sadly!

    • A message to AliceinW

      “How could I be so naive as to take your message seriously?”

      Notwithstanding, General McInnerney posted earlier on Telegram:

      “Going to sleep tonight with a heavy heart knowing that the elite drug known as adrenochrome will be once again available to the cabal. Trump did make it much harder for them.

      More children will be sacrificed to Satan for these psychopaths in high office and three-letter agencies will completely ignore it.

      They will also create the conditions in foreign countries necessary to kidnap, steal, and traffic children. Fake-wars and other false flag events.

      If I end up missing, you will know why.”

      I know in my Ancient Heart the sorrow that the General feels.

      And yet, AliceinW remains complacent saying ” I would imagine the T side probably know at this point where the trouble spot is.”

      Probably knows?

      No wonder our world is in this mess when Government Agencies react in the way AliceinW has!

      My HS assures me that neither ACIO nor the Military supporting President Trump, know where the hidden missile bunker is.

      But rather than find out, AliceinW prefers to patronise.

      Without divine intervention Simon’s message of stay calm, it will all be over soon is sadly mistaken, I fear.

      May the true God have mercy on their souls!

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