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“What has happened is that genetics has become a branch of information technology. It is pure information. It’s digital information. It’s precisely the kind of information that can be translated digit for digit, byte for byte, into any other kind of information and translated back again. This is a major revolution. I suppose it’s probably ‘the’ major revolution in the whole history of our understanding of ourselves.”       – Richard Dawkins, Evolutionary Biologist.

TruthstreamMedia, up to their usual good work, as they explore the unreality of our times, with the growing trends in artificial intelligence, augmented reality and transhumanism.


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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I should thank you for the undertakings you have made in making this post. I’m confiding in an equivalent best work from you later on besides. I truly need to thank you for this site! Appreciative for sharing. Tremendous spaces.

  • What a horror of a future waiting in the wings. Nature has a way of throwing wrenches into ‘well made plans’…..don’t we know. I can see so many things that will go wrong……that even AI’s will abandon their laboratories and escape from these ideas.
    The movies that are being made for audiences today are based on what is being planned for the up and coming beings here on earth, it’s not hard to figure that out.
    This future is a world that I do not want to see….it looks cruel, ugly, foreign and base. I think only the elites would think it’s an ideal environment…..they are pretty close to being as AI as one group can get.
    The arrogance of the ‘scientific’ community borders on insanity…..and by any and all means they will destroy this absolutely, etheric, soulful, one of a kind planet….but it will too late for them to see their stupidity.
    These are the aliens that have been with us all through life here on Earth…..I mean take a really good look at these beings. Their children are the serial killers, the pedophiles, the war mongers, rapists, the ones that we can never understand or want to….they bear us no goodwill.
    Perhaps groups of human beings will break away (if they can) and find parts of this planet that they will shelter in until once again the planet will cleanse itself and the work of the soul will continue.

  • Anybody Remember the old song from back in the late 60’s called “In the Year 2525 (2545)” LAUGH!!!!!!! Anyway…The whole concept of AI, will NEVER happen, because its NOT from “Divine Source Energy”….ONLY, the Return of the “Golden Race” will Correct ALL this BS attempts to “Redefine God”…White Supremacy is LOOSING ground, and They are Terrifyed” about WHAT is already starting to Happen to their “Control Grid”.
    Have you noticed WHY they keep talking about what They are calling “EMP Attacks”???
    WHY, is Their “CERN” NOT working as “Planned”??? WHY they are SOO Worried about “Immigration” worldwide???
    BEST, of ALL WHY the White Race Refuses to address WHO the ORIGINAL “JEWS” ARE….When THEY already Know they are BLACK Raced Beings???

  • The times they are a changing. NO, thank you. This snowflake future does not impress me. You can have a child when your 75, and the robots will raise it for you, teach it the “approved way”, What need for humans? Just raise more robots instead. That’s being attempted now, flesh and cold blood.

    • There are responsibilities that go with being human, if no one can see that any longer then we are doomed, having children when you are young, teaching them, loving them that is essential to being human. Other wise, what you will be having is not human. Maybe a democrat, or a member of congress, or a HRC. Take your pick. YOU must make the decision, not some AI.

  • I guess if AI decides to remove the human race, they can always re-create us in their image with artificial wombs, mother/father robot parents and altered genetics.

    I sure hope I don’t live much past 75 because these people and their quest for utopia scares the piss out of me. To say that they’re sick is a waste of breath.

    Time for the return of Enoch’s angels?

    • I should explain my previous link.

      We now know that The Watchers referred to in the Book of Enoch (banned from the Bible by the catholics… but rediscovered in the Dead Sea Scrolls) contained accounts of that ancient time period that lead up to the great flood and what caused it. It also contains prophecy pertaining supposedly to the age we live in today.

      The Watchers were angels and they spliced human DNA to create man/animal creature combinations and other things that reported made God very angry and thus the flood and Noah’s story.

      One of the things that the Watchers did was to create a race of giant humans by mating with human women and manipulating the DNA code.

      So, my above reference was to comparing today’s science to that time.

      On an interesting note, did you know that the literal words of “God Eternal Inside The Body” are found in our DNA? NO matter which ancient language you use, it comes down to the same mathematical equivalent of the letters that say those words.

      Here’s more on this subject:

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