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The word on the street from those who have viewed it is that the New Zealand shooting is an entirely fake false flag event and this is why people are prohibited from watching it.

Zero Hedge reports that the New Zealand authorities issued a chilling warning to its citizens that they face “Up to 10 years in prison for ‘knowingly’ possessing a copy of the New Zealand mosque shooting video – and up to 14 years in prison for sharing it. Corporations (such as web hosts) face an additional $200,000 ($137,000 US) fine under the same law.”

Finding any video on YouTube that advances this perspective was nearly impossible. It could almost be said that this event was a test of the ability of the globalist police state and its attendant tech giants to control the spread of dissenting views with search algorithms.

Former Army Psychological Operations Officer and State Department Counterterrorism contractor, Scott Bennett has thoroughly examined the 17 minute video of the shooter frame-by-frame, and after applying deductive reasoning in the forensic analysis, he is convinced the New Zealand mosque shooting was a false flag event due to the following:

  • No evidence of bullets impacting surfaces, no blood splatter, “Which means either blanks or paint or gas or other non-solid projectiles were fired from the guns. This means, essentially, nothing solid impacted the victims bodies, therefore no physical damage resulted, which means no living person was lethally wounded or killed by an outside force.”
  • The victims’ physical reactions to being shot are not realistic. People being shot at close range react with animalistic panic, whereas the shooting victims in the video “fold up and fall to the ground like a sack of sand, and lie motionless.”
  • “…as the shooter is driving down the street, several times he presses his shotgun muzzle against the windshield of his car and fires, but the windshield is not damaged or broken or penetrated by any bullet. Instead a smoky cloud bursts against the window and temporarily fills the cab of the car.”
  • The music appears to be scripted and deliberate and “resembles some kind of hokey Pulp Fiction type soundtrack, as the perpetrator comments on the shooting thrills and challenges to his [livestream] audience.”
  • The shooter’s manifesto appears to have been written by a leftist “inarticulately trying to channel or inhabit the language and ideas of conservatives, albeit deceptively.”

Bennett, who worked in advertising prior to working in Psychological Operations has applied “the standard metrics of an advertising campaign to the New Zealand shooting to determine the ultimate goal of the campaign.” It’s his opinion that the event was staged to “Brand Right-Wing, Conservative Republican Christians as violent extremists threatening civilized society.”

An end goal would be to cause the DOJ and all law enforcement agencies “to elevate white, Right-Wing, Conservative Republican Christians to top of list of domestic threats and terrorist list, and…expanded budgets, more powers, less limitations, and more license to control and abuse the civilian population.

Bennett then goes into a phenomenal rant: “The two years of needless agony the American people were put through during the Watergate hearings are nothing compared to what the media and democrats have intentionally put the American people through in their accusations of treasonous corruption and indeed spying they have made against President Trump…

“It is important to understand that this act by the media and democrats was more than acrimonious or even deceptive political debate. It was an act of the most grotesque and violent selfishness and hysterical arrogance and blind self-righteousness manipulation ever to transpire in American politics…It is an attempt to overthrow the Republic and replace it with a police state Socialist Democracy, with the ‘enlightened’ political-academic-media elite at the top, the thuggish police-military industrial complex in the middle, and everyone else on the bottom.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • This just in:

    New Zealand is going around arresting citizens (no bail) who are distributing live stream copies of the supposed shooting/fake flag event.

  • 911 absolutely happened! The spin on why that horrrendous massacre took place was so yet another war could be financed. Think about it…3000 people put to death-it was the Saudis….sure it was!
    The authors of these events are getting pretty sloppy or think we the public are so stupid we will buy their lies hook line and sinker without question.
    We have had the Boston Marathon; Sandy Hook; many school shootings; the” killing of a journalist” that sparked false flag action in France; now New Zealand and I can see the NWO squads gearing up for yet more and more disgusting plots to try out.
    Most of these are so similar in their execution it is pathetic. What about the beheadings of soldiers by ISIS – proved to be fake. What the hell, so utterly vile and disgusting.
    I can’t believe that people don’t see these scare tactics as a way to take away personal guns…and rights from the citizens of all countries.
    We’ve got to pay close attention to what’s going on and examine all of these spectacles.The next knock on your door won’t be for Girl Guide cookies it will be to hand over your guns or……… you figure it out!

  • If this was true, there would not be a ten year prison sentence attached to having a copy, or showing it to others. Plain and simple.

  • This controversy could be cleared up quite easily by investigating hospital records for that day and speaking to hospital staff. If it is really a false flag, such an investigator would be putting themselves in extreme danger. If it is not a false flag then an investigator should be allowed to interview bona-fide hospital staff and emergency responders.

    Our intelligence agencies have been practicing mind control techniques for 80 years. Television is their main tool. People who never watch television or read the mainstream press find themselves on the outside, looking in to the shockingly effective mass mind control that is being perpetrated. They have very successfully divided and conquered our societies around the world.

    Is it possible that the mass hysteria generating event that occurred in Christchurch is part of the plan? While insidious events are occurring throughout the world we must keep an open mind and definitely not accept without inquiry what we are being told by the “authorities”

    Fluoride is part of the plan for mind control. Try and question the mass medication programs such as fluoride and vaccinations and see what happens to you.

  • Alexandra, I’m sorry , but this kind of rubbish is what causes sites like yours to not be taken seriously. 51 people were killed/murdered on Friday here in Christchurch, whether this idiot believes it or not, and that the perpetrator was apprehended 21 mins after the start of the first event. Remember there was 2 shootings in 2 locations, and he is said to have been on his way to a third mosque. Where is the cover-up in that ? Speak to the people who fled for their lives ! The shut-down of his(the perpetrators), up-loaded video was to prevent Right-wing extremists glorifying this event. I’m sorry but I have to agree with our authorities on this one, as too many victims associates have their lives to be put back together after this tragedy, and do not need to be reminded of it by way of a gratuitous video.
    His so-called ‘forensic analysis’ shows how little he knows about bullet penetration & trauma to body tissue when fully clothed. These conspirators, who themselves are paranoid, & probably/possibly schizoid , are the real threat to society, as they offer an alternate view of everything that does not suit their distorted view of the world they see. Not everyone is an extremist hater in this world, and we need less of this rhetoric !
    So I’m not with you on this one !
    Yours unhappily, Bill O’Donnell , NZ.

    • Comparing your points to those made by Scott Bennett, your argument presents as pretty weak, Bill.

      On the other hand, if we compile and compare the ad hominem attack component for purposes of relative measurement, you come out way ahead.

      • I’m with O’Donnell on this one. Let an investigator check the local hospital records of the “alleged” victims. Go to the funerals. Look into the families that lost loved ones. If these victims were not really shot, then they must be alive somewhere. Get undercover video crews to hunt them down and video them.

        If the hospital records don’t check out, the funerals look phony, the families of the victims are evasive, and there is video of these supposed “victims” walking around spry as jay birds, then I’ll believe the far-right “false flag” theorists.

  • Going back to last year’s Bilderberg conference where the subject of discussion was “The Post Truther World,” whereby they planned how to silence the truthers and re-gain control to achieve Agenda 21/30.

    Seems that the 5 eyes globalist fascist system is in jack-booted thug control in New Zealand. This is coming to the USA soon. As soon as they elect Bernie Sanders if America is that stupid.

    Our problem continues to be cognitive dissonance of Americans to the truth of 9/11 and all other deep state shenanigans. Until we red pill the public, America is in mortal danger of dying just like socialist Australia and New Zealand.

  • Great work. The blood looks like Hollywood blood, where I worked for over 5 years.

    I was a witness to Sandy Hook – NO SHOOTING!

    Podesta’s perverted hand symbols on the gun, with Pedestal being in the same place days before the shooting CANNOT BE A COINCIDENCE!

    If you are so programmed to accept this event as being real, you are seriously programmed, and need psychotherapy.

  • Glad many are seeing the same thing I did. That was horrible worse than Elon musk sending telsa to space, you can tell it’s real by how fake it looks lol

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