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    William Craddick at Disobedient Media has written a bombshell article, entitled “Evidence Indicates Link Between North Korean embassy Break-in and Christchurch Attacks”, which points to evidence that a paramilitary group was involved in the Christchurch massacre and while the Mainstream Media is only naming a single suspect, Australian national Brenton Tarrant, this distracts from the fact that the he was arrested with other suspects.

    The investigation and analysis by Disobedient media indicates that Tarrant and his group likely have professional military connections, citing details that suggest the terror attack in Christchurch was perpetrated by the same cell as the February 22nd break-in of the North Korean embassy in Madrid, Spain. Craddick surmises this cell has ties to the intelligence agencies in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, cooperating jointly under the UKUSA “Five Eyes” (FVEY) Agreement.

    In both Madrid and Christchurch, the units were skilled in breach and clear tactics of buildings filled with people; in both cases, the buildings were cleared quickly and efficiently, even though the goal of the Madrid incident was focused on intelligence-gathering, as opposed to mass-murder.

    In addition, Turkish state media has published an image of Brenton Tarrant taken at airport security from when he entered that country on at least two occasions in 2016. Citing Tarrant’s writings, the Turkish government is claiming that he entered Turkey to carry out a terror attack or attempt the assassination of Turkish President Erdogan.

    Craddick tweeted that Tarrant appears also to have visited Afghanistan and Xinjiang, the Western Chinese province populated by ethnic Uyghurs where an estimated 1 million Uyghur Muslims have been sent to re-education camps by the Chinese Communist Party over the past year, with many dying in these facilities. Travel privileges for foreign nationals to this region are normally restricted.

    Video footage of the attacks being distributed online shows two individuals at the scene in Christchurch carrying firearms. As is typical in this kind of an attack, multiple shooters are originally reported and then only one person is named, never to speak of the other suspects again. Sean from the SGT Report notes numerous additional discrepancies between the footage and the news reports.

    Incidentally, Kiwis are prohibited from viewing or possessing copies of this video. Zero Hedge reports that, “New Zealand authorities have reminded citizens that they face up to 10 years in prison for ‘knowingly’ possessing a copy of the New Zealand mosque shooting video – and up to 14 years in prison for sharing it. Corporations (such as web hosts) face an additional $200,000 ($137,000 US) fine under the same law.”

    Facebook removed 1.5 million videos of the attack around the world within the first 24 hours – over 1.2 million of which were blocked during the upload stage (!) Facebook also removed all versions not showing graphic content, “out of concern for those affected.”

    The NZ police has reportedly been contacting websites worldwide that are hosting this video and demanding they hand over the IP addresses of anyone conversing about or sharing it. (Kiwis wishing to engage in political debate about the attacks may consider getting a VPN).

    In a familiar twist, the two officers who arrested Tarrant were not local police and had been in Christchurch for “firearms training”. The attack came the day after the New Zealand speaking tour of infamous Clintonista John Podesta.

    Perhaps the biggest tell that all may not be quite as it seems was the immediate announcement by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern that the NZ government would change their gun laws and crack down on the ownership of weapons, with several Kiwis voluntarily turning their weapons ahead of any new laws. Regardless of the ultimate nature of the attacks, it is undeniable that the tragedy is now being exploited by various special interests.

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    • I love these drills during”terrorist attacks”. Boston Marathon, 911, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, OKC I’ve lost track.

      The timing and nature of the “attacks” have these factors have so much in common with state sponsored false flags that it no longer possible to deny the likelihood that they are in fact False Flags. Why? Because so many “mass murders” and “terrorist attacks” over the last 2+ decades have 2 things in common with all false flags over the last 2+ decades:

      1) A government “training Op” which closely mirrors the actual attack is taking place in very close proximity to the “crime”.

      2)A anti-gun/terrorist drive is ongoing or just beginning in which the government is demanding that in order to protect the people either directly or indirectly the citizens themselves must give up some essential liberty. AND/OR the attack vilifies a person or group which the government wants silenced or attacked…..

      If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and talks like a duck……In other words; when the simple application of rational thought, logic, critical thinking and plain old common sense are applied to these events and the facts surrounding them, it is impossible not to conclude the majority are false flags….

    • People must start to look behind the ‘ fake news’ …. after the dust settles the story starts to sound like many other shootings, bombings, mass killings; THE ONE GUNMAN!!!….even his family has no clue as to the when & whys of his behaviour. The ‘news’ zeros in on this information right away and lets the ‘real’ facts drift away…..never to be mentioned again. Then of course the ever present droning about ‘GUN CONTROL’.. Legislation will put an end to this horror. Sure it will….loved the disappearing bullets! This will end when governments run by the NWO also disappear into thin air.

    • Thanks for posting this, Alexandra. This is my country.

      Craddicks article is almost bad enough to function as disinfo. He draws inferences from vague resemblances, all over the place. Veterans Today has better-informed and more logical coverage. They have been doing a great job.

      I am glad that i saw the 17-min. vid on VT, before it got blocked or removed. Kennyboy’s comments are about right. The vid is (was) totally unrealistic in many ways. Also conclusive proof that he was not a lone wolf. I was hesitant for a day, but the vid was obviously pitched to be far less horrific than the reality. It seems many people were killed and immobilised and dragged into heaps in the corners before the patsy came in. Seems.

      Multiple motives (and mistakes), as usual with our think-tank murderers:

      The eyes of Turkey, Indonesia and Malaysia and Brunei are on us; I think NZers have responded honourably, which the perpetrators probably did not expect.

      NZ has enjoyed the worlds most sensible firearms laws, but times have changed, the world is no longer sensible, and I’m happy enough to see the laws modified, and have faith in our government, that the changes will be sensible.

      The draconian suppression of the vid, and so on, i think is as Kennyboy expresses it, all bluff. We saw just such a campaign of bully tactics after 911, and after the Port Arthur Massacre (so-called) which i was close to, and witnessed anomalous things. Please study that! Google has been whitewashed, mainly in the last few years, so

      I have faith in the NZ Justice system. Anyone prosecuting ordinary NZers for making normal studies and sharing of this incident will face a difficult time in a court of law in this country. (unlike Tasmania)

      Christchurch may well be the last stupid mistake that the false flag brethren make. I think they have underestimated the people of this country. We are not all cute hobbits.

    • They’re STILL flogging Sandy Hook as a real event?! All the way up to the Supreme Court? That drill was so sloppy that anyone with eyes to see can know without a shadow of a doubt that this DID NOT HAPPEN – at a school that wasn’t even in use (except t store supplies). Good grief!

    • Talk about BULL-CHIT news?…Nothing actually happened in NZ!…I watched the videos and it looked EXACTLY similar to the Boston Faked bombing…Faked gun attack…Fake injuries…Faked Deaths…Guns that didn’t work as usual…FAKE EVERYTHING (Laugh!!!)
      No wonder they posted FINES for spreading those videos around…(Laugh!!!)
      And, of course they were QUICK to talk about Changing GUN Laws…AGAIN.
      Watch Out for GUNS that are running wild all over the place folks…They might Shoot ya! (Laugh!!)
      SEE…WHY Governments DO NOT WORK FOLKS???
      Its OBVIOUS they are running scared.

    • You do know that the people were killed to change the gun laws in NZ, don’t you? Illuminati from all countries, open boarders, no guns. Then people who are not citizens voting in this country now that is treason, trying to over throw the government.

    • They know the time is short until the great war, so lawsuits don’t come into play. The mark must have these towers and the new one world government will allow them.bthe end game is on!!!!

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