This is an immensely intelligent and often humorous talk given by Russell Targ, physicist, author and a pioneer in the development of lasers. This talk produced a great sense of inner peace in me that I’d been lacking for some time and for those who could use that, I highly recommend that you watch it in its entirety.

Targ may be most well-known as the co-founder of the Stanford Research Institute’s (SRI) investigation into psychic abilities in the 1970s and 1980s.

His work with SRI in what was called “remote viewing”, has been published in numerous fiction and non-fiction books. His own most recent book is ‘The Reality of ESP: A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities’. Targ retired from Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space Co. as a senior staff scientist in 1976.

Targ’s basic instructions for tapping into our innate psychic awareness is to “Close your eyes, quiet your mind and describe the surprising images that appear in your awareness. Don’t try and name it, don’t try and guess. Just describe the surprising images.”

Targ elaborates, “If you want to move from suffering and conditioned awareness to freedom and naked awareness, sit down and shut up and quiet your mind, stop naming, stop guessing and you’re on your way.”

He says, “Remote viewing is a natural ability…Psychic abilities are not sacred. They’re abilities,” and he dispels many myths about these. He says, “You don’t have to give away your mind to be psychic. You can be discerning and psychic – I recommend that.”

Psychic abilities can be used for prosaic purposes, from finding your car keys and parking spaces, to making money in the stock market. He wraps up with an empowering message: “The most important thing you can do with remote viewing is to discover who you are…remote viewing is not a spiritual path but if you learn to quiet your mind and move your awareness into timeless awareness, you are likely to experience things that surprise you and give you another view of reality…

“If you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning and think that who you see in that mirror is who you really are, you’re in for a lot of suffering…in my opinion, who you really are is non-local awareness, independent of space and time.”

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  • targ is the perfect name, these guys will lie for anyone anywhere if the price is right, if anyone believes this crap, not that it isn’t true, you just aren’t getting the whole truth and on purpose i must add. the devil claim to fame is give them 3/4 of the truth and use the other 1/4 to do them in and on a masif scale they have done just that, starting with themselves. what i find remarkable about man kind is once a man figures out he is screwed, he hunts others to screw also. his last words why just me, when i can take many others with me, to hell that is, all becoming like their father the devil himself. he tore out a 1/3 of heaven because he was wrong and knew it!
    anyone who thinks they can remote view and not damage themselves will find how wrong they were and then begin teaching it to others, just like this targ. stay clear or fear not the pit. i will not care to join you there. go on and do as you wish, but don’t say you were not warned…PS the bible is true and it wasn’t written by remote viewers…

  • OBEY is probably the most powerful documentary on the Web today.
    it illustrates how corporations (legalized gangs) have taken over the world.
    Only rebellion is an option o otherwise you are a passive contributor to evil.

  • Although “hardcore science” is not the only source of truth, I acknowledge there are a significant number of individuals who promote the illusion rather than the truth, including the New Age and every major religion, so that when the real thing comes along, it is ignored or rejected,. I address this fundamental issue in my new e-Book “The Ethereans – Dark Genesis” by C F Reynolds. So-called “ESP” can be influenced by both light and darkness. For this reason, we need a reliable way to distinguish truth from illusion. We exist in the ultimate illusion, therefore, science is an illusion. Sorry to burst your bubble or turn your blue skiies black as a true visionary Simple Minds say in the song “She’s a River”. The real truth is a tiny treasure awaiting our discovery.

  • Now this is a strange one, I finished watching this video not a min before coming to FKTV! Well, very interesting, but, why not? This is not too far down the road, from where I was. LOL!!

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