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    Rumors are circulating on social media that the infamous Frazzledrip video has resurfaced on the Deep Web.

    The urban legend about ‘Frazzledrip’ is that it was originally found on the computer of Anthony Weiner, husband of Hillary Clinton staffer, Huma Abedin inside a folder containing several sex videos labeled “Life Insurance”.

    Weiner’s computer had been seized by the NYPD in September 2016 as evidence in his own sexting case involving a 15-year old minor and it was also found to contain 2,800 back-ups of Huma’s email correspondence with Hillary Clinton, which prompted FBI Director James Comey – just eleven days before the 2016 US presidential election – to reopen the investigation into Hillary’s use of a private server to conduct Government business with classified materials. This was one of the reasons Hillary lost the election to Donald Trump. Nine of the NYPD officers who viewed the Frazzledrip video are reported to have since “committed suicide”.

    In April 2016, WikiLeaks had published emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server, from the DNC server and from Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta. This latter cache of emails contained several instances of the use of code words that the FBI has identified as being used in child p0rn0graphy and with child sex trafficking.

    In 2017, Liz Crokin reported that several videos on Anthony Weiner’s computer implicated many powerful politicians in pedophilia. The videos were so graphic and horrific that multiple sources told Crokin that when NYPD reviewed these files, it made these grown men cry.

    Besides the NYPD, the FBI was in possession of these files, as well as WikiLeaks, according to Crokin’s sources.

    “That would include all the videos of this child sex trafficking, the Hillary Clinton sex tape, the child sex abuse, you name it and if and when this happens, let me tell you, no one will be able to deny that Pizzagate is real,” Crokin said, “Nobody will be able to deny that the likes of the Clintons and John Podesta and many, many politicians and many members of Congress are involved in the child rape and torture of – I should say, this Satanic rape and torture of kids. Because the pedophilia actually revolves around their beliefs in the occult and their worship of Lucifer, Satan, Moloch – whatever the Hell you want to call their evil god that they worship…”

    So, how did this video from Anthony Weiner’s computer end up on the Deep Web?

    Back in April 2018, my own source – who would know about such things – contacted me to say that Peter Dalglish, a Senior Adviser to the UN’s World Health Organization was the one responsible for leaking a copy of the infamous Hillary-and-Huma pedophilia snuff video. Dalglish had been threatening to do so all the way from Nepal, apparently to blackmail powerful people into helping him to avoid arrest but this was to no no avail. He was arrested in Kathmandu and convicted of raping two young boys and he’s currently serving an 8 year prison term.

    For over 30 years, Dalglish had been widely celebrated as a champion of charitable causes for at-risk children and he’d received numerous awards in recognition of his humanitarian activities, including the Canadian equivalent of a knighthood.

    So how did Dalglish get a copy of ‘Frazzledrip’? That may be THE question.

    The Frazzledrip video has been likened to a Rosetta Stone that connects senior American politicians like Clinton to an elite global pedophile ring.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • No one seems to have investigated the suspected involvement of the Pederaster Podesta brothers in the dissapearance of Madelaine from Portugal Yeats ago . They were staying at a friend’s villa when she disappeared….the friend being ex Sir. Clement Freud ,disgraced ex lord…a time served peadophile. The Portuguese police photofits say it all.
      The police were quickly taken off the case. The high profile media guy Max Clifford was in charge of p.r. He is dead now , died in prison serving fir peado offences…..was he Epsteined?
      Maddy’s dad was pulled for kiddy porn while working as a doctor before the second child was born.
      In Prai da Lu they have a saying…….Dogs don’t read newspapers ‘ in reaction to the cadaver dogs who discovered evidence in the hire car.
      Americans may recongise the two child abductors straight away.

    • The loud background music is more important than the commentary which is largely INAUDIBLE.


    • Just seen the sound of freedom movie. It was horrific… evil low form of life type…just like our political leaders? Wow! That is mind blowing. This movie could be more accurate if it depicted the customers ( who rape these little children) as fancy rich mofo in suits in presidential palaces!

      The Cardinal from NY invited her and Trump for a dinner and laughter at the expense of the simpletons voters.

      Trump said during the debate “IF HE WAS THE PRESIDENT SHE WOULD BE IN JAIL”. Later, after taking office he said the Clintons are good people and they are his friends. I would rather vote for Satan next time.

    • Tell Gal Luft to send all the evidence he has on Biden, to Donald Trump….he knows what
      to do next. He will garuantee Biden goes to jail along with his family members and associates.

    • What is particularly astounding is that Anthony Weiner is still a prominent figure in DC politics.
      I can’t imagine why that is. DC is the 21st Century equivalent of the Biblical Sodom & Gomorrah.
      If God ever uses His power to destroy it, I won’t be one of those who will look back.
      I’m allergic to Sodium Chloride.

    • The majority of human beings just do not want to know the horrors of this world and the demons that exist in this dimension…In the Mahabharata Ganesha states, “The world swarms with infinite creatures, those we see and those we do not see, those who live in the depths of the Earth; monsters who live off the human flesh.

    • Within the last week I came across some site also saying Frazzledrip is going around again, .,.,.BUT….this being a lamestream site, it proposed that the vid was a deep fake, and we would be seeing many more deep fakes so how can we believe anything?
      They have a point.
      As Brendon O’Connell points out, and ex-KGB officer Yuri Primikov says, the top dogs run BOTH sides and their strategy is to sow confusion so you don’t know what to think. Clearly most “alt” commentators (not you Alexandra…) are limited hangouts and on someone’s payroll.
      And so, even if the real video came out it would be countered by other fakes such that all of them would be dismissed as disinfo.
      Likely we won’t get THEM on their blood rituals.,.,.too many of them. Financial crimes is best.
      Anyway, we eat little animals some of whose intelligence may be of a three year old human. Unpleasant as it is, I can imagine these type sociopaths who already have disdain for Joe Average, and then coked out of their minds on adrenochrome, and told they are now initiates into a higher (and Older) Order of Beings…that “dumb” humans are legit food for them. Yeah, it’s ghastly. But then, 10% of humans are below 83 IQ (per Jordan Peterson) and they get to vote or swarm like chimps in youtoob videos…yay for democracy! Go BLM.,..or soccer fans.
      Elites are inevitable…even necessary…but our current batch are degraded.
      It may sound like hopium but I think it’s all a VR Movie, and no one really dies (per many NDE reports)

    • Hope this gets picked up by Lew Rockwell, some of your posts do. Anybody who doesn’t believe this goes on is still thinking like a child. It’s time to put away childish things & get these people. And I am not just talking about these lower level criminally insane people.

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