WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief, Julian Assange joins Democracy Now! on the Monday following the Friday release of 20,000 DNC emails, which reveal how the Democratic Party worked to undermine and defeat Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

Assange slams Hillary Clinton as “corrupt”:

“It’s important that there be examples of accountability. The resignation [of DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz] was an example of that…” Hillary has tried to immediately produce a counter example by putting out a statement, within hours, saying that Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a great friend, and that she’ll incorporate her into the Clinton campaign, while she also helps Schultz with her re-election campaign to Congress.

“So that’s a very interesting signal by Hillary Clinton, that if you act in a corrupt way that benefits Hillary Clinton, you will be taken care of. Why does she need to put that out?…It’s a very destructive signal for a future presidency…”

Romanian hacker, Guccifer has claimed responsibility for the DNC breach. He was extradited to the US in May 2016 for hacking the email- and social media accounts of some US officials and eerie self-portraits painted by George W Bush Guccifer has plead guilty in US Federal Court to Unauthorized Access to a Protected Computer and Aggravated Identity Theft, as part of a plea bargain with Federal Prosecutors. He claims to have hacked Hillary’s server while in the Alexandria City Prison near Washington, DC, where he’s been detained since last May and scheduled to be sentenced on September 1st.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook has put a “national security” spin on it. (So much for Hillary’s claims that there were never any work-related or high-security emails on her home server!) Citing “experts”, whom he refused to name, Mook alleged that the emails were “leaked by the Russians to help Donald Trump.”

Assange says he’s seen the allegations of one of these so-called “experts”, a man the WikiLeaks staff jokingly refers to as the “NSA dick pic guy.” John Schindler, a former NSA agent-cum-Conservative pundit skyrocketed to Twittersphere stardom (if you can call it that!) by being rabidly anti-Snowden, when that story initially broke in 2013. Assange says that Schindler at that time “started to produce incredible conspiracy theories about WikiLeaks [e.g., that Russia had supplied them with the DNC emails].

Unfortunately for Schindler, he was subsequently caught up in a sexting scandal, in which he allegedly sent a Twitter message with an attached picture of his privates to a woman follower who was not his wife. That’s why they don’t want to name their sources,” says Assange, “because they are people like this!”

There is a very hilarious Gawker link that I could put here with that cringeworthy thread (and image) – but this isn’t that kind of site. You can look it up, though! 🙂

After deleting his social media accounts and laying low for a while, Schindler has just re-emerged with his old chestnut about Russian involvement in the DNC hack on disturbing than these revelations of embarrassing, unethical and potentially illegal conduct is this pervasive propaganda that “the Russians” are behind the the DNC hack. The FBI has now jumped on the bandwagon, saying it will investigate whether the Russians were indeed involved, in addition to investigating if Hillary’s close associates had also been “attacked” by the Russians.

Recall that FBI Director, James Comey has already said under oath that there was no “direct evidence” that Russia or “any other power” had successfully hacked into Clinton’s server!

All of this, in my view screams that the Deep State is desperate for the US to go to war with Russia – which Hillary has made clear that she would very happily oblige in carrying out, as Commander-in-Chief.

In a recent twist to this story, Donald Trump said on Wednesday, “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 33,000 emails that are missing.”

The Clinton campaign histrionically seized on Trump’s statement (as if the Russians don’t already have that information! Who are they kidding?) Pete Hoekstra, a former Michigan Congressman and former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said, “Trump is bringing up a fairly valid point: Hillary Clinton with her personal email at the State Department, has put the Russians in an enviable position. Most likely, the Russians have all that info on Hillary.”

But WHO is REALLY in kahoots with the Russian government? Was it Hillary Clinton who, as Secretary of State signed off a deal, that has now given Vladimir Putin control of 20% of ALL the US’ uranium production. Soon after that deal was made, Bill Clinton made a $500k speech in Moscow! This is how mindless and insane their greed is! Not only does she want a nuclear war with Russia, she’s basically arming them – and making a tidy profit in the process! Please, these people are sputtering lunatics, they must go away!

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  • It makes sense that Julian Assange would try to hurt the Clinton campaign because she has been and is very keen on prosecuting him. So, Assange is not doing what he is doing to help Trump, he is doing what he is doing, to help himself. A Clinton Presidency would be more dangerous for Assange

  • I find it very interesting that there is no outrage over hacking – Russian, Romanian or other – of a major political US party.
    As an American I am horrified that this guy is somehow being glorified as a wonderful whistleblower.
    Remember, he is an Australian who has been living in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for the last 4 years because he is facing extradition to Sweden on rape charges if he comes out. Didn’t hear that mentioned.

    But these emails reflect the inner workings of the DNC – including donor information with names, personal info and amounts, strategies for presidential and congressional races, etc. You don’t think this is extremely helpful to the RNC??
    And, apparently, the release was timed to specifically undermine the Democratic National Convention. How can anyone not think this undermines our political system. Especially since he is promising many more bombshells to come and threatens to indict Clinton.
    If there is not an intent to influence our election, why not just release it all now?
    The man has a well known and avowed hatred of the Clintons, so this is personal to him, but very troubling for our country. He claims he thinks Trump would be a better president.
    We shouldn’t forget that he previously gained notoriety for releasing stolen documents that ended up directly endangering American lives..
    I am extremely disappointed that the show “Democracy Now” is giving him this free air time with no outrage or questioning of what he has done.
    And, doesn’t anyone find it interesting that it is only the DNC who were hacked. No one can believe that the RNC are not just as vulnerable.
    How is this Democracy Now!!!

  • Knowing the Eye of Sauron is upon US, I too, must 2nd Lee’s compliment to your well written, often insightful always excellent lead in’s to the videos you give us. GeneWW38 strikes the magic bell and poke in that hideous eye, with the run down on this four decade bob, weave, slurp n slide to power we have witnessed. I was at one time offended by all the accusations at the Clintons but with well over 80 murders and odd deaths directly linked to their activities over at least 3 decades, how on earth can anyone trust them/her. If one had a neighbor, friend or acquaintance with that sort of innuendo following them around, would you trust ’em?

  • I am so impressed with your pertinate insights and comments in your introductions to videos Alexandra. I now read every word with interest and truly believe you are an excellent commentator.

    What creepy pictures of Bush. Talk about making me shudder !!!!!!!!!!

  • We do not need leaks…just search the WEB for these comments:
    47 deaths of Clinton friends …or barbells crushing throat of former U.N. Diplomat John Ashe (day before he was to testify about bribery 6/23/16) …or Operation Zero Footprint …or MH17 evidence shows two Ukrainian fighters … or Biden’s Son Ukraine Oil Deal (May 2014) …or Clinton, Bush, Romney, Mena Airport Drug Drops …or Cash flows to Clinton Foundation from Russian Uranium Deal…or Clinton friend Fethullah Gulen, Pocono Mountain, PA …or Hillary Middle East contacts (funding Clinton funds) starting ISIS and coup in Turkey …or Hillary’s huge scandal list 25 and the then “The Clinton-Cash-movie” on Utube as ‘ /watch?v=7LYRUOd_QoM ’ which details
    You can easily add a dozen more. Her real body count could easily exceed 100 and you wonder why Bernie Drops out. I just found Democrats answer to their great economy. “57-Nation Coalition” to sink our dollar


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