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    This documentary was produced by actress and former candidate for Nevada’s 3rd congressional district, Mindy Robinson.

    Information-wise, this is the best video on the Las Vegas Shooting that I’ve seen, with incredible cell phone videos and overwhelming evidence that contradicts the official narrative, never widely publicized before.

    On October 1, 2017, 58 people were killed at the Route 91 country music concert in Las Vegas and 411 were wounded, with the ensuing panic bringing the number of injured to 867, in what is officially called the deadliest mass shooting committed by an individual in United States history.

    But it is clear from the hundreds of cellphone videos posted by concertgoers and other witnesses that there was more than one shooter at the scene and that the official story about Stephen Paddock being the “Lone Nut” who did this all by himself was false.

    It was never officially reported that Paddock had three women registered to his room, a fact that was kept hidden from the public and never explained.

    Mindy says, “I can think of no good reason why the FBI would choose to protect the people staying in Paddock’s room from one of the largest mass shootings in America, unless they’re hiding their own screw-up or protecting their own people.”

    The media essentially stopped reporting on the attack after two weeks.

    Contrary to the official narrative, the Las Vegas Shooting involved much more than the Route 91 concert. There were people shot to death in businesses up and down the Las Vegas Strip. There were shooters – and dead bodies – found all over the city but there was a complete media blackout of anything that happened outside the festival grounds.

    There were many reports of gunfire coming from three helicopters hovering next to the Mandalay Bay hotel, whose flights were tracked by air traffic control – until their transponders were abruptly shut off.

    Later, one helicopter popped back up on the flight radar with a Southwest Airlines call sign as it hovered for several minutes over the Delano hotel.

    There were also reports of machine gunfire at more than a dozen resorts on the Las Vegas Strip, including at the Tropicana, NYNY, Planet Hollywood, the Flamingo, the Bellagio, the Delano, Luxor, MGM Grand, Hooters, Aria, Cosmopolitan, Miracle Mile Shopping, Paris, The Mirage, Caesar’s Palace and Harrah’s. MGM owns most of these hotels, by the way.

    At 12:30AM, the LVMP tweeted that all shooting had ceased but shots were reported over 15 minutes later at NYNY and at 1:25AM, a man called 911 to report two shooters firing multiple rounds at the Delano. At 1:32AM, a woman called 911 to report that she had video of a shooter.

    Where is that video? Where are the thousands of hours of hotel security video in one of the most heavily-surveilled towns on the planet?

    There were also reports of gunfire and a hostage situation at the nearby Las Vegas Airport.

    All of this was confirmed seven months later, when a lawsuit against the Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) by the Associated Press and local Las Vegas media outlets yielded 2,000 pages of information previously withheld from the public.

    Why did the AP sue to have these documents released and then never publish a word about what was in them?

    Mindy asks, “We’re just limited to what we can scrape together from the bodycam footage we forced out of Metro and citizen cellphones that they were nice enough to post?”

    This documentary is extremely damning of the wildly corrupt, CCP-controlled Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, who stole the victims’ GoFundMe account before he went on to help steal the 2020 Election and to suspend the Nevada Constitution with draconian COVID mandates.

    It is extremely damning of the FBI and of the Las Vegas Metro Police, whose officers were ordered to sign NDAs, barring them from ever talking about what happened that night and who were ordered to turn off their bodycams.

    Thankfully, one K-9 officer kept his bodycam running for some of the time, which we get to see here!

    Mindy says, “This is the most insulting excuse for an investigation this country has ever seen…The FBI instantly declared that there was no evidence it was an act of international terror, even though ISIS took credit for it immediately, claiming they had ‘converted Paddock’ over their official channels.”

    According to experts, ISIS rarely takes credit for their attacks unless it’s true.

    YouTube scrubbed cellphone videos and several witnesses who exposed multiple shooters showed up dead.

    MGM security guard Jesus Campos was trotted out on the Ellen DeGeneres show to straighten everything out. His brother-in-law, with whom he lived and in whom he had confided said Jesus was given a “substantial amount of money” and two condominium properties after he signed a non-disclosure agreement with MGM.

    Mindy says, “It is absolutely inexcusable that this much information has been kept from the public over a mass shooting they want us to believe there was no motive for.”

    I’m happy to see that Mindy included parts of my articles and some videos that I uploaded at the time, including the Facebook livestream of a young man named Gio Rios.


    Gio Rios recorded a Facebook livestream a week after the event because he was appalled at the lies of the US Government and Mainstream Media. He stated unequivocally that, “What happened exactly one week ago was a terrorist attack. It was group-organized, it was choreographed and I don’t want anyone thinking it was a one-person shooter…This was a terrorist attack on US soil and they’re still out there, on our soil, planning another attack.”

    Gio and his girlfriend were at the Route 91 festival near the front row when shots rang out and people all around them began dropping.

    They fled the venue on Giles Street, only to hear more shots coming from the direction of the Hooters restaurant on Tropicana Boulevard and were then herded into the Tropicana Hotel with dozens of other fleeing, bleeding concertgoers, one who died right in front of them in the hallway.

    While in the hallway, a light brown-skinned muscular man with a black polymer suitcase ordered him into the casino but Gio refused. Rapid bursts of gunfire erupted from within the casino and the man ran in that direction.

    Gio’s impression was that people were being herded into the casino to be killed. He described the suitcase-wielding man as speaking unaccented Southern Californian English and looking like he was maybe of “Armenian” ethnicity. In other words, Middle Eastern.

    Gio’s testimony supports ISIS claims of responsibility for the attack. Why was this covered-up?

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    • As a survivor, this video was hard to watch, but there was such a wealth of information shared. I can say as a witness who was there that horrific night that gunfire lasted way longer than 10 minutes, which I have phone records to prove, and it would also conclude that if Paddock was shot after 10 minutes, then there were definitely more shooters.

    • Is this video a joke? Is there any evidence in this video of people being killed that is not a mere hearsay?
      The whole operation was a massive hoax production and nothing else. Nobody died, except truth. This video can be only watched as a demonstration of methods of misdirection, suggestion and obfuscation, any other approach to viewing makes it unwatchable.
      And this video is original hoaxing operation’s continuation, repeating the same “official” lie with added twists all in the service of the original psy-op lie. Another government employed actress’ performative act of misdirecting agency.

      “- -”

      Mindy, with her real name Melinda Lynn Robinson, is Irish nobility in both surnames.
      “- -”
      The Lynn family crest has a wolf in sheep’s clothing (hidden Sumerian lion) and descends from the Heremon royal lines, sea faring nobility – Phoenician Navy -with connections to Middle East, Spain and royal bloodlines of Egypt. So Mindy or Melinda is not your average reality TV Joan Doe.
      “- -”
      So … Mindy descends from one of the oldest ruling families on the planet, her ancestors were farming people in coastal regions of Mediterranean, Black, Baltic and North seas for millennia. Jewish/Phoenician, of course.
      “- -”
      And the Robinson family tree line is just as noble although a bit younger in its appearance on the scene of human farming or resource exploitation.
      “- -”

      Mindy or Melinda has a long-term boyfriend, according to wiki, certain Randall Duane Couture. We don’t get his given name, but we are served with three ancient nobile family names, the Randalls, the Duanes and the Coutures and thus we get old Sumerian ruling families with lions symbolized on their family crests, indicating they are global rulers for at least the last five millennia. No wonder Melinda and her no-name boyfriend are acting together in their current reincarnation, they both come from long line of global seafaring slavers.
      “- -”
      “- -”
      “- -”

      All these ancient sea-faring people-farming beast-system rule-of-law bringing families have always battled against local indigenous populations, wherever they settled, they bribed local leaders and/or in-married top locals and then begun squeezing out their wealth through introduction of money-lending interest-collecting contract-abiding beast system that was originally developed even before the Summer became an global empire. When locals couldn’t pay their loans back, they were “lawfully” pillaged by suddenly arriving seafaring Phoenician Navy flotilla and after suffering devastating skirmishes the locals were left to dwindle without any leadeship, while Phoenician Navy would have sailed away with a loot in search of new economically (financially indebted) victimized aborigines. For these families to hoax entire nations is part of their nature. In their mind they are following the fundamental laws of nature, where intellectual superiority creates written laws of managed dependence of the stupid and exploitation of such relationship is justified as a survival of the fittest and slaver mentality is viewed as a natural consequence of ongoing natural selection.

      Now try viewing the Las Vegas hoax through this old ruling families’ mind-set perspective, try seeing this hoax as an essential part of long-term planned crowd control of the stupid.

      Firstly, they lie (hoax) to people about what happened (or didn’t) and then they repeat their original lie non-stop (with minor variations to confuse newly arrived onlookers; think of current intentionally confusing covidian-lying in the media) until someday in the future they would begin printing the lie into schoolbooks (for coming generations that will have no insight into current situation) and thus the lie becomes part of official history (and as such a “common knowledge” beyond the reach of any doubt by critical thinkers) which is the holly truth to be served as a quasi logical placeholder for any sociopolitical narrative in the future’s revisions of the past we are currently living and the narrative they (the ruling families) will have chosen to throw over the manufactured lying-truth would gracefully satisfy almost nonexistent curiosity of useful idiots running the academia who could then prevent (gate keep) those few inquisitive farmed slaves from finding out how the planned slave farming showmanship really operates.

      We shall be subjected to many more such “truth-out-of-a-lie” misdirecting video confusions, if we don’t call out the initial hoax as being what it is – a lie – and then the hoaxers shell eventually give up on the whole hoaxed event and memory-hole it as if it never happened, which would return us all into the light of truth and out of the darkness of lies. No more media (video) lies, no schoolbook fantasy stories, no more academia gate-keeping excuses and only curious slaves shedding their dead-weight ensoulments, becoming alive by re-ensouling their bodies as independent beings.
      And the first step of rebirth is to denounce this video and its creators as a source of truth.

      • It is clear you don’t live in Vegas by your statements that no body died! LOL The next thing your going to state is no one died in 911 when the towers came down! Tell that to the family’s that had to burred their love ones! your a nut case!!!
        Get some help!

    • President Trump was the President when this Fiasco Happened. The Governor was Sandoval. Why is there lying in this brief already. Trump and Sandoval. That’s it. Why did Sandoval allow this Fiasco. He is the one to be held accountable. Where did he dissapear.

    • GREAT WORK, Mindy! That being said….HOW can your opinion be SO OFF?!?!
      This False Flag PsyOp is QUITE CLEAN to everyone that I have spoken with. It was a GUN GRAB by the Criminal Govt/Deep State; ‘by’ as in, CARRIED OUT BY. Lets face it……THEE TWO BIGGEST FALSE FLAG PSYOPS, in the History of this country, were the JFK Assassination and 9/11. If the CRIMINAL GOVT/DEEP STATE can pull THOSE two off……AND GET AWAY WITH IT, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (PsyOps) that they will NOT DO! Since ‘Sandy Hook’ didn’t ‘do it’ (GET OUR FIREARMS)…..they HAD TO go BIGGER!! This is as obvious as a punch in the face! (for ‘motive’)

      Oh, by the way!…….I HAVE seen the GUN FIRE from the helicopters, not long after this happened. The ‘great internet sleuths’ ALWAYS do such a great job when these FF PsyOps go down……someone had found footage and posted it. One could CLEARLY see the ‘flames’ that come out of barrels, as they were firing.

      Nevada is ONE HUGE CORRUPT SHIT-HOLE…….and should be wiped off the face of the planet! It’s on par with the District of Criminals (D.C.). Imagine the FILTH (those in the ‘alphabet agencies’) that fired upon, and MURDERED these innocent people?!?! They are literally SATAN!!!!!!

    • Well done..thx Mindy…now I have more questions. I’ve sent your vid to my circles. Maybe consider posting on other social media and distributing copies. Lombardo for gov? I hope not.

    • For what it is worth, as a Survivor, and Fire Chief of 40+ years, sitting with a Police Leutenant at the event, I can verify that SWAT came into the Tropicanna to rescue the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, and was knocked off my feet by this SWAT team, then witnessed them escorting the Saudi Crown Prince out of the Tropicanna to waiting Black Suburbans to be whisked away! I saw and was involved in much more the entire night if it’s of value to your investigation!

    • Wow! Impressive work, so much information, this must have taken incredible perseverance to put together, kudos to Mindy Robinson,
      I wish she would be elected, to any position, as she is very much what we need in this nation! I no longer live in Nevada bit I would donate to her campaign!

    • I read recently that Lombardo is putting his hat 9in the ring for Nv. gov.
      Talk about arrogant audacity…
      then there’s that automaton looking eff bee eye overseer staring with unblinking eyes at Lombardo every time hje got in front of the microphone and how his crew closed off the entire shooting gallery and went around and filled in all the bullet holes on the grounds which took several days.

    • I was on this from the beginning, for weeks thereafter and concluded that Paddock was a professional gun runner, Senator Harry Reid was front man for the Sin City mob who had failed to deliver the Bundy ranch to the ChiComs and they hammered him, Sheriff Lombardo was hand picked puppit by the mob to run law enforcement and he was scared witless by this psy-op false flag operation gone rogue. It simply was too complex to manage in the confusion of battle. As per usual the FBI couldn’t gobble up the evidences fast enough to never again see the light of day in this the most surveilled city in America! Same ole, same ole!

    • I was living in Vegas when this happened. All we heard on the news was that a lone shooter had shot into a concert and killed a lot of people before the cops broke in on him and killed him. That was pretty much it. I didn’t know all this other stuff was going on as well. It’s mind-blowing. Thanks for putting this together.

    • Saudi family dust up from the top floor of the hotel as payback for some other US terrorist event gone live. Trump’s hotel was the only one that wasn’t shot up. SWAT was so busy they were a no show and breach of the suite was hours after the patsy was cold. My favorite part was the witness to the girl who warned they were all going to die right before the shooting started and conveniently you can rent a helo with belt fed machine guns to go shoot up the desert nearby and the girlfriend loaded the clips not even used for the event as no 1000 round pile of shell casings was found in the room which had no broken windows which also would have set off all the smoke detectors on the whole floor.

    • What ever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
      Or, the five most feared words in the English language,
      “I’m from the government, I’m here to help”.
      What ever happened to the 14,000 hours of videos from Jan. 6th?

    • Tragic False Flag killing innocent bystanders – Massive Coverup by the Federal, State, and Local Government Officials. So Sad 😭

    • I knew this was a major false flag by the FBI to begin with! Major contradiction’s on the stories and trying to cover up with fake stories!! Fake pix to throw us ALL off too!

      When are people going to wake up and see our Government is our enemy and wants us dead!!

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