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    This film is an honest investigation into the alleged existence of extra-dimensional atmospheric creatures known as “Rods”, that live between the blink of an eye.

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    • Never been to collage but I think it is a living thing swimming through thy air.Other Dimensional something just came out of a black hole things don’t do that or do they? I hope there is enough time left for us cattle to find out these beautiful and so loving new things that are coming for us to see. Maybe ?

    • The FBI does not snap up film/images and interrogate camera people for no reason, especially “known objects”–period. Either they suspect a connection to something with which they are already familiar or they know the phenomenon. The National Security argument is wearing very, very thin. The History Channel is a mainstream production which, by design, must disprove their own questions via scant research placed in a seemingly logical order that leads the viewer to squelch speculation and any creative thought. Why? So the viewer can take the information forward and disprove the same in others.

      Some words to throw out here: refraction and reflection were not discussed. There was no full spectrum analyzer testing reported on in the information either. The approach was one of engineering which leaves out SO much but appeals to the mainstream watchers. These phenomenon remind me of sea creatures using multiple atmospheres in which to move instead of water. Whatever they are they appear to be energy, whether intelligent or not who could know within the context of this film.

    • There is a film clip of the tsunami in Japan that captures a white object flying above the water in the same direction of the travel of the wave. The object is moving faster than the wave and travels inland. It does not appear and disappear, it travels right across the field of view.

    • Remember watching this when it first aired. Always felt the high speed images of the moth nailed it. These are known objects. Period. I was kind of hoping for something extra-dimensional. Oh well.

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