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The time has come for me to make a “State of the Union” address about

First of all, I want to give my deepest thanks to the 75 people who make recurring monthly donations, generally between $5 and $10 – and to the few who generously give up to $30 monthly.

I also want to thank the additional 20 subscribers who I call “frequent donors”, who’ve made at least 2 donations since September, generally of $25, $50 and even some who’ve given $100. Thank you!

In addition, I want to thank the the 29 people who quickly responded to evidence that my operation is, in fact coming apart at the seams last week, when my site went offline for the day. They responded by donating what they could. Now, I can make my March rent in a small, unfurnished 200 sq-foot shack that I just moved into.

Also, I want to thank those who’ve made sporadic donations of $1 to $20 over the years. (There is some overlap, in all of the above).

In the past, this service did not rely on donations to stay afloat because the site’s earnings from Google Ads were great and they amply covered the costs of doing business and I didn’t worry about paying the rent.

Currently, FKTV cannot continue to publish without donations, not even with the generosity of the 120-odd individuals noted above.

I am directing this letter not to those who have been so kind as to support FKTV in the past. This message is for the rest of the 10,000+ people who read the daily newsletters on a regular basis: I’m on my knees, begging you, please to consider making a recurring donation of $2 or $3 per month or to at least a small one-time donation, to see FKTV (and me) through April!

Between PayPal fees, the $400 monthly fee for the mass email service, my developer’s 10% fee on all site income including donations, plus exorbitant hosting fees, all of which, due to three waves of massive DDoS attacks that would have taken the site down, if my developer weren’t such a badass..the site’s income is not covering its costs, let alone paying for my groceries, rent and the credit card fees I’ve run up from rebuilding the site.

I recently bought 2-for-1, 5-lbs bags of potatoes for $3.99. These have been my main source of food for the past 2 weeks. I’ve now canceled my health insurance. Somehow, I went from a successful web publisher – to this!

I’ve had my back to the wall, rebuilding this business, and I’m almost there but I’ve been working so hard that I didn’t realize what had become of me.

Now, I hear that Alex Jones just lost a $3M advertising deal. Mike Adams, who briefly worked with Alex Jones was recently threatened to provide damaging evidence to an unnamed party about Alex Jones, lest he risk his own destruction – which he didn’t do. His destruction has now been unleashed, with Google’s de-listing of his 140k-page website from their search engine.

The travails of these Internet Alt News giants might give you a glimpse of what I’ve already been going through, as a much smaller operator. My business was destroyed 18 months ago and I’ve been publishing at a loss, rebuilding the website and re-tooling my business model in this post-advertising environment.

Some followers of WeAreChange may have noticed Luke Rudkowski’s constant requests for donations to his Patreon account, like so many others do, such as David Seaman, Rudkowski asks for donations, bragging that he “Doesn’t sell male-enhancement pills,” (the way Alex Jones does).

I hate asking you for money. It’s very weird for me, because I used to make a lot of money publishing this blog, with just Google advertising. Donations were not a factor, when I started. But now, my once-profitable business has been destroyed by the collapse of the Internet advertising market, nefarious algorithmic filtering and outright Corporatist censorship.

Some may have noticed that, against the wishes of my developer, I am testing ad zones, again (from 4 different companies). At least now, these ad companies talk to you and they work hard to give you ad tags, which are responsive and relevant to your site.

The tanking of the online advertising business has been such that I, too have also been forced to seek out cool things to sell from my site. I was in sales for years and I got into publishing because I didn’t want to sell anything, anymore. This is no longer possible. The publication of Forbidden Knowledge TV will not be able to continue without multiple small trickles of income: 1) Advertising: (20% of what I used to earn); 2) Product sales (soon more digital downloads) and 3) Donations.

I will not put up a paywall. People who are as broke as I am need to be able to access my site!

I have exciting projects in the works, which I want to promote through FKTV. But I don’t know how I’m going to make it through April.

It would be a such a shame to have to quit publishing, after doing all of this work, building a beautiful site but not having had the money/time to implement all of the new business partnerships, that would make this service viable in this disrupted environment.

I’m sorry to have to say this, but “The house is on fire.”

I’ve been rejected by a few local jobs that I’ve applied for. There’s a job that’s been open for a while, selling lumber. Nobody seems to want it and I’m not sure if I qualify but I’ll have to get very serious about outside work, if this donation letter, today is not successful.

If my call today goes unheeded, FKTV will soon have to become a side project or it may even cease to exist.


Either as a swan song or as the beginning of a new era in FKTV, I will begin shooting a Skype interview series with the first Western journalists allowed in Afghanistan i the early 1980s after the Soviet invasion, who failing to find geopolitical answers to their questions about the conflict, began to experience these events from a Mythic Plane. (This later proved to be prophetic, in the US’ later involvement). They began to see the Mythic aspect in all stories, from the planetary to the personal.

They have developed a very empowering message for everybody, no matter your religious or spiritual affiliations.

It has been famously said that, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it,” and their work is about taking our lives back from the blaring narratives of the controllers’ propaganda, by discovering of our own narratives, from the level of this Mythic Plane of consciousness.

Their message is the beginning of a solution to our personal and collective problems. The FKTV community will have an intimate first look at the latest iteration of their work.

I was introduced to them through Harvard University Professor John Mack, who was studying their experiences, while he was also regressing me hypnotically and looking into my lifetime of UFO sightings (finding nothing).

This book was optioned by Oliver Stone and I was an early proofreader of the manuscript. The film was never made – but the storied manuscript will be available as an eBook on FKTV within the next 2 weeks.

I’ve worked so hard, getting the new site up, a Herculean effort, migrating 4,400+ pages of content and with the new logo added just a couple of weeks ago.

With a list of over 60,000+ subscribers, I haven’t been making the direness of my situation known. I hope this message will keep the site alive long enough for me to make it once again sustainable without relying on donations.

The future of this site is up to you.


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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Alex: for some reason I’m not getting through on the Paypal donation button. Keeps tossing me out stating some undesignated problem while responding “try later”. Send me your new address and I’ll send you a check in the morning. Bad thing? You have to wait a few days. Good thing? No fees. We have to keep you in business.

    • Thanks, Elle!

      About a dozen people said the same thing. What is PayPal good for?

      My mailing address is:

      P.O. BOX 347
      HAMPTON BAYS, NY 11946

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