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    Biotech analyst, Karen Kingston joins Stew Peters and she continues to blow holes in the “safe and effective” narrative surrounding the vaxxines, which are clearly part of an intentional global depopulation plan.

    She says, “There are four advanced technologies that are part of these injections and the purpose of them is to trace your social network and your activities, as well as deliver different drugs and genetics and immune processes…

    “Let’s just dive right into it, because I want people to see where I got this information from. If you go to the Moderna website, right on the Moderna website, they post the patents for the injections.

    “Keep in mind, the Pfizer injection – all the mRNA products – fall under Moderna. So, it’s US Patent #10703789B2, issued on July 7th, 2020 and what you’ll see, right there is a description of the four lipid nanoparticles that are in here and that encapsulate the mRNA.

    “As you read through a patent, what you’ll find, in the ‘art’ or the ‘abstract’, when they describe…what this does and in Section 201, they explain that there is a delivery system involved and if you go on to read the delivery system, it can deliver a therapy or genetic product over a period of days, weeks, months or even years.

    “And as you go through the patent, that is related to certain technologies. It’s related to technology US Patent #20100216804 [‘Long Circulating Nanoparticles for Sustained Release of Therapeutic Agents’]…These are nano disks, this is what Dr Botha showed on your show…

    “So, if you go through, you can show how these images in the patent match up to what the doctor has shown you, Dr Botha…It says, right here, in the patent, in the [0046] section, that it can contain gene therapies, medical diagnosis, and for medical therapeutics, pathogen-borne diseases, hormone-related products that can be in there.

    “And then, what’s really important is if you go to [0074], it says that they can also contain moieties. Moieties are biomarkers, so they can put biomedical products in there, so that it actually knows to go to the ovaries, to go to the testes or to go to the heart.

    “So, these VAERS reports are not ‘adverse events’, that means that they were unintended. These are *intended consequences*. These products are programmed to go to certain parts of your body…

    “If you go to the next patent, ending in 65001…this patent is for nano magnets. So the reason why people are magnetic is because they were injected with magnets and you can see in the picture, there’s wires to magnets, permanent magnets and a drug delivery package that’s in there.

    “The point of this product was to treat certain types of cancers, bone cancers and it would attach to the bone. But if you go to Figure 1-A, you’ll see all these little light particles, of what the system looks like underneath the light and it reflects the light. So, all these doctors who are looking at the vials under the microscope, they’re [asking], ‘What are these things reflecting light?’ They’re the magnets and that that’s why people are magnetic.”

    Stew mentions Dr Carrie Madej’s images and descriptions of the particles that grew bright in color as they warmed to room temperature from the -70ºF at which they’re required to be stored. Dr Madej’s nano expert friends told her the bright colors were indicative of superconductivity triggered by exposure to white light.

    Karen responds, “That’s the single-walled carbon nanotubes; the graphene oxide nanotubes combined with Quantum Dot. But they need the magnetics injected in them to host the magnetic field…

    US Patent 20130251618, again, this falls under the master Moderna patent on the Moderna website. So, it’s clearly-delineated. This is no conspiracy theory, I’m not making anything up. You can go to the patent, it refers to this patent, which is a “Method for making semiconducting single wall carbon nanotubes”. Those are made from graphene oxide. They’re one-atom thick. This is common sense –”

    Stew interjects, “It’s written, it’s right there, it’s the proof, it’s in the receipts, so I would like a public apology to you from these Reuters people and from these fact checkers over at USA TODAY. I’m going to name them. Daniel Funke, this guy is a real jerk. I want these people to come out and say, ‘You know what, we got it wrong, Karen Kingston was right, here’s the patents, she brought receipts, graphene oxide is in these shots.’

    “And that is only the bare minimum dangers associated with these things, so they should have no problem moving on past the graphene oxide and now factchecking you on the fact that there’s self-aware, living organisms building little colonies inside of you, while they inject these computing systems that are going to track you through this smart app technology and give you a risk score not based on your health but based on how much of a ‘superspreader’ you are.

    “And you’re superspreading the truth about these vaxxines, and that’s what they want to fight against and I hope that they will come out and admit that they were wrong about this graphene oxide thing, because we’re making headway, we’re moving the needle, here by showing the proof.

    “You see, this is the machine, Karen we have to fight against every single day, sitting behind this desk and that production room over there, these researchers over here, people like you that are hard at work, up all night long putting this stuff together digging through this, so that people don’t get killed! Killed, intentionally murdered by these Globalist oligarchs that have now assumed some pseudo authority, these aristocrat serial killer psychopaths, that’s what they are. Let’s just call it what it is. This is a genocide plan!”

    Karen replies, “It is, to usher in Artificial Intelligence. That’s what it is. So the reason why they’re calling men ‘women’ and women ‘men’ is so that we can call Sophia and Grace ‘she’ – and they’re not. These robots, these things are not humans and what’s happened is that they’ve intentionally, through the Mainstream Media and through this type of [smart] technology, they’ve divided Americans and we’ve started to think less of human beings, which is not what we’re supposed to do…

    “This is very much spiritual warfare and it’s about what’s in our hearts and if we believe in being the Children of God, we believe in God and we connect with each other and that love, we can heal this country. But as long as we continue to divide and hate one another, we’re going to usher in an era of terrorism, that’s what this is, with this Artificial Intelligence and what you’re saying, is tyrannical sociopaths who’ve hijacked our government and hijacked our communities. That’s what’s going on.

    “Real quickly, we can continue to go through some of the evidence I found. The February 4th publication by Gal Ehrlich, who owns this patent for the smart technology app for the vaxxines is entitled, ‘Prioritizing allocation of COVID-19 vaccines based on social contacts increases vaccine effectiveness’ was published on February 4th, 2021.

    “They did a beat in the Virginia-DC area and what they decided was getting vaccinated isn’t based on co-morbidities or your age, it’s based on how you’re engaging as an American in our society. This is an obedience platform, as you said. It’s a way to enslave people and will eventually lead to executions of those who are not obedient. That’s what this is.”

    Stew comments, “This platform is not a doomsday platform of darkness. This might seem hyperbolic. This might seem like fear-mongering but if you’re afraid of something, you’re paralyzed. Fear is a weakness. Being aware, being armed with this information only strengthens you. So this is a platform about winning, because I read the book and I know how it ends. God wins.

    “This is an opportunity to strengthen yourself in order to be a part of – not the resistance, because that suggests we’re on defense – but to be part of the winning team, on offense, because we know we are the majority. And the more people that wake up to this, the better chance we have; together with your neighbors, with your congregation, with the lady at the supermarket, the lady getting her coffee at the drive-through, the one that’s standing there at the pharmaceutical counter, who’s talking to the liar who’s not giving her Informed Consent about what she’s about to inject into her body and it’s all discoverable.

    “I think everybody should print off these patents. We’re going to put them at StewPeters.TV, there will be images there. We’ll put the slides there, underneath this interview and people should print this off and literally carry them around like brochures and hand them out to the people who are simply saying that you’re a conspiracy theorist tinfoil hat-wearing nonsense talker, pushing fear porn and you’re some radical right wing something or other, like this has anything to do with politics, whatsoever!

    “And Daniel Funke, over at USA TODAY, while you’re at it, you want to fact check Dr Ruby on the fact that a Delta Airlines pilot died. You better be careful, because there are people with personal relationships to this pilot who we’ve been talking to, here at the Stew Peters Show. So be careful with your lies, because they’re going to be exposed – and so will you.

    “Karen Kingston, final words?”

    She replies, “This is true and it’s part of the Quantum Dot technology and it’s US Patent #0228565 and what that is is these molecules that are based on the Observer Effect, it’s based on the scientific explanation of the power of prayer…so I do believe if you believe in doom and gloom, you’re going to usher in doom and gloom and hatred and divisiveness but if you believe in the power of God and God’s love and that we share that with one another and we are connected, as humans, then we will prevail and we do know how this ends – God always does win.

    “Be a member, join Team God, join Team Patriots, join Team Humanity and opt out of this tyrannical Artificial Intelligence terrorist attack that’s happening right now in this country. Sacrifice your job, if you have to. Pull your kids out of school. Do the right thing and let’s build this momentum to gain back our country, under the Constitution, which was founded under God, under our God-given inalienable rights and let’s stand up for those and not engage in this tyranny and this Socialism and this obedience enslavement platform.”

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    • People are getting confused the razors Dr Andreas Noack tells us about that are causeing clots the grafine disks are so thin they cut the blood cells , so no oxygen in the blood .

    • Lady, the word “paTent” has a damned “T” right in the middle of it. LEARN TO PRONOUNCE IT! Listening to you speak makes you sound ILLITERATE!! It makes NO difference how many degrees you may have.

    • God bless you all for this great information. Knowledge is power if- IF!- it’s the truth! Holy truth bombs, Batman, Stew and Karen keep bringing it. Stay strong everyone, the good guys win!

    • I want to find the link between the patent 20130251618 for the nanotubes and where it is part of the covid vaccine.

    • Alexandra,

      Moderna is an Israel-owned/-run
      pharmaceutical company ( secretly ),
      but with main offices in the U.S.

      The treachery of what this scribbler
      more correctly names, “EGIs”—
      Experimental Gene Injections!— is
      astounding!, and which ruse purpe-
      trated on the public could not have
      succeeded but for public schools’
      Big FAIL by teaching to FEEL rather
      than to THINK in the classroom :

      1) Social Distancing is absurd, so
      long as AIR Circulates !

      2. Cloth Masks are absurd, so long
      as a NANOMETER virus travels
      through those masks—like sand
      tossed through a chain-linked



      Draw a 2-inch diameter circle, then
      drop a fine-pointed pencil from, say,
      5 inches onto the circle—the circle
      represents the diameter of a human
      hair, and the barely visible pencil
      mark is a bit larger than the virus
      claimed to exist ( never has been
      isolated, argues researcher Jon
      Rappoport !—read him ).

      • “132:48 next slide please this is
        132:52 what source code v2 looks like and if
        132:54 and i will i will send you the video so
        132:55 you can show it
        132:57 of the side on the right shows it goes
        132:59 up and down and you can see the actual
        133:01 source corona
        133:02 cov2 virus uh with its spiked proteins
        133:06 in its corona shape i’ll send that to
        133:08 you so you can play that
        133:10 it’s it’s incredibly important because
        133:13 there are people out there that are
        133:14 actually of the opinion that
        133:16 sars cov2 doesn’t exist and has not been
        133:19 isolated
        133:20 these individuals not only have
        133:22 demonstrated they don’t understand
        133:23 viruses
        133:24 but they interfere with the with the
        133:26 serious discussion going on with this
        133:28 virus “

    • Team satan has been secretly acquiring and deploying advanced technologies against us for years They secretly used radio systems (before radio was a thing ) to run simultaneous false flag attacks across multiple nations but because of the nature of intelligence services few knew what was going on. Now when we see what they have done it looks like sci-fi no one wants to believe it is real, because it has advanced beyond our imagination and is so horrible no way they could be so cruel. This secret war against us is now not secret but we are not yet ready to believe rather more inclined to follow the narrative given to us. This thing was planned long ago and they are relentless. The scared and the blind will huddle together and perish because they will not act to save themselves. They don’t fear cowards and openly push this death dealing medically malfunctioning holocaust straight up your @$$.

    • It’s a clear unassembled biotech computer kit. It will need assembling and the operating system is unproven . The mRNA components are a part distracting element. The real deal is the RISC computer. I Ve researched hydra only to find out that they can already get hydra to do their bidding. So ,where from here?
      Just understand that the hydras will be the assemble era. Their bodies ,once encrusted with graphene oxide will provide the wires for this first model cyborgasation. The rest is with the phone system. People who have been vaccinated with the poison will only find releif when away from their home and work routers. By switching off their wireless.on all devices they can stop the assembling of the cyborging robot poison.
      It does seem that an effective solution would be to destroy the wireless comms network,or disable it untill every dodgy data centres is given a digital.audit and health check.
      Cool strategy though you must admit……..the majority will have to want the internet and phone disconnected!!!
      Now that could kill some personalities quicker but …looks like the sheep are waiting in the field ,ready to be activated soon.
      There is an activation date….next April….at present.
      Comm and Tech engineers do your research.

    • Hi,
      Where exactly at Moderna website can I find this information?
      Could you please provide a path or a weblink?
      I’ve looked at Therapeutic Areas and Modalities, but found only very general information.
      Could you please assist?

    • Just like in the movie The Matrix. Do you remember when they injected NEO with a living organism at the police station to track him? That organism was self-aware and tried to escape being pulled out of him. This is like these organisms that are in the vaccine. I have heard this said from quite a few commentators as well.

    • All this about the mark of the beast being in your hand or on your forehead was a diversion, these vaccine have all the attributes of the mark of the beast.

      • When Revelation says “right hand or forehead”, the word “hand” there can be translated to refer to the whole arm from shoulder down. And the word “forehead” could also refer to inside your head, as in the Pineal Gland / Corpus Callosum area.

    • From Australia, you guys are what I feel all of my people are.the resistance is true.there is a shift ready

    • Just kill off the present residents, and replace them with new slaves being imported from the southern border. Then china comes in and it’s all reset.

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