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If you’re whipsawed by confusion over the origins of the war in Syria, look no further at this latest report from Newsbud, which does an excellent job of breaking it down, in a way you will never, ever see in the Mainstream News.

This episode of Newsbud’s The Geopolitical Report, narrated by Kurt Nimmo investigates the scene of the historical “flashpoint” of Daraa, a town near the Syria-Jordan border. It reveals that the CIA, in conjunction with the Muslim Brotherhood, attacked police and set the stage for a conflict that has so far claimed the lives of more than 400,000 Syrians.


The report then goes into the decades of behind-the-scene meddling done to Syria by the US Deep State, which has escalated into the current proxy war between US-backed terrorists against the Syrian Army and their allies, the Russians.

The desired outcome for the US’ Deep State is to take down Syria’s secular government and to replace it with an extremist Wahhabi principality, to be controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, a longtime CIA and British intelligence asset.

Many studying the realpolitik of these events believe that this is a pipeline war, with the US intervening in Syria on behalf of a proposed Qatari pipeline through Syria to Europe, which would compete with a Russian pipeline already in place. Others argue that US support for Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia in their ill-conceived plan to overthrow the Assad regime was driven by the US Neocons’ policy of permanent war in the Middle East region but more importantly, three Sunni allies, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar control US access to the key US military bases in the region. The Pentagon, the CIA, the State Department and the Obama White House have been concerned, above all, with protecting the US military positions in the region.


A potential fly in this Neocon ointment occurred on Dcember 29, 2016, when the Syrian government and rebel groups agreed to a nationwide ceasefire that commenced at midnight local time (5:00 p.m. EST), brokered by the Turkish and Russian governments. The US did not play a role in brokering this agreement, however, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said President-elect Donald Trump’s administration would be welcome to join the Syrian peace process once he takes office.

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  • And it’s all about oil, and natural gas pipelines. The Russians have one going through Syria, and the US almost has one. Once again, it’s about greed. People don’t matter where that’s concerned. Just another observation. The MSM’s are nothing but propaganda channels, they get what they tell us from the CIA (Nazi’s). We need more whistle blowers, but that’s a very dangerous thing to be as well.

  • Well, the description of the events are correct, BUT it does not give the whole story. It is not solely for the control of the oil. Control of the oil is not even the main reason, for western imperialism in the Middle East. The western states US, GB, and France already sufficiently control it. What it is basically about is the syrian territory. What the whole “Arab spring revolution” is about, is to split Syria, into three parts: The northern part to the kurds, the eastern part to Saudi-Arabia, and the rest to Israel.

    If the terrorist assault had begun in Syria, and not in Libya, Qaddafi would have supported al-Assad, so they had to take him out first (Hellary Clinton: We came, we saw, he died – hahaha).

    In the aftermath of WW1 England and France promised the zionists to hand them the palestinians country, Palestine. The zionists tried for twenty years to clear the country from palestinians through outmost terror, but they did not succeed, because the majority of the jews in Europe did not want to go there – they were comfortably adjusted in Europe, lived good lives there, and didn’t think the idea of changing that for an ethnical cleansing operation in Middle East deserts was appealing. That lack of will demanded radical measures. With the creation of Hitler and the NSDAP, that lack of will was taken care of, and sufficiently jews left for Palestine (even though the majority, the smart ones, went to the USA instead).

    Israel was created 1949. The israeli flag is white with a David star placed centrally. Above and below are two blue lines. The upper symbolizes the river Eufrat, the lower symbolizes the Nile. Already then, 1949, the ambitions of the zionists was to create Greater Israel, which would reign over all territory between those lines. If you look at a map, you can see that the territory south of Eufrat is syrian land. That is what the zionists wants for themselves.

    What has this to do with the assault on Syria and the US’ “regime change” demand? you may ask. The short answer is ‘everything’. The longer answer is this:

    In order to conquer the arabs and the turkish Ottoman empire, during WW1, the kurds were promised a country of their own, by England, France and the USA, if they helped – which they did (that is why the kurds are hated by turks and arabs). Afterwards the kurds were betrayed, and the kurdish territory was instead split into four countries: Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and Iran. Why? Well, with kurds longing for their own country, they would be useful pawns in coming conflicts in the Middle East – like now. Divide and conquer.

    The multiethnical Syria was meant to be a powder keg in the Middle East, but Hafez al-Assad, Bashar’s father, managed to bring law, order and prosperity to the country. That is why the zionist-ruled USA is shouting “regime change” from the roof tops. Once again they are trying to fool the kurds, this time to join the terrorists to oust al-Assad, but apparantly those have learned, the hard way, what the americans’ and the europeans’ word is worth, so they don’t obey this time. Probably they prefer to be part of Syria, which is offering them an amount of autonomy, than to again be puppets to the western imperialists.

    When the hidden US’/Israeli agenda, behind the demand for regime change in Syria, now is revealed, the turks are getting cold feet. They have up to now, stupidly, been selling terrorist oil and supporting arms, and terrorists, to the american regime change mission in Syria. Now they see what is meant to be: A kurdish state at their southern border – eventually even at their eastern/Iraqi border – would to them be a nightmare, with growing kurdish terrorism in Turkey and eventually a future war with oil-rich ‘Kurdistan’. So Erdogan seems to have come to his senses and is instead seeking cooperation with Russia, which does not seem to have imperialistic ambitions in the Middle East, but apparantly wants peace and stability there.

    This is the true story of what is going on in the Middle East, since the beginning of the 20’th century, which is seldom told – and never by the zio media. As Mossads motto goes: “Through deception thou shalt do war.”

    • Right fine and factual run down Michael A…TPTSB are probably also aiming at cutting off Hawalla…can’t have all that value going untaxed, uninspected, uncontrolled and doing willy-nilly and nefarious stuff in the land ya know.

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