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    I can guarantee that 99.999% have never seen a satirical performance quite like this: author and journalist, Jon Rappaport in a bubble bath, with his Rubber Ducky, pretending to call Jeff Bezos, owner of, the Washington Post and of a $600 million cloud-computing contract with the CIA:

    “Jeff! Hey, Man, It’s Jon Rappaport. Listen, I gotta talk to you, man. Yeah, look, I know you’re busy but…I’ve been badly triggered by the Election, I mean horribly triggered. I can’t work anymore, I don’t know what I’m doing…but you guys…you’ve got the connections to the CIA. You bought the Washington Post, so that you could turn it over to the CIA, right? I mean, am I reading too much into this?

    “You’ve got a $600 million cloud-computing contract with the CIA, you’ve got the Washington Post, the CIA features the story about the Fake News sites and the Russian Hack – and all that, everything. (Laughing) Yeah, I know, Man it was great! But listen, it wasn’t enough. That’s what I’m trying to tell you, Man – it’s not enough! Understand? I can’t move. I’m in my safe space. I’ve been triggered…


    “You got to turn this whole thing around. It’s just not enough. It’s not gonna fly. Putin – and yeah it’s got a few legs – but you gotta go deeper –you gotta way deeper. Something, I don’t know. The old KGB, a cadre that’s a sleeper cell – that’s what I’m saying. A sleeper cell of KGB agents, inside the United States and they had some kind of an operative inside the DNC, you dig? And this guy actually leaked all the emails, all the stuff to WikiLeaks he leaked what was on the Hillary server the DNC emails the Podesta stuff the Weiners – everything right, a KGB sleeper cell.

    “I don’t know, you know somewhere like Miami, LA, whatever – they’re gone now but there’s still traces, still, discovered by agency, CIA agents, you know, who we’re led to whatever, you know, a fact-finding mission all of a sudden turned up a KGB sleeper cell, still connected to Putin from his old days…something dramatic.

    “You don’t say? Because I’m triggered, Baby I’m in my safe space. I can’t even get out of it. Can’t move. You gotta turn this whole election upside down before the 20th of January and get Hill into the White House.

    “That’s the only way that I’m going to be able to recover and the country’s going to be able to recover. You just gotta do this, Man. Just “Sleeper Cell”, you know I’m talking about, right? The guy has been operating undercover, 35-40 years in the US, Play it up, big drama. You know a few fan names; one of the double agents from the USSR was living in a refrigerator somewhere he just revealed the whole thing to you and you got it confirmed by hiding anonymous sources at the CIA…

    “Yeah, you’ve got a $600 million dollar cloud-computing contract with the CIA, you feed us the necessary stuff to give the election of Hillary – yeah,  that’s it. You gotta do it, Jeff.

    “Alright, man. I gotta keep seeing these guys stories, you know? They can’t think of this up by themselves? Here I am, I’m triggered, in my Safe Space and I can still figure this out!”


    This is Jon Rappoport for No More Fake

    I’ll be coming to you again!


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    • Kinda like wishin’ one nightmare for another, ya ask me. The trumpet will not be sneaky in his arrogant and hubris ridden drive for more money and less criticism…’shillery, the creepy’ would be getting the same agenda accomplished except she’d have full compliance from the squishy left who can actually believe she is one of them…pathetic and extremely sad situation for WETHEPEOPLE.

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