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    As many reading this probably know, with only 3 weeks left in his term in office, President Obama has ordered 35 Russian diplomats to exit their quarters by noon today. All Russian personnel will henceforth be denied access to two Russian-owned diplomatic properties in the US.

    One is in Maryland and the other is a 40-acre property originally constructed in 1912 by George Dupont Pratt, a scion of the Rockefeller-Pratt Standard Oil fortune.

    The 35 Russian diplomats have been ordered to exit the US immediately by the President for their alleged roles in “hacking” and “influencing” the 2016 US Presidential Election. This, after Obama had last October denied that the elections could possibly be hackable, an opinion echoed at the time by the FBI.

    More recently, the CIA suddenly announced that the Russians had hacked the elections, again, echoed by the FBI – but questioned by Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper.

    As to the email leaks of Hillary, the DNC and John Podesta published by WikiLeaks, Bill Binney, a 35+-year NSA veteran who designed the communications-gathering technology now in use, he opines that these leaks came from within the US intelligence community.

    There has been no evidence offered to support Obama’s accusations of Russian hacking, to either the American people or to members of Congress. But that’s OK, because Obama legalized US state propaganda to be used against the American people in his NDAA budget for 2013.

    Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) who serves on the Senate Armed Services Committee tells MSNBC here, “None of the relevant [Congressional] Intelligence Committees have been directly or officially informed on [Russian hacking of the elections]…there’s no suggestion that Russia hacked into our voting systems or anything like that.

    Franks deadpans, “They – if anything – whatever they might have done was to try to use information that may have affected something that was in their best interests. But the bottom line…if Russia succeeded in giving the American people information that was accurate, then they merely did what the media should have done.”

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    • Watch out folks, before leaving office, if he does, he planes on starting WWIII , that gives us very little time to kiss our asses good by. So long, fair well, catch ya on the next round, if there is one. Even with all the proof against his “party” he’s not doing anything but getting ready to dish out pardons to his patrons. That’s H.R.C. and family. We have been screwed since operation paper clip. That’s when the OSS became the CIA and the Nazi’s won the slow war, and still are.

    • First of: who still watches anything on 144p? Ridiculous
      2nd: this is all to draw ppl’s attention away from the real issue. When are Americans finally going to understand this?

      • I’ll look for a higher-resolution version of this clip and see if I can replace it. The original broadcast was replete with transmission problems.

        By the “real issue”, I take it you mean the mind-boggling corruption and depravity that was revealed in the emails of Hillary, the DNC and John Podesta, as published by WikiLeaks.

    • Neither party is intellectually honest. If the shoe were on the other foot, then the Dems would be saying there’s no proof and the Repubs would be accusing the Dem nominee of treason.

      Both parties put party above country in the whore capital of the world, Wasington D.C..

      • I don’t think it’s a partisan issue, at the core. It’s being made to look that way on the surface. I think the Central Bankers have a gun to Obama’s head to do this “Russian Hacking” flip flop. The Central Bankers want to destroy the Russian economy and to take it over, like they took over ours and everyone else’s except for the Russians’, Chinese’s and Iranians’. Obama is doing this wacky “due diligence” for his masters but I think it will fail. Donald Trump was not supposed to win. His life will be at risk unless he comes to heel to the will of the Central Bankers. Unless he can beat them, which is a longshot.

        • And, if Trump doesn’t “come to heel” he will not be able to do so without BIG assistance from the alphabet agencies, for one, and a global take-down of the banking cartels. If that happens it will be obvious to everyone and we’ll all know things have changed.

    • Cold war propaganda machine in full swing. Looking at the USA from the other side of the ocean it looks like the roles have changed…. The US acting like cold war Russia 30 years ago. Thanks also to people like you, Alexandra, we now have a lot of second opinions to make up our minds. We need this very much.

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