Washington DC, Happening Now: Activists gather outside DC jail to “Free Political Prisoners” rally for January 6 defendants held inside.

“Political Prisoners” happen only in the third world countries until Biden. Unbelievable, it’s happening in the US.

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  • How is it that there is a CHINESE flag right-side up over an upside down Old Glory? Get that sh*t out of here!!

  • Not receiving email notifications. So hard to get to site. Is something happening? Love this station.

    • This website sustained an unprecedented cyberattack yesterday evening that lasted about 5 hours and the firewall is still at full strength, so it does take extra time to load.

  • It would be great if President Trump would step in and get them freed.

    This was all over the 1-6-21 call to Washington, to show support and impress the importance of the legal decision..that should have been made.

Kirk Elliott

dr elliott


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