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Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) is reporting that the atmospheric readings inside Daiichi reactor Number 2 are as high as 530 Sieverts per hour.

A human exposed to a single dose of 10 Sieverts would die in a couple of weeks. The levels being recorded recently are 53 times that – per hour.

[I’ve been advised (although I haven’t seen this in any of the many latest posts about this development) that, “This high reading is because they have managed to enter a hotspot where a previous reading has not been possible. The actual background radiation is on the decline and the discovery of a hole is old news, as the leaks to date have to emanate from some fault in the pressure vessel.” I don’t think this minimizes the essential facts presented by Kevin Kamps on RT, below. Fukushima and its implications have been very underreported, considering the seriousness of the situation].

Safely dismantling the plant has been an unfathomable challenge, made even more difficult by this discovery. The catastrophe at the Daiichi plant has been ongoing for nearly six years. The melted cores haven’t been found, Tokyo Electric doesn’t know where they are – nobody knows where they are.

Kevin Kamps from the nuclear watchdog group Beyond Nuclear speaks with RT America’s Simone del Rosario, saying, “There are many shoes that could still drop at Fukushima Daiichi. The high-level radioactive waste storage pools aren’t even inside radiological containment. They still don’t have all of the spent nuclear fuel transferred to a safer location in a couple of the units. So if something were to go wrong with that, those would be open air releases a very high-level radioactivity…

“There has been a contingency plan to evacuate all of Northeast Japan – up to 50 million people, mainly because of those storage pools. Meanwhile, Tokyo plans to host the 2020 Olympics and to bring in many millions of extra people into this densely-populated area.”

Japan is a world leader in robotics and has been using remote-controlled robots to assess the situation but these robots only have the capacity to withstand 1,000 Sieverts. The electronics get fried by the gamma- and likely neutron radiation that’s there.

In imagery obtained from robots, it appears that the cores have melted through the reactor pressure vessels and down into the containment structures, through that metal grating but it’s unconfirmed.

What is known is that there’s a daily flow of radioactive groundwater into the ocean of 80,000 gallons per day; relatively low-level radioactive waste water. In addition, there are 800,000 tons of highly radioactive water being stored in tanks, as every day, as they pour a hundred tons of water on each of these three melted down cores, which sometimes leak and overflow.

The situation is incredibly dire. There are figures of $150B dollars to decommission the plant. However, Greenpeace Japan has estimated a cost of up to $600B, if you do full cost accounting, of where is this high-level radioactive waste is going to go. It’s going to require a deep geologic repository, which will need to be built and operated, that costs $100B or more. This catastrophe could cost hundreds of billions of dollars over 40 years and this is just at the beginning, when we’re dealing with massive amounts of accumulating waste with radioactive half lives in the tens of thousands of years.

It’s an unprecedented catastrophe for the world’s oceans and six years later, the situation is far from being under control.

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  • This article is quite disturbing. What can we do? Not much, it appears.

    New Mexico has a similar problem with the underground waste storage facilities. One was breached, as you may know, and TPTsB kept all detailed information under wraps and out of the MSM. As the radiation was released into our atmosphere the state levels became quite high, above 500 for a while. I’ve not checked the numbers lately.

  • Well I was wrong, I gave it five years for the radiation to kill the pacific ocean, or the life in it, I don’t think I have missed by much. Then we have all the rest of the radio active power plants around the world, that continue to make “hot” waste, this world does not have a whole hell of a lot of time left before the next set of reactors fail. Who’s idea was it to put the plants on fault lines, on ocean shores, in generally bad locations in case of natural disasters? Most are located in the same kind of place. Yes, make power, yes make lots of money, then when shit happens, it was a natural disaster, and no one is responsible, ain’t that a crock of it. Pardon me, but there are better ways to make power. And hardly a way to get away from the radioactive one. Tesla had much better ideas, free power, and not much of a machine to put it out. All you needed was a ground cable and a antenna, but that would not make any money. So, J.P.Morgan scraped the idea, and Tesla as well.

  • For a week I have been searching in vain for meaningful news on Fukushima. I say meaningful because Tepco and governments have been hiding, obscuring and lying about this mother of all atomic disasters because the nuclear industry has a vested interest in keeping an information lid on it! Just kick the can down the road and maybe someday someone will have a remedy. Meanwhile eat as much Pacific salmon as you can and maybe with luck you will build up immunity to radioactivity. The greenies have painted themselves into a corner on this too with all their crowing about carbon dioxide being toxic so we have to do away with coal and oil fired electric generation. What a joke!

    • The release of 530 Sieverts per hour and exposure to a single dose of 10 Sieverts killing a human being within a couple of weeks – and the levels being recorded at 53 times that – per hour…kinda says enough…

    • Don’t all plants breath C.O.2? What’s the problem, oh, that’s right the chemtrails are killing them, but we must protect ourselves from global warming,. More propaganda please, I need more games to play…….. Lots of luck Earth.

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