As some reading this are aware, I was a #NeverHillary person…but Trump’s plan to build a wall along the US-Mexico border – and the claim that Mexico will pay for it has always been absurd.

Reminiscent of former Vice President Dick Cheney’s mobbed-up, war-profiteering, no-bid Halliburton contracts to reconstruct the Iraq which he’d just razed to the ground (for no good reason), Trump reiterated last Friday that he will move forward with his plan to build a wall across the US-Mexico border.

It’s less evil than Cheney’s deal (anything is less evil than Dick Cheney) and it’s a lot dumber.

That said, I’m very glad that Trump killed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the most Fascist piece of legislation that has ever been tabled by the US Government during my lifetime – and which I believe Hillary would have passed, despite her campaign promises, which were a 180º from her previous praise of it as “The gold standard.” (Of what? Orwellian hellaciousness?)

This short clip explains the challenges and the potential infeasibility of the wall.


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  • Another NeverHillary person here. BUT, here’s a chilling thought from ace researcher Josh Reeves…it’s his opinion that the wall is to keep Americans IN for easy round-up and control after a coming planned event, not to keep Mexicans out.

  • I’m with Trump as an engineer I consider this to be an easy project not hard, including the cost which in my opinion has no barrier. (No pun)
    All you got to do is treat it as you would any large bridge project and the funding to START can come out of the 800 billion military annual budget. Once in place a fee to cross for non citizens.
    55 feet, razor wire on top, and electrification. No problem……..

  • Build a wall, that means you are going to want cheep labor, from where? Where else, Mexico…LOL! Or take lessons from China, and make a great one……talk about stupid, yes that would be US.

    • Can’t agree more. It’s just stupid, so stupid I think it’s part of the tried and true left-hand-right-hand-looky-loo. You know, look here not there? God knows what “there” is gonn’a turn up.

  • In my opinion the Trump wall could pay for itself, it could start making money from the start.
    If Trump install solar panels on top of the 2000 mile long wall it could be a huge Solar Real Estate project.
    More and more cars and trucks, buses will be electric in the future years, and more industry will need more electricity.
    In China big solar farms collecting Sun energy, and they also store it in many big buildings full of batteries, and they can supply power to big cities even at night when there is no Sun.
    But the American Trump scientist could improve on solar technology, and do even better.

  • Republicans (and some Democrats). No need to raise taxes, or send Mexico a bill it will never pay. If Trump needs money to build his $15 Billion wall, he can quit funding Israel’s aggression for four years. The power is in the Constitution, First Amendment, Establishment Clause.

  • What I have gleaned is that Trump says it will cost 10 Billion $.
    Since NAFTA our trade deficit with Mexico has increased to approx $60 Billion each year, with America importing cars, foods, etc., now from Mexico, jobs and produce formerly produced in America. So, net loss to America.
    By evening the playing field and putting import tariffs on Mexican exports, say at 20% as proposed, then 20% of $60 Billion easily produces the money needed to build the wall.
    Hence, Mexico “pays” for it.

    Now that Mexican president is making threatening noises about Mex consulates in America being fortresses to protect the millions of invader Mex citizens, as if they have the right to come over undocumented, and demand to strip out assets, be a culture in a culture, it is clear he is part of the globaloney destabilization scheme. Mexico is a narco state and its citizens are surely suffering terribly. Mexico needs its own liberation from the NWO goon squads.

  • Is it a big job? Sure. But of all the accomlishments America has already done, (like go to the moon before the age of computers) and you don’t think we can build a fence?

    “Flood Plane” issue – change the law. Don’t build on private property (duh).

    And you still don’t think we can do it? You don’t think much of Americans do you?

    • I think the hallmarks of American culture are a positive “can-do” approach to life and a drive for self-improvement. These are great things. My opinions about the waste of money and the crony capitalism involved with Trump’s wall project have nothing to do with non-existent negative views about the American people, as you suggest. I don’t know where you’re getting that. You’re trolling.


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